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Battlestar Galactica Deluxe Trading Cards
   Dart Flipcards - 1996

Note:  Thanks to Jerie Wills, Eddie Wong, Frank O'Neill, and Albert 
Joseph for updates!

Box: 30 packs of 7 cards + 1 box-topper.
Common sets: approx. 2.92 per box with perfect collation.

 No.  Title

   1  The Saga of a Lost World
   2  A New Home
   3  A Cast of Friends
   4  Origina of an Enemy
   5  Creating Weapons
   6  Warriors of the Galctica
   7  The Battlestar Galactica
   8  The Colonial Viper
   9  The Cylon Raider
  10  The Brave Warriors
  11  Second In Command
  12  Starbuck
  13  Boomer
  14  Serina
  15  Sheba
  16  The Beautiful Med-Tech
  17  Athena: Warrior In Her Own Right
  18  A Boy and His Daggit
  19  A Well-Crafted Ambush
  20  Fleet of Battlestars
  21  Destruction of Caprica
  22  No Peace In Our Time
  23  Frightened and Angry
  24  No match for the Humans
  25  The Best of Friends
  26  View from the Bridge
  27  Command Center
  28  Baltar's Mixed Blessing
  29  Fleeing the Colonies
  30  Cylon Allies
  31  Ready To Defend
  32  Early Viper
  33  Special Offer on Revell-Monogram
  34  The Launch Tube
  35  A Sleek Fighting Machine
  36  The Viper
  37  Welcome To Carillon
  38  Dreams and Schemes
  39  Feeding the Young
  40  Climatic Battle
  41  Space Helmet
  42  Judging the Traitor
  43  A Traitor's Quest
  44  Traitorous Baltar
  45  Surprise Visitor
  46  Hidden Horrors
  47  Out of This World Entertainment
  48  Alien Entertainers
  49  Avoiding the Trap
  50  Council of the Twelve
  51  Chameleon and Starbuck: Two of a Kind
  52  A Legendary Warrior
  53  The Ashes of a Civilization
  54  Young Warriors
  55  Trilogy of Terror
  56  Protector of the Fleet
  57  The Hope for Survival
  58  Surviving the Blizzard
  59  Guarding the Weapon of Mass Destruction
  60  Warriors Fight Back
  61  Desperate Mission
  62  The Heart of a Battlestar
  63  Launch Vipers Now
  64  the Strength of Families
  65  A Narrow Escape
  66  Battle Above Kobol
  67  Battline the Blaze
  68  An Orbiting Station of Doom
  69  Weapons of the Ship
  70  Facing the Demons
  71  Cylon Space
  72  Battlestar Galactica Home Video Offer / Checklist


Gold Foil Cards (1:15 packs)

GF1   Ovion Worker
GF2   Evil Henchman
GF3   Imperious Leader
GF4   Brooding Nomad
GF5   Fierce Borays
GF6   Gathering of Aliens

Big Boy Cards (Box-Topper)

BB1   Death Struggle
BB2   Landing Bays
BB3   Battlestar To Be
BB4   The Destruction of Caprica

Tall Boy Card (Widevision; mail-on offer)

TB    Mechanical Menace

Card Album

---   (Binder)
---   (Art print)

---   Richard Hatch Autographed Card


P1          Deluxe Trading Cards (Ovion)
P2          Deluxe Trading Cards (Viper Launch)
Promo 1/3   Oct 18 1996 (same image as P2; Collectors International; conventions)
 --         (enemy robots; videocassette insert)
 --         Limited Edition Collectible Offer (Revell-Monogram Model ship)
 --         Travel to the realm of the unknown ... (Dealer Sell Sheet, with Frighteners)

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