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Battlestar Galactica
   Wonder Bread / Universal - 1978

Notes:  These cards were distributed one-per-loaf, and can frequently have staining
from the moisture in the bread.  The cards don't mention Wonder Bread, but bear the
Universal City Studies copyright. Scenes are generally from the movie, not the TV
series; though at least six (3, 4, 10, 12, 14, and 33) show scenes from the two-part
TV episode "The Gun On Ice Planet Zero."  Many thanks to Richard Hughes for
the original checklist!

No.                 Image                                Card Text

 #1 of Thirty-six   Lt. Starbuck                         A gambler and daredevi8l, Starbuck is one of the B
 #2 of Thirty-six   Boxey And Muffit                     Boxey smiles approvingly at Muffit, the daggit cre
 #3 of Thirty-six   Snowram                              Snowrams are a necessity for traveling in the sub-
 #4 of Thirty-six   Space Cadet Cree                     Space Cadet Cree was captured alive by the Cylons
 #5 of Thirty-six   Two Cylon Warships                   Cylon warships look like bats in the night, but th
 #6 of Thirty-six   Lt. Boomer                           Known as Boom Boom to his friends because of his s
 #7 of Thirty-six   Ensign Athena                        Athena was an Ensign on the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA b
 #8 of Thirty-six   Galactica Control Room               During a red alert, the control room took on an ee
 #9 of Thirty-six   Scientist Winkler                    Scientist Winkler can fix the most complex wiring
#10 of Thirty-six   Clones Revolting                     B.R. SER 5-9 leads his fellow Clones in their revo
#11 of Thirty-six   Android Sisters                      Starbuck thought the Android Sisters would make a
#12 of Thirty-six   Croft                                Croft had been in prison, but he heroically led th
#13 of Thirty-six   Battlestar Galactica                 Of the five BATTLESTARS, only the GALACTICA surviv
#14 of Thirty-six   Dr. Ravashol                         Ravashol was the one human tolerated by the Cylons
#15 of Thirty-six   Android Sister Nadil                 Nadil was interested in Starbuck's offer, but kept
#16 of Thirty-six   Croupier On Carillon                 Since the croupier at Carillon's gambling casino h
#17 of Thirty-six   Colonial Movers Ship                 Surviving humans came in all sorts of space ships
#18 of Thirty-six   Commander Adama And Colonel Tigh     Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh have served toget
#19 of Thirty-six   Cylon Warrior                        No one knew what was behind the metallic mask of t
#20 of Thirty-six   Jondrew Gambler                      The Jondrew loved the gambling on Carillon, even t
#21 of Thirty-six   Planet Caprica Under Attack          Capricans hopelessly try to evade the blasts from
#22 of Thirty-six   Starbuck Shows Boomer His Cards      Starbuck shows Boomer his perfect pyramid, but the
#23 of Thirty-six   Imperious Leader                     The Imperious Leader was the only Cylon with a thi
#24 of Thirty-six   Lotay, Queen Of The Ovions           Lotay, Queen of the Ovions, ruled a world in which
#25 of Thirty-six   Surviving Humans On Caprica          Although badly beaten by the Cylon's devious treac
#26 of Thirty-six   Seetol Playing An Ovion Harp         Seetol uses her many hands to play soothing music
#27 of Thirty-six   Alien Lifeforms At Carillon Casino   Humans were not the only visitors to Carillon; lif
#28 of Thirty-six   Sire Uri, Apollo & Serina        Unfortunately, not everyone was brave. Sire Uri, w
#29 of Thirty-six   Apollo, Serina & Boxey           Serina and her son Boxey came to depend on Apollo,
#30 of Thirty-six   Cylon Warrior                        The Cylons trained hard in their deadly arts; "Att
#31 of Thirty-six   Imperious Leader And Cylon Warrior   From his control room, the Imperious Leader orders
#32 of Thirty-six   Commander Adama And The Council      Pledging themselves to serve their people, Command
#33 of Thirty-six   Apollo And Starbuck                  Apollo and Starbuck, an unbeatable team, are plann
#34 of Thirty-six   Two Vipers In Flight                 A Colonial viper ship was the sleekest, fastest an
#35 of Thirty-six   Muffit                               Muffit tried hard, but learning all those tricks w
#36 of Thirty-six   Viper Back View                      Zac and Apollo were the first to see the Cylon's t

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