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Baseball Super Freaks, 1st Series
   Donruss - 1973

Notes:  Card backs have a white background, compared to the orange backgrounds 
of the second series. Thanks much to Thinkbolt and cardsharp for the research!

Box: 24 packs of 5 sticker-cards + 1 stick gum.
Common sets (44): approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Norris the Nibbler
  2   Arnie the Agile
  3   Shecky the Short Stop
  4   Sted the Stealer
  5   Ozzie the Outfielder
  6   Paul the Pitcher
  7   Ned the Negotiator
  8   Slurp the Second Baseman
  9   Sam the Switch Hitter
 10   Oink the Ump
 11   Benny the Base Runner
 12   Ollie the Outfielder
 13   The Bomber
 14   Whats His Name
 15   Barney Bigmouth
 16   Hank the Hitter
 17   Richard the Runner
 18   Bo the Bookmaker
 19   Sperry the Spitball
 20   Nevin Nothing
 21   Ronnie the Reader
 22   Bob the Slob
 23   Harry the Hypnotist
 24   Super Scooper
 25   Stupe the Second Sacker
 26   Marvin the Mouth
 27   Freddie Far-Out
 28   Larry Line Drive
 29   Henry the Horrible
 30   Sam the Slammer
 31   Speed E. Freak
 32   Sylvester the Center Fielder
 33   Strike Out King
 34   The Nose
 35   Sammy Springer
 36   Pork E. Pine
 37   Sis E. the Second Sacker
 38   Second Baseman
 39   George the Glob
 40   Gavin the Goof-Off
 41   Bernard the First Baseman
 42   Alert Albert
 43   Foul Ball Fred
 44   Herman the Hideous

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