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Batman Begins Album Stickers
Upper Deck - 2005

Note:  Thanks to Byrna for the assistance!

Box: 50 packs of 4 regular + 1 foil sticker. 24 boxes per case.
Regular sets (132): approx. 1.52 per box if collation were perfect.
Foil sets (24): approximately 2.04 per box.

No.   Scene

001   snitching from young Rachel
002   Bruce and young Rachel
003   fallen Bruce
004   carried by Thomas
005   gifting the kid
006   grungy vagrant young Bruce
007   alley fight
008   practicing thug-wrestling
009   fighting two (left)
010   fighting two (middle)
011   fighting two (right)
012   chatting with Henri in jail
013   gray masked
014   trudging the steppes
015   old structure
016   fight with Ducard (left)
017   fight with Ducard (right)
018   the blue rose
019   at the opera
020   opera onstage (left)
021   opera onstage (right)
022   kid wants to leave
023   confronted by punk's gun
024   Alfred consoling orphan
025   standing over the bodies
026   Ducard with foil
027   Ducard's face
028   Bruce en garde (left)
029   Ducard parries (right)
030   Joe Chill's parole hearing
031   restraining Bruce
032   supplication
033   martial training (left)
034   martial training (right)
035   black ninja hood
036   Ducard observes
037   viewing the vanquished (top)
038   viewing the vanquished (bottom)
039   Ra's wand
040   crossing swords with Ra's
041   carrying the vanquished
042   Rachel and Crane
043   Alfred and Bruce
044   Bruce with rope and cape
045   waterfall cave (left)
046   waterfall cave (right)
047   unfinished interior (left)
048   unfinished interior (right)
049   Rachel puzzled
050   corporate agreement with Earle
051   lighting the cave light
052   Bruce and Lucius
053   Alfred and Bruce engineering
054   fixing up the cave (left)
055   fixing up the cave (right)
056   installing first gadgets
057   running the generator
058   checking the water curtain
059   painting the armor
060   consultant Lucius
061   Gordon and ninja
062   ski-masked eyes
063   tinkering with Alfred (left)
064   tinkering with Alfred (middle)
065   tinkering with Alfred (right)
066   armor closet
067   car turbine
068   Batmobile 1 (left)
069   Batmobile 1 (middle)
070   Batmobile 1 (right)
071   full costume on stairs (top)
072   full costume on stairs (bottom)
073   Bat from above
074   upended hero
075   gazing over Gotham
076   Batsignal origin
077   gassed by Scarecrow (left)
078   gassed by Scarecrow (middle)
079   gassed by Scarecrow (right)
080   rainy battle (left)
081   rainy battle (right)
082   Flass upended
083   Bat Serves Up Crime Boss
084   climbing the wall
085   drugs in rabbits (left)
086   drugs in rabbits (middle)
087   drugs in rabbits (right)
088   Scarecrow face (top)
089   Scarecrow face (bottom)
090   Batman gets gassed (left)
091   Batman gets gassed (right)
092   Batman on fire (left)
093   Batman on fire (right)
094   jumping in flames
095   sizzling in street (left)
096   sizzling in street (right)
097   Crane and Rachel in court
098   Batman in laundry room
099   dueling with Scarecrow (left)
100   dueling with Scarecrow (right)
101   Rachel gassed
102   caught by the hair
103   bearing Rachel
104   Gordon ponders
105   SWAT Team on stairs
106   Gordon wakes Rachel
107   Tumbler at roadblock
108   Batmobile explodes through
109   taking Rachel for a ride
110   sedating Rachel (left)
111   sedating Rachel (right)
112   Ducard and Bruce
113   Alfred's mean 5-iron (left)
114   Alfred's mean 5-iron (right)
115   straightjacketed Crane
116   Scarecrow rides again
117   prison break
118   Lifting the beam in flames (left)
119   Lifting the beam in flames (right)
120   Readying the emitter
121   swinging Batman
122   raised drawbridge
123   Batmobile through desolation
124   swinging out of explosion
125   Batman confronts Ducard (left)
126   Batman confronts Ducard (right)
127   Rachel prepares a kiss
128   Wayne Manor ruins (left)
129   Wayne Manor ruins (right)
130   Gordon and Batman (left)
131   Gordon and Batman (right)
132   The Batman

Foil Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers

 A    The Batman peers up
 B    Tumbler
 C    upended Batman
 D    duel with Scarecrow (left)
 E    duel with Scarecrow (right)
 F    squeezing the perp's neck
 G    Batman portrait (upper left)
 H    Batman portrait (upper right)
 I    Batman portrait (lower right)
 J    Batman portrait (lower left)
 K    grabbing the perp's hair
 L    kneeling in cave construction
 M    rabbits and drugs
 N    Tumbler in garage
 O    in armor and cape
 P    at the roof edge
 Q    punching the perp
 R    kicking the perps
 S    Batman's fist pump
 T    wings unfurled
 U    unmasked on rooftop
 V    in garb facing left
 W    Batsignal and Batman
 X    Batman portrait

Sticker Album (sold separately)

 --   (24-page album, glow-in-the-dark cover)
 --   (detachable foldout poster with spaces for glow stickers)
 --   (1 free pack)

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