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Batman Forever
   Dynamic Marketing - 1995

Notes: The set was issued following the release of the feature film of the same name. 
Card "titles" are shown in all-caps within the text of the card backs. Thanks much to 
Ron Dowd for the original list and to Adrian Stodolka for the update!

No.   Title

   Story Back Cards

  1   The Bat Must Die
  2   Councillor Harvey Dent
  3   Edward Nygma
  4   Edward's Workstation
  5   Inspection
  6   Dejected and Humiliated
  7   All Is ready
  8   Two-Face Flips
  9   SWAT Teams
 10   Feet First
 11   Batman Drops
 12   Lady Gotham
 13   This Won't Hurt a Bit!
 14   Totally Insane
 15   Nasty Fall
 16   Bad Dreams
 17   A Mysterious Riddle
 18   Guess What
 19   In Peril
 20   A Thing for Bats
 21   Gotham Charity Circus
 22   Bruce and Chase
 23   Two-Face Shoots
 24   Tempting
 25   The Batsignal
 26   Hot Pursuit
 27   Two-Face's Hideout
 28   The Riddler
 29   Giving Two-Face a Hit
 30   Heads or Tails
 31   A Crime Spree Begins
 32   Gotham Casino
 33   Attempts at Combat
 34   Nygmatech Headquarters
 35   King of Electronics
 36   Secret Doorway
 37   Bruce Wayne Puzzles
 38   Electronic Throne
 39   The Box
 40   Plotting Revenge
 41   Dick Swings In
 42   Arkham Square
 43   Dick Fights Bravely
 44   Batman Arrives on the Scene
 45   Nygmatech Debut Party
 46   Make an Entrance
 47   Bruce Wayne Clone
 48   Bruce Gets a Taste
 49   Thugs Charge
 50   Batman Swings In
 51   Two-Face Escaping
 52   Two-Face Fires
 53   Dick Rescues Batman
 54   Someone Else
 55   The Bat Lives!
 56   Dick Packs
 57   Trick or Treat
 58   The Riddler Is in Heaven
 59   Dancing and Destroying
 60   Batmobile Explodes
 61   A Chance To Die
 62   Let's Review
 63   "Where Is He?"
 64   Surveying the Remnants
 65   Chase Is Captive
 66   Batman Will Come
 67   Monarch Bat
 68   Lower Batcave
 69   Robin
 70   The Caped Crusaders
 71   The Batsub
 72   Claw Island
 73   A Savage Attack
 74   The Precarious Climb
 75   The Throne Rotates
 76   A Final Riddle
 77   Robin Gagged
 78   Batarang
 79   Explosion
 81   Batman & Robin

   Profile Cards

 82   Edward Nygma
 83   Bruce Wayne
 84   Dick Grayson
 85   The Riddler
 86   Batman
 87   Robin
 88   Sugar & Spice
 89   Two-Face
 90   Chase Meridian

   Lairs [Puzzle] Cards

      The Batcave/Wayne Manor

 91   ...but here he found the courage to become a hero.
 92   ...a small boy fell, and was almost lost...
 93   deep in a cave under Wayne Manor...
      The Riddler's Lair/Claw Island

 94 it reaps innocent minds of their secrets.
 95   ...becomes a huge menace to the people of Gotham...
 96   a small, abandoned island in Gotham Harbour...
      Two-Face's Hideout/Gotham Bridge

 97 as good as the other is bad.
 98 a place with two sides...
 99   on the wrong side of town...

   Arsenal Cards


100   Batarang - 1
101   Laser Blow Torch
102   Grappling Hook
103   Batcuffs
104   Batbola
105   Batarang - 2


106   Coin - Good Side
107   Coin - Bad Side
108   Gun

109   [Title Card]
110   Checklist


Enemy Minds Laser-Etched Cards

 E1   Riddler - Awkwardly Brilliant
 E2   Riddler - With Delusions Of Grandeur
 E3   Riddler - A Man of Riddles
 E4   Riddler - Crazed With Spite
 E5   Riddler & Two Face - Goes Over The Edge
 E6   Two Face - Bent On Revenge
 E7   Two Face - Disfigured With Hatred
 E8   Two Face - Deformed By Violence
 E9   Two Face - A Man On The Brink

NoctoVision Cards [by redemption; rubber facing with plactic back]

 N1   Batman - Heroes
 N2   Robin - Heroes
 --   Heroes Redemption Card (numbered)

 N3   Riddler - Villains
 N4   Two-Face - Villains
 --   Villains Redemption Card (numbered)

 N5   Gotham's Best (binder insert; also listed below)

MegaMotion (Lenticular) Card [by redemption]

 M1   The Batmobile
 --   MegaMotion Redemption Card (numbered)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)
 N5   Gotham's Best (also listed above)

Kellogg's Rice Bubbles Chase Cards (distributed in breakfast cereal boxes)



 P1   Batman Prototype
 P2   Riddler Prototype
 P3   Two-Face Prototype
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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