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Battlestar Galactica Season Four
Rittenhouse Archives - 2009

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.50 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Card Text / Title                                 Episode

  01    Checklist: Base Cards
  02    Checklist: Bonus Sets
  03    Checklist: Costume and Relic Cards
  04    Believed to be dead, Kara Thrace suddenly retu    He That Believeth in Me
  05    Back aboard the Galactica, Kara Thrace, who ha    He That Believeth in Me
  06    Gaius Baltar suddenly finds himself at the hea    He That Believeth in Me
  07    After holding Laura Roslin at gunpoint, Kara T    Six of One
  08    Dissention takes hold among the Cylons, when i    Six of One
  09    Aboard the Galactica, Lee Adama embarks on a n    Six of One
  10    To the chagrin of Laura Roslin, Admiral Adama     The Ties That Bind
  11    Dissention, duplicity and backstabbing become     The Ties That Bind
  12    Cally Tyrol soon discovers her husband's Cylon    The Ties That Bind
  13    Galen Tyrol mourns his wife's death, an appare    Escape Velocity
  14    Still dealing with the loss of his murdered wi    Escape Velocity
  15    Gaius Baltar and the Sons of Ares come into co    Escape Velocity
  16    After 58 days in search of Earth, the crew of     The Road Less Traveled
  17    After Kara Thrace brings Leoben Conoy on board    The Road Less Traveled
  18    Aboard the Galactica, Galen Tyrol still strugg    The Road Less Traveled
  19    Helo leads a mutiny against Kara on board the     Faith
  20    The Cylon called Natalie reluctantly accepts t    Faith
  21    As the Eight lies dying, the hybrid begins to     Faith
  22    After returning to Galactica, Kara must convin    Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
  23    After forming an uneasy alliance, both the Cyl    Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
  24    In his radio address, Baltar tells his audienc    Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
  25    Sharon Agathon murdered Natalie. The Cylon bas    Sine Qua Non
  26    Doc Cottle tells Adama that Caprica Six is pre    Sine Qua Non
  27    Romo Lampkin surprisingly selects Lee Adama as    Sine Qua Non
  28    The Cylon baseship starts making jump after ju    The Hub
  29    Roslin and Baltar attempt to communicate with     The Hub
  30    After reaching the hub, fighting breaks out. H    The Hub
  31    D'Anna takes hostages, including Roslin and Ba    Revelations
  32    A Cylon signal leads Tigh, Tyrol and Anders -     Revelations
  33    The standoff between Lee Adama and D'Anna cont    Revelations
  34    In their desperate search for Earth, both the     Sometimes a Great Notion
  35    The mysterious planet has been decimated, and     Sometimes a Great Notion
  36    With the reality of finding this devastated pl    Sometimes a Great Notion
  37    The Cylons are encouraged and enthused by Capr    A Disquiet Follows My Soul
  38    Gaeta continues to question Thrace's loyalties    A Disquiet Follows My Soul
  39    Baltar leads his own rebel movement, using his    A Disquiet Follows My Soul
  40    Gaeta and Zarek lead a rebellion within the ra    The Oath
  41    Aboard the Galactica, Lee's life is threatened    The Oath
  42    A mutiny breaks out aboard the Galactica, as G    The Oath
  43    Tigh and Adama are captured and brought before    Blood on the Scales
  44    The Quorum of 12 fails to acknowledge Zarek's     Blood on the Scales
  45    Believing that Admiral Adama has been killed,     Blood on the Scales
  46    Anders reveals important information about the    No Exit
  47    Admiral Adama begins assessing the damage to t    No Exit
  48    With a bullet lodged in his brain, Anders has     No Exit
  49    As repairs are made to the Galactica, Ellen Ti    Deadlock
  50    Baltar returns in an effort to regain his lead    Deadlock
  51    The situation with Ellen tigh grows increasing    Deadlock
  52    After surveying damage to the ship, Tyrol dete    Someone to Watch Over Me
  53    At Joe's Bar, Kara Thrace joins the piano play    Someone to Watch Over Me
  54    Desperate to save Boomer, Tyrol springs her fr    Someone to Watch Over Me
  55    The Galactica is in bad shape, and just when i    Islanded In a Stream of Stars
  56    Thrace visits Anders, intending to kill him an    Islanded In a Stream of Stars
  57    With circumstances growing ever more desperate    Islanded In a Stream of Stars
  58    William Adama, Laura Roslin, Kara Thrace, Lee     Daybreak, Part 1
  59    Returning to the present timeline, we see the     Daybreak, Part 1
  60    Admiral Adama instructs Thrace to plug Anders     Daybreak, Part 1
  61    The Galatica jumped and landed successfully on    Daybreak, Part 2
  62    During battle between the Galactica and the Cy    Daybreak, Part 2
  63    The jump is successful, and the Galactica crew    Daybreak, Part 2


Razor Cards (1:8 packs)

  R1    One of Lee Adama's first tasks as commander of
  R2    Months earlier, Kendra had just joined the Peg
  R3    Cain became increasingly ruthless as she led h
  R4    The Pegasus encountered 15 ships full of civil
  R5    Cain gave Kendra a promotion for her actions.
  R6    The battlestar escapes back to the human fleet
  R7    Following a rescue plan designed by Kendra, th
  R8    Lee ordered Kara to stay behind and detonate t
  R9    Kendra tried to radio Lee with this prophecy,

