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Battlestar Galactica Season Three
Rittenhouse Archives - 2008

Notes:  Thanks much to JOX for the update! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (63): approx. 1.71 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Card Text / Title                                 Episode

  1    Triptych (left) / Checklist 1-44
  2    Triptych (middle) / Checklist 45-63, SS, L
  3    Triptych (right) / Checklist F, S, CC
  4    Four months into the Cylon occupation of New C    Occupation
  5    Col. Tigh, by contrast, languishes in a barren    Occupation
  6    At odds with his son, the Admieral's closest c    Occupation
  7    The Cylon leaders are frustrated by Duck's hor    Precipice
  8    Laura Roslin urges Tigh to stop the suicide bo    Precipice
  9    Lee objects to Adama's risky rescue mission, e    Precipice
 10    To the Cylons' dismay, the humans have anticip    Exodus,Part I
 11    Gaius Baltar wrestles with personal and politi    Exodus,Part I
 12    Admiral Adama launches his dangerous rescue mi    Exodus,Part I
 13    On New Caprica, the insurgents count down the     Exodus,Part II
 14    Amid the confusion, the Galactica Jumps into l    Exodus,Part II
 15    On the planet, liberated prisoners join the ev    Exodus,Part II
 16    Three days after the rescue of the colonists f    Collaborators
 17    Far away, Gaius Baltar awakens to find himself    Collaborators
 18    Having convicted Gaeta of treason, the tribuna    Collaborators
 19    Still a prisoner within the Cylon fleet, Balta    Torn
 20    Far away, Caprica Six tells Baltar about her p    Torn
 21    Having reached the nebula, the Cylon scout shi    Torn
 22    Apollo and Athena lead a team onto an adrift C    A Measure of Salvation
 23    Tempted by hope of receiving a cure, the Cylon    A Measure of Salvation
 24    Back on the Galactica, Lee Adama devises a pla    A Measure of Salvation
 25    When three Cylon Raiders Jump into the middle     Hero
 26    Adama confides the true story to his son, Lee.    Hero
 27    While Adama confesses this to Lee, Novacek hea    Hero
 28    After walking out on her estranged husband Sam    Unfinished Business
 29    On the 123rd day of New Caprican colonization,    Unfinished Business
 30    Now, at the boxing match, Adama himself challe    Unfinished Business
 31    When the fleet's food supply becomes contamina    The Passage
 32    As civilians board the Galactica, a man named     The Passage
 33    The jumps through the star cluster are underwa    The Passage
 34    As Colonial forces assist civilian teams gathe    The Eye of Jupiter
 35    Baltar and D'Anna have guided the Cylon fleet     The Eye of Jupiter
 36    Starbuck, in her Raptor, has spotted the raidi    The Eye of Jupiter
 37    The human-Cylon standoff over the mysterious E    Rapture
 38    Realizing that Dualla's observation post is fa    Rapture
 39    On the planet, the Centurions strike the Templ    Rapture
 40    Gaius Baltar, now imprisoned aboard the Galact    Taking a Break From All Your Worries
 41    Meanwhile, Apollo and Tyrol discuss their marr    Taking a Break From All Your Worries
 42    Baltar, lost in a drug-induced hallucination,     Taking a Break From All Your Worries
 43    Overseeing a burgeoning civilian refugee camp     The Woman King
 44    After another sick Sagittaron dies after being    The Woman King
 45    Agathon secretly inspects Robert's medical fil    The Woman King
 46    Tyrol volunteers himself and Cally to do maint    A Day In The Life
 47    Today is also the anniversary of Admiral Adama    A Day In The Life
 48    The leak threatening Tyrol and Cally defies re    A Day In The Life
 49    After a Raptor crashes, impurities in the craf    Dirty Hands
 50    Tyrol can't help but empathize with the disgru    Dirty Hands
 51    This solution inevitably creates new problems.    Dirty Hands
 52    While asleep, Kara dreams that she's in her ol    Maelstrom
 53    Later, although some of Kara's fellow pilots d    Maelstrom
 54    As her ship begins to rip apart, Kara passes o    Maelstrom
 55    Admiral Adama is chosen by lottery to serve as    The Son Also Rises
 56    At first, Lee is irritated by his new job unti    The Son Also Rises
 57    Lampkin meets with Caprica Six and manipulates    The Son Also Rises
 58    As the fleet Jumps toward the Ionian Nebula, a    Crossroads, Part I
 59    Tigh interrogates the prisoner Caprica Six abo    Crossroads, Part I
 60    Now a civilian, Lee chooses to conduct Laura R    Crossroads, Part I
 61    Tigh, Anders, Tyrol and Tory Foster are all no    Crossroads, Part II
 62    In a move to force a mistrial, Lee reluctantly    Crossroads, Part II
 63    In the darkness and confusion that follow, Tig    Crossroads, Part II


