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Baseball Enquirer
Confex - 1992

Notes: This strange series shows caricatures of baseball players or 
baseball-related celebrities, with only a blank space for names. A mock 
interview session on the card back is supposed to allow the reader to 
ascertain the identities and write them into the blanks. Also released as 
a factory set, "limited" to 185,000 copies.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.63 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text

 1    Bowling? You're giving up everything else to b
 2    Fans can be cruel. I don't have to tell you th
 3    We're hearing more and more about more and mor
 4    Hey, c'mon! That was hot stuff a couple of yea
 5    Tell me. The chants and the "tomahawk chops" -
 6    You are visibly shaken. Would it help to talk
 7    When you're not playing baseball, you're playi
 8    For a while your obesity was a target of criti
 9    You attributed much of your recent success to
10    Hi. Our card interviews would'nt be complete w
11    Some guys make more errors than others. Unfort
12    Hi. Got time to touch on a couple of subjects?
13    About the open letter you wrote last year to t
14    You've been named baseball's current master of
15    Would you mind talking to us about your alterc
16    Wow! I can't believe it. I'm actually intervie
17    A father and son playing on a team together is
18    You have been one of baseball's outstanding pl
19    You were one of the greatest, if not the great
20    For a catcher, not being able to throw the bal
21    Thanks a lot for the chance to talk with you.
22    Wearing an earring has become rather commonpla
23    Expansion. How do you feel about it?
24    It's not uncommon these days for a nine inning
25    There was a time when your photo and feats wer
26    We've all seen your before and after diet comm
27    You've retired from the game. You've made it i
28    I'm sure that you're tired of talking about it
29    How long will you have to wear the cervical co
30    At 6'-10" you are the tallest pitcher in the m
31    Can we have a few words with you while you're
32    Mind if I have a word with you while you shag
33    Before we start. Thanks to you and your agent
34    You are periodically accused of sulking and no
35    Boy oh boy, you're a hard guy to catch up to.
36    You surprised us last year with your comeback
37    You've agreed to giving us this interview if w
38    "Shoeless Joe"? Is it really you? Can it be? W
39    Hi. I've been assigned to do an interview on t
40    The fans have heard about how hard you work to
41    Oh, brother! Ha! Ha! Ha!
42    Hi. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us
43    So. How does it feel to be everybody's favorit
44    You appear to be rather agitated right now. We
45    Little has been said lately about you and the
46    Heaving armfuls of bats onto the field was cer
47    The word going around says the fake moustache
48    Thanks for granting us this interview. And tha
49    Your love of a good time is well known. But it
50    You spent some of your career playing in Japan
51    We appreciate your offering to come forward an
52    The games just wouldn't be the same without yo
53    Hi. You know what?
54    Hi. Can we spend a little time recalling the g
55    It's got to be tough to get up for games when
56    Uh, oh. Not again.
57    It's pretty much agreed that you throw harder
58    In return for doing the interview we agreed to
59    You seem reluctant to talk to us. Is there a p
60    You've been labeled the straightest guy in bas
61    However obnoxious they may become, I'm sure yo
62    You're fully aware of the stir this is going t
63    Toward the end of last season you and your tea
64    I have to confess. I haven't seen the movie ye

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