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Batman Animated Series 2
   Topps - 1993

Notes: Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz and Dave Cross for updates!

No.   Text

Two-Face part II

101   A raid is underway at one of crime boss
102   Rupert Thorne's criminal operation is ta
103   Batman is tormented by a nightmare of Ha
104   Two-Face and his men have broken into th
105   Confronting Two-Face in the office of Ru
106   Lost without his fiancée Grace Lamont, T
107   Thorne's thugs turn Two-Face's hideout u
108   Two-Face tackles Rupert Thorne as the cr
109   As Two-Face is about to shoot Rupert Tho
110   His rage spent, Two-Face sobs uncontroll

The Cat and the Claw

111   On a moonlit night, a mysterious figure
112   Batman catches up with Gotham City's new
113   Soon, at Gotham Hills Country Club, mill
114   "It's a pleasure," Bruce Wayne says as h
115   Commissioner Gordon and Gotham City's fi
116   Bruce Wayne arranges for Selina Kyle to
117   Soon, in the headquarters of Multigon In
118   Red Claw orders her men to track down Ca
119   As Catwoman falls, Batman swoops down an
120   Back at her apartment, Catwoman tells he
121   Looking for information, Batman surprise
122   Red Claw and her hoods climb on top of a
123   Red Claw threatens to release the deadly
124   Bruce Wayne takes Selina Kyle out for a
125   Alfred discovers a hair on Bruce's jacke
126   Catwoman sneaks into Red Claw's complex.
127   As Batman and Catwoman race down a hallw
128   "Since you wanted the plague so badly, B
129   As Red Claw's compound and the virus are
130   Red Claw prepares to kick Catwoman off o

Heart of Ice

131   In the midst of the hottest August on re
132   A heavily armored truck smashes through
133   Inside a Gothcorp warehouse, Mr. Freeze'
134   "Since you ally yourself with my enemies
135   Despite a bad cold, Batman has made his
136   Outside the Gothcorp building, Mr. Freez
137   Batman reaches street level and pounces
138   Mr. Freeze kicks the cap off a fire hydr
139   Batman bursts onto the scene before Mr.
140   Batman smashes a thermos of Alfred's hot

Feat of Clay

141   As armed gunmen stand ready to fire, Luc
142   With the sound of gunfire still ringing
143   The last of the hoods puts up a fight, n
144   Movie star Matt Hagen trashes his traile
145   Scooping out the last of his precious fa
146   In the Batcave, Batman pulls together a
147   Batman tracks down Bell, one of Roland D
148   Carrying Bell and his car on the Batwing
149   "Who was impersonating Bruce Wayne?" Bat
150   Teddy Lupus finds his boss, Matt Hagen,
151   Matt Hagen's assistant tries to assure h
152   As Matt Hagen recounts his success with
153   As Daggett's goon Germs prepares to kill
154   As Batman interrogates Daggett's thug, a
155   The clay creature carries Germs to the h
156   The clay creature leaps off the roof and
157   The clay creature creates one weapon aft
158   Clayface shoots a gigantic hand at Batma
159   Batman turns on screen after screen full
160   With Clayface's impersonations revealed,

Mask of the Phantasm: The Animated Movie

161   The story begins at the Shady Lady Casin
162   Chuckie Sol pulls out his gun, figuring
163   As Bruce Wayne wines and dines a group o
164   Years of physical and mental training ha
165   After beating an entire gang of robbers,
166   In present day Gotham City, Buzz Bronski
167   As Batman visits the graves of his slain
168   After catching a glimpse of his old fian
169   Bruce and Andrea arrived at the Beaumont
170   As Bruce Wayne and Andrea Beaumont cross
171   Seated comfortably in his study at Wayne
172   Soon, Bruce Wayne was back at his parent
173   Investigating the murders of Chuckie Sol
174   Ecstatic at the prospect of marrying And
175   On the grounds of the old Gotham City Wo
176   Andrea Beaumont returns to her hotel roo
177   The Phantasm arrives at Sal Valestra's t
178   The Phantasm has barely managed to escap
179   The Phantasm has escaped, and Batman is
180   At Wayne Manor, Bruce questions Andrea a
181   As Andrea Beaumont gets up to leave, she
182   The Joker pays a call to Councilman Arth
183   Looking for clues to the whereabouts of
184   Andrea Beaumont, the Phantasm -- stalks
185   Not one for gallantry, The Joker lashes
186   The Joker has lured Andrea Beaumont -- a
187   Batman tells Andrea to leave, and as she
188   As they spiral downward, Batman jumps fr
189   With the Gotham City World's Fair explod
190   In the Batcave, Alfred tends to Batman's


Vinyl Mini-Cels

 1    Batman
 2    Batman Battles The Joker
 3    Batman Faces The Phantasm
 4    The Dark Knight of Gotham City

Autographed Card (2000 signed)

--    Danny DeVito  [card is #2 from Batman Returns Stadium Club set]


--    (Catwoman and Batman; unnumbered; included with 8 others in cello-pack
         distributed to dealers)
--    (Batman walking; unnumbered, oversized; Previews)
--    (Batman carrying a GPD officer)
--    The Man... The Menace... the Mystery... (dealer sell sheet)
--    Mask of the Phantasm (dealer sell sheet)

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