Significant Seven (1:8 packs)

SS1    Brother Cavil
SS2    Leoben Conoy
SS3    D'Anna Biers
SS4    Simon
SS5    Aaron Doral
SS6    Number Six
SS7    Sharon Valerii

Love in War (1:12 packs)

 L1    Lee & Dualla
 L2    Kara & Sam
 L3    Kara & Lee
 L4    William & Carolanne
 L5    Gaiusand Number Six
 L6    Leoben & Kara
 L7    Sharon & Karl
 L8    Dualla & Billy
 L9    Gaius & Gina

Film Clip Gallery (1:24 packs)

 F1    William Adama - Edward James Olmos
 F2    Saul Tigh - Michael Hogan
 F3    Karl Agathon - Tahmoh Penikett
 F4    Lee Adama - Jamie Bamber
 F5    Kara Thrace - Katee Sackoff / Sam Anders - Michael Trucco
 F6    Sharon Valerii - Grace Park
 F7    Number Six - Tricia Helfer
 F8    Gaius Baltar - James Callis
 F9    Laura Roslin - Mary McDonnell

Shelter Posters (1:144 packs; # to 400)

 S5    William Adama / Lee Adama / Kara Thrace
 S6    Gaius Baltar / Laura Roslin / William Adama
 S7    Number Six / Sharon Valerii / Gaius Baltar

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

 --    Jamie Bamber as Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama        Limited
 --    James Callis as Dr. Gaius Baltar                  Limited
 --    Luciana Carro as Louanne "Kat" Katraine
 --    Fulvio Cecere as Lt. Alastair Thorne
 --    Bruce Davison as Dr. Mike Robert
 --    Alisen Down as Jean Barolay
 --    Bill Duke as Phelan                               Limited
 --    Michelle Forbes as Admiral Helena Cain            Limited
 --    Jennifer Halley as Ensign Diana Seelix
 --    Michael Hogan as Colonel Saul Tigh
 --    Susan Hogan as Captain Franks
 --    Tiffany Lyndall-Knight as Hybrid
 --    Mary McDonnell as President Laura Roslin          Limited
 --    Grace Park as Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii
 --    Tahmoh Penikett as Captain Karl Agathon
 --    Amanda Plummer as Oracle
 --    Gabrielle Rose as Mrs. King
 --    Katee Sackoff as Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
 --    Mark Sheppard as Romo Lampkin                     Limited
 --    Christian Tessier as Tucker "Duck" Clellan
 --    Rick Worthy as Simon

Costume Cards (1:24 packs)

CC32   William Adama
CC33   Karl Agathon
CC34   D'Anna Biers
CC35   Number Six [blue shirt]
CC36   Sharon Valerii [light grey top]
CC37   Sharon Valerii [grey jacket]
CC38   Samuel Anders
CC39   Number Six [red dress]
CC40   Simon
DC3    Number Six & Gaius Baltar                         Limited
DC4    Sharon Valerii & Gaius Baltar
DC5    Gaius Baltar & Number Six                         Limited

Case-Topper Autograph Card

 --    Ronald D. Moore - Executive Producer

Archive Boxes (randomly distributed, approx. 1:25 cases)

  --    (complete base set)
  --    (complete set of all bonus cards found in packs)
  --    (2-case incentive autograph costume card)

Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Cards

 --    Tricia Helfer as Number Six Autograph Costume Card [2 cases]
 --    Edward James Olmos as Admiral William Adama Autograph Card [6 cases]

Rittenhouse Rewards Card (redeemable for 'points')

 F10   Felix Gaeta [film clip card]

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)
 --    (9-pocket pages)
 P3    (exclusive promo card)


 P1    (general distribution)
 P2    (Non-Sport Update)
 P3    (album exclusive; also listed above)
 --    (dealer sell sheet; double sided)

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