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Bart Knows [orange]
Bart Knows [blue]
   Anonymous - 1990?

Notes:  I usually avoid listing unauthorized sets with unlicensed characters,
but this one has enough of a life that collectors report "bootleg" additions to 
an unauthorized card set! The idea is a take-off on television commercials 
from about 1990 when Bo Jackson expressed "Bo Knows" proficiency in 
other sports and subjects. Full sets of the original ten cards, with orange
front borders and white backs, are the usual distribution. Another version 
of artwork with blue bands at the top and bottom of card fronts, featuring 
the same ten sports, appears to be slightly more rare.

Many of the follow-on bootleg cards arose during the first Gulf War, usually 
individu-ally, and are often described as promos. There are probably others 
beyond the ones identified below.

    Title / (Caption)

    Bart Knows Baseball
    Bart Knows Basketball
    Bart Knows Bicycling
    Bart Knows Football
    Bart Knows Hockey
    Bart Knows Horse Racing
    Bart Knows Soccer
    Bart Knows Surfing
    Bart Knows Tennis
    Bart Knows Weight Lifting

"Bootleg" Cards

    Air Bart
    Bart Knows Iraq
    Bart Knows (Eat My Shorts Saddam!!)
    Bart Knows (In Your Face Saddam!)
    Bo and Bart Know Surfing
    Bo Knows Bart
    Robinson Knows Bart

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