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Batman Forever Pop-Ups
   McDonald's - 1995

Notes: Each pack held a single pop-up card plus a blank-backed instruction 
sheet. Thanks to Sean Wright for the original lisat!

No.   Front                 Back

  1   Batman                Batfacts
  2   Riddler               Facts
  3   Batmobile             Batmobile Facts
  4   Batman                Batman (picture)
  5   Robin                 Robin Facts
  6   Batman & Robin        Facts
  7   Dr. Chase Meridian    Facts
  8   Joker                 Joker (picture)
  9   Riddler               Riddler Facts
 10   Dr. Chase Meridian    Dr. Chase Meridian
 11   Two-Face              Two-Face Facts
 12   Two-Face              Two-Face (picture)
 13   Two-Face              Two-Face Facts
 14   Riddler               Riddler Facts
 15   Sugar                 Sugar Facts
 16   Robin                 Robin (picture)

 --   Action Card Instructions [pack insert]


 --   Batman Forever (bat logo)
 --   Joker
 --   Batman & Robin
 --   Batman

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