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Baseball Super Freaks, 2nd Series
   Donruss - 1973

Notes:  Card backs have an orange background, compared to the white backgrounds 
of the first series. Thanks much to Thinkbolt and cardsharp for the research!

Box: 24 packs of 5 sticker-cards + 1 stick gum.
Common sets (42): approx. 2.86 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Monte the Mole
  2   Jack Boxley
  3   John the Jet
  4   Freddie Fats
  5   Paul the Ball
  6   Tom the Tooth
  7   Hot Breath Harrigan
  8   Rock Grossiano
  9   Conrad the Crow
 10   Wendell Wine Brain
 11   Spider Smith
 12   Big Mouth Johnson
 13   Zap Zorfoff
 14   Connie the Coach
 15   Benny Bolts
 16   Unethical Unger
 17   George the Gluck
 18   Crusher Lewis
 19   Fingers Frankie
 20   Charlie the Chomper
 21   George the Giant
 22   Fatsy Felix
 23   The Persuader
 24   Tommy the Fireball
 25   Baldy Ben
 26   Elbert the Eyes
 27   Barney the Bat Eater
 28   Powerful Powell
 29   Hatcher Hooper
 30   Het Head Nelson
 31   Blooper Looper
 32   Long Arms Larson
 33   Voo Doo Vernon
 34   Weird McBeard
 35   Norman the Nose
 36   Bobby Backswing
 37   Steven the Stomper
 38   Melvin the Midget
 39   Handy Harold
 40   Ernie Eyeballs
 41   Nelson the Nose
 42   Warren the Wombat

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