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Batman Stickers
Dandy - 1989

Notes:  These stickers were issued in New Zealand and Australia, and are "regular" 
sized but have rounded corners and blank backs. Thanks much to Sean Wright for 
the checklist and Matthew Waits for the update!

Box: 60 packs of 3 stickers + 1 stick gum.
Common sets: approx. 4.29 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.   Description

  1/42   Batman
  2/42   Batman against yellow moon
  3/42   Bat Man (Logo)
  4/42   Batman "That Joker character makes me sick"
  5/42   Batman smashing through window
  6/42   Batman (Red background)
  7/42   Batman (Green background)
  8/42   Four panels of The Joker
  9/42   Batman (Orange background)
 10/42   Joker "Your finished Batman"
 11/42   Joker "Ha ha ha ha ha"
 12/42   Joker "Here comes trouble"
 13/42   Magenta coloured Batman against purple
 14/42   Batman hidden behind cloak Yellow background
 15/42   Batman "Batmanpower!!"
 16/42   Pink coloured Batman with light blue background
 17/42   Three panel Batman
 18/42   HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
 19/42   Batman & Joker "What stickers?"
 20/42   Batman against crimson background
 21/42   Joker "It's true, I'm mad..."
 22/42   Orange coloured Batman dark blue background
 23/42   Red Batman against light blue background
 24/42   Batman against light green background
 25/42   Batman green background & yellow moon
 26/42   Red Batman & bat signal on yellow moon
 27/42   Dark blue Batman against Mauve and yellow moon
 28/42   Purple Batman against yellow/green background
 29/42   Black bat signal against yellow
 30/42   Batman against yellow/red V
 31/42   Batman against white background
 32/42   Double yellow spotlights onto bat signal
 33/42   Batman against white background & bat signal
 34/42   Four panel Batman
 35/42   Batman "Don't forget!! There are 42 stickers in this series!
 36/42   10 small bat signals
 37/42   Joker: "A little Bat-poison perhaps ..... Batman"
 38/42   Batman "I mean business -  Joker!"
 39/42   Batman "Hang in there"
 40/42   Batman "Joker only stole your stickers! Stay calm"
 41/42   Batman & Joker "Foiled again!"
 42/42   Batman "All 42 stickers at last!

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