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Basil Wolverton's Barflyze
   RRParks Cards - 2015

Notes: Cards are based on the 1952 book Common types of Barflyze with newly 
colored art caricatures with captions and limited text on card backs, in the "1950s 
retro-stalgic" card style. Sold as a full set in slipcase box. Further information and 
scans are posted at the RRParks website.

   No.    Caption

      1   "Look! No hands!"
      2   "I drink to keep my blood pressure low"
      3   "Don't argue with me about the bill! I'm sober eno
      4   "Who said I can't hold my beer?"
      5   "Honest, boss, I only had two last night."
      6   "I feel turned around!"
      7   "One more won't hurt you."
      8   "I'm Slinging Sam from Singapore!"
      9   "As a steady drinker, I'm equipped for my booze to
     10   "I thought I told you no soda."
     11   "Lashj go some where'n have a lil-o party."
     12   "I have to bypass my ulcers."
     13   ... Possibly you have heard that Basil Wolverton's
     14   "I was boiled when I had my car smashup, but so wa
     15   "Dat mule never saw Moscow."
     16   "Lookit!!! There's MILLIONS of them!"
     17   You WOULD order an angel's kiss."
     18   "Who stole my martini?"
     19   "Why do you inthist my tongue ith tho thick, offit
     20   "No more for me, boy! I'm driving!"
     21   "Bartender! Water!"
     22   "What makes you think I hang out at the bar, and g
     23   "I'm a pig for brandy."
     24   "Wow! What monstrous cockroaches!"
     25   "No more guzzling out of broken bottles for me!"
     26   "Boy, what a sales meeting."
     27   "I'm all twisted up in my head."
     28   "I told my wife I'd get a snootful."
     29   "Oh, YOU'RE not too old!"
     30   "Mix me another eye opener."
     31   "No thanks... I'm stretching mine out."
     32   "boy did she ever give me the freeze."
     33   "My Gawd!! My Wife!!"
     34   "I hope you don't think I'm mooching your whiskey.
     35   "Officer, I haven't had a drink in weeks."
     36   "It's been just one eggnogg party after another!"
     37   "I said DRY ... not ARID!"
     38   "Who turned out the lights?"
     39   "She said she was of age."
     40   "I drink quietly for the bouquet ... there it come

Slipcase Cards

Promo 1   (Joe; 3-D promo for Chronicles of The Three Stooges)
Promo 2   (Larry; 3-D promo for Chronicles of The Three Stooges)
Promo 3   (Moe; 3-D promo for Chronicles of The Three Stooges)
Promo 7   Special Stooge Gals Subset - Series Three (promo for Chronicles of The Three Stooges)
    --    This slipcase contains ... (inner slipcase surface)
    --    If you collect your cards in a binder ... (inner slipcase surface)


Promo 1   common types of Barlyze (image from card 21)
Promo 2   common types of Barlyze (image from card 17)
Promo 3   common types of Barlyze (image from card  1)
Promo 4   common types of Barlyze (image from card 25)
Promo 5   common types of Barlyze (image from card 28)

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