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Clive Barker's Box of Blood
Eclipse Enterprises - 1993

Notes:  This factory, boxed set is essentially a short story
by Barker, illustrated with paintings by Tristan Schane. Cards
are approximately 2-3/4" x 3-3/4".

No.   Title

  1   Cross-Roads of the Dead
  2   Number 65, Tollington Place
  3   A Promise of Blood
  4   The Writing on the Wall
  5   Roll-Call of the Dead
  6   Doctor Florescu
  7   A Fine Game
  8   The Go-Between
  9   Fly Voices
 10   Her Wedding Ring
 11   The Nimbus
 12   A System of Senses
 13   A Little Liar
 14   Too Late
 15   Traffic of the Dead
 16   Innocents and Slaughterers
 17   "Please--"
 18   Another Sky
 19   Black Waters
 20   The Wounded Highway
 21   Such Gleaming Skin
 22   The Raging Dark
 23   Howling Chaos
 24   A Kind of Rape
 25   "I'm Sorry"
 26   Bleeding and Bleeding
 27   Little Dying Flies
 28   The Touch
 29   In the Throng
 30   Written in Flesh
 31   A Book of Blood
 32   The Creative Spirits  [credits]

 --   Current evens and history fact cards (Box insert sheet)

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