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Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Warriors
Rittenhouse Archives - 2006

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets (72): approx. 2.64 per box if collation were perfect.

No.     Card Text / Title                                Subset

  1     The oldest of Commander Adama's three children   Captain Apollo
  2     Apollo originally studied to be a protector (l   Captain Apollo
  3     In all of the fleet, the friendship between Ap   Captain Apollo
  4     After the fall of Caprica to the Cylons, Apoll   Captain Apollo
  5     Through his joining with Serina, Apollo became   Captain Apollo
  6     "I came from a world where the people believed   Captain Apollo
  7     "Triad. It's more than just a game. It's a ver   Captain Apollo
  8     Recruited by the beings of light that restored   Captain Apollo
  9     Pursued by four Cylon raiders, Apollo made a d   Captain Apollo
 10     A charming rogue who lived for the moment, Sta   Lieutenant Starbuck
 11     Starbuck: "think of it... as an obligation." A   Lieutenant Starbuck
 12     When it came to love, Starbuck played the fiel   Lieutenant Starbuck
 13     As a young child, Starbuck was found wandering   Lieutenant Starbuck
 14     As aggressive was Starbuck was in a Colonial V   Lieutenant Starbuck
 15     A reluctant hero, Starbuck's bravery was often   Lieutenant Starbuck
 16     They say that any landing you can walk away fr   Lieutenant Starbuck
 17     "I had been pretty close to death many times i   Lieutenant Starbuck
 18     "These cold blooded, metallic instruments of d   Lieutenant Starbuck
 19     A lieutenant and member of Blue Squadron, Boom   Lieutenant Boomer
 20     After foolishly skipping decontamination, Boom   Lieutenant Boomer
 21     Not unlike his friend Starbuck, Boomer enjoyed   Lieutenant Boomer
 22     Boomer: "Apollo, what are our chances of comin   Lieutenant Boomer
 23     Boomer's strong friendship with Apollo and Sta   Lieutenant Boomer
 24     "It doesn't show it in my file, Athena, but wh   Lieutenant Boomer
 25     A dignified and straight-laced warrior, Colone   Colonel Tigh
 26     Colonel Tigh's strong military bearing hid a v   Colonel Tigh
 27     When Adama was gravely injured after a suicide   Colonel Tigh
 28     Daughter of the legendary Commander Cain, Sheb   Lieutenant Sheba
 29     As squadron leader, Sheba knew that with every   Lieutenant Sheba
 30     Starbuck: "Okay. It's my kind of mission - sho   Lieutenant Sheba
 31     On a search for their lost comrades, Sheba, Ap   Lieutenant Sheba
 32     Sheba: "I guess we have kind of been at each o   Lieutenant Sheba
 33     Sheba's father, Commandr Cain loved Cassopeia,   Lieutenant Sheba
 34     A newscaster by trade, Serina was broadcasting   Serina
 35     Serina: "It isn't fair to you." Apollo: "To me   Serina
 36     Serina had been keeping a secret from Apollo.    Serina
 37     The daughter of Commander Adama and sister to    Lieutenant Athena
 38     Athena's emotions were usually held in check,    Lieutenant Athena
 39     When the regular pilots of Blue Squadron were    Lieutenant Athena
 40     Athena: "Starbuck. I came here because I think   Lieutenant Athena
 41     As a bridge officer, Athena's responsibilities   Lieutenant Athena
 42     Athena: "Father? Father, are you all right?" A   Lieutenant Athena
 43     Boxey, the son of Serina and adopted son of Ap   Boxey
 44     Boxey: "Mama...I hear you won the whole war."    Boxey
 45     Boxey lost his mother, Serina, to a Cylon atta   Boxey
 46     Cassiopeia, which means fairy queen, was origi   Cassiopeia
 47     "We have all been through a cleansing fire. It   Cassiopeia
 48     After her terrifying flight from the Cylons, C   Cassiopeia
 49     While the discovery of the Battlestar Pegasus    Cassiopeia
 50     Dr Salik was the lead medical doctor of the fl   Dr. Salik
 51     Dr. Salik: "Have you the right to order a doct   Dr. Salik
 52     The leading scientist on the Galactica, Dr. Wi   Dr. Wilker
 53     Dr. Wilker was a man of science who was driven   Dr. Wilker
 54     "Transferring launch control to viper fighters   Flight Cpl. Rigel
 55     Constructed by Dr. Wilker, Muffit was a roboti   Muffit
 56     "As you know we will soon be landing on variou   Muffit
 57     Assigned to the Pegasus, Bojay was assumed los   Lieutenant Bojay
 58     Bojay: "We've been fighting ever since." Apoll   Lieutenant Bojay
 59     As the son of Serina and adopted son of Apollo   Captain Troy
 60     Shortly after discovering the planet Earth, Tr   Captain Troy
 61     Fitting into Earth's society wasn't easy for T   Captain Troy
 62     When the Cylons purposely destroiyed the flet'   Captain Troy
 63     An expert pilot, like his father before him, T   Captain Troy
 64     One of Captain Troy's most important dutis to    Captain Troy
 65     A journalist by trade, Jamie Hamilton first en   Jamie Hamilton
 66     Through an odd stroke of luck, Jamie's knowled   Jamie Hamilton
 67     When Troy and Dillon were called away suddenly   Jamie Hamilton
 68     Dr. Zee had been delivered by Starbuck to the    Dr. Zee
 69     A member of the Council of Twelve, Xavier disa   Commander Xavier
 70     Checklist [base cards]
 71     Checklist [expansion set 133-183]
 72     Checklist [expansion 184-186 and other chase]


