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Spoof Comics - 1992

Note:  Primarily distributed as a complete set.

No.   Card Text

  0   (Title Card / Checklist)

  1   "Say, 'Cheesecake!'"
  2   "You go after the Peeper, Sweetie! I'll stop the gas!"
  3   "Loosen up? I'll show you 'Loosen up!'"
  4   "Hey, nice stalactites, honey!"
  5   "At one celebrity per month, we'll have enough to last u
  6   "Boss, she's getting away!"
  7   "No!"
  8   "I'm in for it now! Caught taking naughty pictures by a.
  9   "That's what you think, Peeper!"
 10   "I want nude pictures of Goshum City's most eligible bac
 11   "You may call me... Catgut!!"
 12   "But remember, if you lose to my men I'm going to tortur
 13   "Alright, already! I think the readers get the idea. So
 14   "What a mess! How am I ever going to clean this up in ti
 15   "Suddenly, as if from nowhere..."
 16   "Do? Why, you created me!"
 17   "That's right Bat-Babe! Revealing underwear!"
 18   "I don't believe it!"
 19   "Watch out world! Here comes the Dark Nightie!"
 20   "Well, I'm certainly not going to stand around for this.
 21   "Happy and contented, the baby grows up in the comfort o
 22   "... How's about a big wet kiss?"
 23   "Sure, just because I'm a female with bountiful bouncing
 24   "I've allowed your perverse antics to go on long enough,
 25   "What the heck is wrong with the Babe-Mobile? I can't co
 26   "The... Peeper!!"
 27   "It's time for you to die! But first..."
 28   "It's Bat=Babe!! Yes, Bat-Babe! Sworn to bring in any an
 29   "Every good hero needs a youthful, cute and perky sideki
 30   Aaaqaarrrooooooga!
 31   "And who the heck do you think you are?"
 32   Now I will have my revenge on the Peeper and you, Bat-Ba
 33   "Babe-pedo away!"
 34   "Now to... find... some place I can... wife off... this
 35   "I'm Bat-Babe."
 36   "Run into that building!"

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