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Barney's Fun Album Stickers
   Merlin - 1996

Notes: Stickers measure 2-5/8" x 2-1/8" and were sold in sheets of 16 
in a poly bag with album.

No.   Description

  1   Barney waving
  2   BJ kicks soccer ball
  3   Baby Bop gardens
  4   Barney teaches alphabet
  5   Barney canoes
  6   Barney catches fly ball
  7   Spot licks BJ's face
  8   BJ relaxes on desert island
  9   Cresecent moon sleeps
 10   BJ and telescope teaches stars
 11   BJ and Baby Bop art class (left)
 12   BJ and Baby Bop art class (right)
 13   Farming crew
 14   Baby Bop splashes in poll
 15   Barney the astronaut EVA
 16   BJ swings through jungle
 17   Barney pulls covered wagon
 18   Barney tethered to spaceship
 19   Barney bakes pizza
 20   BJ drools over pie
 21   Cookout (left)
 22   Cookout (right)
 23   Baby Bop ice skates
 24   BJ dribbles soccer ball
 25   Barney tosses beach ball
 26   BJ defends basket from Baby Bop
 27   Barney jogs
 28   Group walking
 29   Barney with bushel of apples
 30   Baby Bop hugs teddy bear
 31   Barney hugs teddy bear
 32   BJ flies with balloons
 33   Barney hangs onto crescent moon
 34   Baby Bop parachutes
 35   BJ whistles
 36   Barney celebrates the number 1
 37   Barney celebrates the number 2
 38   Barney raises drink
 39   BJ dressed for diving
 40   Baby Bop dressed with hair bow
 41   Barney walks Baby Bop on beach
 42   Barney returns from snorkeling
 43   BJ on skateboard
 44   Three folks sail in tub
 45   Travel by raft (left)
 46   Travel by raft (right)
 47   Barney waves from desert island
 48   Baby Bop rides tricycle
 49   Barney and Baby Bop on dual bike
 50   Barney and BJ fish from rowboat
 51   Baby Bop uses umbrella
 52   BJ dances
 53   Baby Bop brushes teeth
 54   Barney takes bubble bath
 55   BJ plays saxophone
 56   Barney smells flowers
 57   Four bunnies
 58   Five ducks
 59   Ten fish
 60   Nine sheep
 61   Six ladybugs
 62   Baby Bop and butterfly
 63   Barney does vaudeville
 64   Group waves goodbye from curtain

 --   Barney's Fun Sticker Album

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