1978 Expansion Set (1:8 packs)

133     Colonial Fleet
134     Winning Hand
135     A Boy and His Daggit
136     Ovion Queen
137     Horror!
138     Destruction of a Basestar
139     Vipers, Launch When Ready
140     Training New Pilots
141     Captured!
142     Attack Formation
143     A Full Pyramid
144     Red Eye
145     Father and Son
146     Prisoner - Bootlegger 137
147     Deep Freeze
148     Snowram
149     Final Attack
150     Seeing Triple
151     Tricked!
152     Constable Nogow
153     Crash Landing
154     Prisoner of the Cylons!
155     Cassiopeia and Starbuck
156     Weapons Ready
157     Wounded in Battle
158     Battlestar vs Basestar
159     Suicide Attack!
160     Messanger Muffit
161     Count Iblis
162     Cassiopeia, Starbuck and Apollo
163     Fallen Warrior
164     Reunited!
165     Borellian Nomen
166     Warriors Three
167     Triad
168     On the Run
169     Viper on Patrol
170     Ship From Earth?
171     Directions from an Android
172     Grandfatherly Advise
173     Commadant Leiter
174     Another Round!
175     Ship of Light
176     Galactica Fires it Weapons
177     Colonial Warriors
178     Starbuck and Colonel Tigh
179     Battle Plans
180     A Kiss Goodbye
181     Cylon Basestar In Orbit
182     IL Series Cylon
183     Imperious Leader
184     Mechanical Menance
185     Threat from Above!
186     Cylon Raider

Casting Call Cards (1:20 packs)

 W1     Lorne Greene as Commander Adama
 W2     Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo
 W3     Dirk Benedict as Lt. Starbuck
 W4     Jane Seymour as Serina
 W5     Maren Jensen as Lt. Athena
 W6     Anne Lockhart as Lt. Sheba
 W7     Laurette Spang as Cassiopeia
 W8     Terry Carter as Col. Tigh
 W9     Herbert Jefferson Jr. as Lt. Boomer

ArtiFEX Cards by Chris Scalf (1:40 packs)

 S1     (Cylon warrior)
 S2     (Battling space serpents)
 S3     (Apollo firing)
 S4     (Apollo pilot)
 S5     (Sheba)
 S6     (Starbuck)
 S7     (Red Squadron)
 S8     (Space battle)
 S9     (Vipers launch)

Tribute Cards (1:480 packs; numbered to 199)

 T1     Lorne Greene - Commander William Adama
 T2     John Colicos - Baltar

Costume Cards (1:40 packs)

CC2     Dirk Benedict as Lieutenant Starbuck's tunic (burgundy) from "The Long Patrol"
CC3     Lorne Green as Commander Adama's tunic from "Saga of a Star World"
CC4     Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Lieutenant Boomer's tunic from "The Magnificent Warriors"
CC5     Specter's cape from "The Young Lords"
CC6     Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo's formal dress cloak (black)
CC7     Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Lieutenant Boomer's triad uniform
CC8     Dirk Benedict as Lieutenant Starbuck's brown shirt
CC9     Jane Seymour as Serina's g-suit from "Lost Planet of the Gods"
CC10    Terry Carter as Colonel Tigh's uniform shirt
CC11    Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo's skydiver jacket from "The Living Legend"

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs; all Very Limited, 200-300 copies each)

A12     Jane Seymour as Serina
A17     Anne Lockhart as Lt. Sheba
A18     Sarah Rush as Flight Cpl. Rigel
A19     Glen A. Larson - Creator/Writer
A20     Ed Begley, Jr - Ensign Greenbean
A21     Christine Belford as Leda
A22     Arlene Martel - Adulteress 58
A23     Britt Ekland as Tenna
A24     Richard Lynch as Wolfe
A25     Melody Anderson as Brenda Maxwell
A27     James Patrick Stuart as Dr. Zee
A28     Randolph Mantooth as Michael

Autographed Costume Cards (numbered to 250)

  --     Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo
  --     Dirk Benedict as Lieutenant Starbuch
  --     Terry Carter as Colonel Tigh
  --     Herbert Jefferson Jr. as Lieutenant Boomer

Case-Topper Autograph

 A8     Alex Hyde-White as Cadet Bow

Archive Boxes (randomly distributed, approx. 1:25 cases)

  --    (complete set of all bonus cards found in packs)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --     (binder with 9-pocket pages)
CC12    Maren Jensen as Lieutenant Athena's dress from "Lost Planet of the Gods" (exclusive costume card)
 P3     Ensign Greenbeen (exclusive promo card)

Multi-Case Dealer Incentive Cards

DC1     Lorne Green as Commander Adama / Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo (dual costume; 2 cases; numbered to 150)
DA1     Dual Signature Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict (6 cases)


 P1     Starbuck (general distribution)
 P2     Apollo (Non-Sport Update)
 P3     Ensign Greenbean (binder exclusive, also listed above)
 UK     Boomer (United Kingdom)
 --     Colonial Warriors (dealer sell sheet)

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