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Batman Movie Flicker Cards
DC Comics - 1989

Notes:  These smaller (2" x 2-3/4") lenticular or motion/morph cards were issued 
with Kellogg's products in Canada to promote the release of the first movie, though 
the Kellogg's connection is not noted on the cards. Card text is in both English and 

   No.       English title                        Le titre français

#1 of/de 8   Bruce Wayne, Millionaire             Bruce Wayne, le millionnaire
#2 of/de 8   The Batmobile                        La Batmobile
#3 of/de 8   Batman fires spear gun.              Batman décharge son fusil-harpon.
#4 of/de 8   Alfred, Batman's butler              Alfred, le maître d'hôtel de Batman
#5 of/de 8   Carl Grissom, Crime Boss             Carl Grissom, le Grand chef des criminels
#6 of/de 8   Axis chemical plant                  L'usine de produits chimiques
#7 of/de 8   Batman's arsenal for law and order   L'arsenal de la justice et de l'ordre de Batman
#8 of/de 8   The Batwing                          La Batwing

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