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Bathroom Buddies - 44-card Set
Topps - 1996

Note:  Also distributed as a factory set. The "test" issue was later augmented
to a 66-sticker set, with loads of minor variations but the same titles for the first
44 stickers.

Box: 48 packs of 5 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 5.45 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.   Title                 Card Back

   1a   Clean Dean            Eeeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe
   2a   Michael Mummy         Eating beans and passing
   3a   Urine Al              Beans, beans the musical
   4a   Virtual Virgil        I'm begging you upon my
   5a   Lappin' Leon          In days of old, when knights
   6a   Constipa-Ted          We aim to please ... You
   7a   Pukin' Pam            Look up ... Look down ... Ha
   8a   Vince Vermin          The saddest fellow in the
   9a   Astro Nat             Mona Lisa, Work of Art,
  10a   Carl Catbox           Enjoy this little bathroom
  11a   Tootin' Tina          This paper shortage ain't
  12a   Gamin' Raymond        Hey big boy, you're just my
  13a   Stinky Stan           I am making this notation,
  14a   Paper Les             Here I am broken-hearted!
  15a   Forrest Dump          Stinky, stinky little f--t, how
  16a   Jane Drain            Take it easy, and don't rush,
  17a   Jack Snack            Wash your hands and wipe
  18a   Levitatin' Luke       The job's not done until the
  19a   Undersea Lee          Work extra hard to reach
  20a   Larry Laptop          Mary had a little toilet, its
  21a   Mud Donna             Listen my childen and you
  22a   Metallic Alec         A belch is just a gesture from

   1b   Washed-Up Wayne       Puzzle Row 1, Column 1
   2b   Bandaged Brandon      Puzzle Row 2, Column 1
   3b   Burt Squirt           Puzzle Row 3, Column 1
   4b   Cyberspacin' Jason    Puzzle Row 4, Column 1
   5b   Hugh Animal           Puzzle Row 5, Column 1
   6b   Dead Fred             Puzzle Row 6, Column 1
   7b   Barfin' Barb          Puzzle Row 1, Column 2
   8b   Infest Ed             Puzzle Row 2, Column 2
   9b   Blast-Off Brian       Puzzle Row 3, Column 2
  10b   Sandy Litter          Puzzle Row 4, Column 2
  11b   Blowin' Betty         Puzzle Row 5, Column 2
  12b   Game Boyd             Puzzle Row 6, Column 2
  13b   Toxic Tom             Puzzle Row 1, Column 3
  14b   Desperate Dan         Puzzle Row 2, Column 3
  15b   Whittlin' Will        Puzzle Row 3, Column 3
  16b   Bath Becky            Puzzle Row 4, Column 3
  17b   Unsani-Terry          Puzzle Row 5, Column 3
  18b   Fartin' Martin        Puzzle Row 6, Column 3
  19b   Scuba Sam             Completed Puzzle
  20b   Internet Bret         Completed Puzzle
  21b   Septic Sue            Checklist: Series 1
  22b   Harvey Metal          Checklist: Series 1

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