Final 5 Cards (1:12 packs)

 FF1    Galen Tyrol
 FF2    Samuel Anders
 FF3    Saul Tigh
 FF4    Tory Foster
 FF5    Ellen Tigh

Gallery Cards (1:24 packs)

 G1     Grace Park - Sharon Agathon / Tahmoh Penikett - Karl Agathon
 G2     Rekha Sharma - Tory Foster / James Callis -Gaius Baltar
 G3     Grace Park - Sharon Valerii / Tricia Helfer - Number Six
 G4     Tricia Helfer - Number Six / James Callis - Gaius Baltar
 G5     Edward James Olmos - William Adama / Katee Sackhoff - Kara Thrace
 G6     Edward James Olmos - William Adama / Jamie Bamber - Lee Adama
 G7     Katee Sackhoff - Kara Thrace / Michael Trucco - Sam Anders
 G8     Jamie Bamber - Lee Adama / Katee Sackoff - Kara Thrace
 G9     Edward James Olmos - Lee Adama / Mary McDonnell - Laura Roslin

Shelter Poster Cards (1:144 Packs; # to 375)

 S8     Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, William Adama
 S9     Gaius Baltar, Laura Roslin, Lee Adama
 S10    William Adama, Galen Tyrol, Saul Tigh

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

     Very Limited (200-300 copies)

  --    Michael Hogan as Saul Tigh
  --    Edward James Olmos as Admiral William Adama

     Limited (300-500 copies)

  --    Jamie Bamber as Lee Adama
  --    Matthew Bennett as Aaron Doral
  --    Leah Cairns as Margaret Edmonson
  --    James Callis as Gaius Baltar
  --    Nicki Clyne as Cally Tyrol
  --    Stephanie Jacobsen as Kendra Shaw
  --    Katee Sackhoff as Kara Thrace
  --    Leela Savasta as Tracey Anne
  --    Rekha Sharma as Tory Foster
  --    Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh
  --    Rick Worthy as Simon

     Regular (500+ copies)

  --    Keegan Connor Tracy as Jeanne
  --    Colin Corrigan as Allan Nowart
  --    Colby Johannson as Dwight Saunders
  --    Colin Lawrence as Hamish McCall
  --    Andrew McIlroy as Jacob Cantrell
  --    Bodie Olmos as Brendan Costanza
  --    Aleks Paunovic as Omar Fischer
  --    Dominic Zamprogna as James Lyman

     Autograph Costume Cards (2:case; approx. 225 each)

  --    Jamie Bamber as Lee Adama [vars: blood, stripe]   A Disquiet Follows My Soul
  --    Matthew Bennett as Aaron Doral
  --    Leah Cairns as Lt. Margaret Racetrack Edmondson
  --    Nicki Clyne as Cally Tyrol
  --    Rekha Sharma as Tory Foster
  --    Rick Worthy as Simon

Costume/Relic Cards (1:12 packs)

     Costume Cards

 C41    William Adama                                     Unfinished Business
 C42    Lee Adama [variation: blood]                      Sacrifice
 C43    Cally Tyrol                                       Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II
 C44    Elosha [variations: shawl, necklace]              Home, Part I
 C45    Tory Foster
 C46    Aaron Doral
 C47    Simon                                             The Farm
 C48    Carolanne Adama                                   A Day in the Life
 C49    Racetrack                                         The Woman King
 C50    Jean Barolay                                      Rapture
 C51    Tory Foster                                       Exodus

     Dual Costume Cards

DC6     William & Carolanne Adama
DC7     Shevon
DC8     Phelan                                            Black Market
DC9     Lee Adama
DC10    Cally Tyrol [variation: black]
DC11    Racetrack
DC12    Laura Roslin                                      Epiphanies
DC13    Elosha
DC14    Tory Foster
DC15    Aaron Doral
DC16    Simon
DC17    Emily Kowalski
DC18    Cavil
DC19    Enzo
DC20    Jean Barolay

     Relic Cards

 RC1    (BSG Pegasus Systems Upgrade Folder) [350]        Razor
 RC2    (Cylon FTL Integration Question)     [200]        A Disquiet Follows My Soul
 RC3    (Flight Status Documents)            [300]        A Disquiet Follows My Soul
 RC4    (New Caprica Documents)              [220]        Unfinished Business
 RC5    (Election Documents)                 [200]        Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

Case Topper Autograph Card

  --    David Eick (Executive Producer)

Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

  --    Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh / Michael Hogan as Saul Ellen Tighe (dual autograph; 2 cases)
  --    James Callis as Gaius Balthar (autograph costume; 4 cases)
  --    Archive Box (12 cases)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    (binder)
  P3    (exclusive promo)

Rittenhouse Rewards Exclusive Gallery Card

 G10    Katee Sackhoff - Kara Thrace / Mary McDonnell - Laura Roslin


 CP1    (Adama; Philly Non-Sports Show Spring 2009)
 P1     (10 crew; general distribution)
 P1     (error; 10% of P2 was misnumbered; Non-Sport Update)
 P2     (6 crew; Non-Sport Update)
 P3     (album exclusive; also listed above)

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