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Batman Master Series
Skybox - 1996

Notes:  A parallel "Artist's Proof" set was distributed one-per-pack. The parallel
card for the checklist has a blue (not red) back with no signature, and shows
"Basic Set Cards: Same as Artist's Proof set" instead of "Artist's Proof Cards:
Same as Basic set."  Thanks much to Ray Tucker, Reiter Günter, LMA, and
Al Freund for updates, and to Uschi Lohnes for the artists list!

Box: 24 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.32 per box if collation were perfect.
Artist's Proof sets: approximately one per 3.75 boxes.

No.   Title                                     Artist

  1   Gotham                                    Scott Hampton
  2   Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane   Scott Hampton
  3   Bulletin!                                 Scott Hampton
  4   Pier 13                                   Scott Hampton
  5   Stacked Deck                              Scott Hampton
  6   Ghost of a Ghost                          Scott Hampton
  7   He was Real!                              Scott Hampton
  8   Death of a Dark Legend                    Scott Hampton
  9   I Did It!                                 Carl Critchlow
 10   Headquarters                              Scott Hampton
 11   The Log of Commissioner Gordon            Scott Hampton
 12   Sgt. Harvey Bullock                       Scott Hampton
 13   Officer Renee Montoya                     Scott Hampton
 14   Lietenant Lawrence Kitch                  Scott Hampton
 15   Sgt. Mackenzie "Hardback" Bock            Scott Hampton
 16   Friends                                   Scott Hampton
 17   Lt. Sarah Gordon                          Scott Hampton
 18   Deathtrap                                 Carl Critchlow
 19   Wayne Manor                               Scott Hampton
 20   The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth          Scott Hampton                     
 21   Destiny                                   Scott Hampton
 22   Inspiration                               Scott Hampton
 23   Year One                                  Scott Hampton
 24   Killing Joke                              Scott Hampton
 25   Secret Passage                            Scott Hampton
 26   The Cave                                  Scott Hampton
 27   Target Practice                           Carl Critchlow
 28   Three Robins                              Scott Hampton
 29   Dick Grayson                              Scott Hampton
 30   Jason Todd                                Scott Hampton
 31   Death in the Family                       Scott Hampton
 32   Tim Drake                                 Scott Hampton
 33   Wild Joker                                Scott Hampton
 34   Suspects                                  Scott Hampton
 35   More than Trophies                        Scott Hampton
 36   Laughing Batty                            Carl Critchlow
 37   Catwoman                                  Dermot Power
 38   Black Mask                                Dermot Power
 39   Lady Shiva                                Dermot Power
 40   Rå's al Ghül                              Dermot Power
 41   Talia                                     Dermot Power
 42   The Penguin                               Dermot Power
 43   Poison Ivy                                Dermot Power
 44   The Riddler                               Dermot Power
 45   Solitary Madness                          Carl Critchlow
 46   Hard Copy                                 Dermot Power
 47   Bane                                      Dermot Power
 48   Mad Hatter                                Dermot Power
 49   Two Face                                  Dermot Power
 50   Killer Croc                               Dermot Power
 51   Man-Bat                                   Dermot Power
 52   Scarecrow                                 Dermot Power
 53   Red-Handed                                Dermot Power
 54   Clown Prince of Crime Detection           Carl Critchlow
 55   Kitty Killer                              Dermot Power
 56   Masks of Black                            Dermot Power
 57   Double-Mug                                Dermot Power
 58   Did the Demon Do It?                      Dermot Power
 59   Gone with the Demon's Daughter            Dermot Power
 60   Birdbrained Bumbershooter                 Dermot Power
 61   An Itch Too Far?                          Dermot Power
 62   The Question Is...                        Dermot Power
 63   Sherlock Jokes Strikes Out                Carl Critchlow
 64   Dark Angel                                Dermot Power
 65   Crocodile Tears                           Dermot Power
 66   By Zeus!                                  Dermot Power
 67   Pulling Strings                           Dermot Power
 68   Tweedledee & Dumber                       Dermot Power
 69   Strange Analysis                          Dermot Power
 70   Master of Fear                            Dermot Power
 71   Keeping Scar                              Dermot Power
 72   Worlds of Madness                         Carl Critchlow
 73   Uncivil War                               Duncan Fegredo
 74   Jack's Whack                              Duncan Fegredo
 75   Sacred Scare                              Duncan Fegredo
 76   Whodunit Houdini?                         Duncan Fegredo
 77   Past Master of the Future                 Duncan Fegredo
 78   Blunder Gods                              Duncan Fegredo
 79   It's Dead!                                Duncan Fegredo
 80   Teething                                  Duncan Fegredo
 81   Secret Ceremony                           Carl Critchlow
 82   Digging Batty                             Scott Hampton
 83   Unrest in Peace                           Scott Hampton
 84   Shadow of the Bat                         Scott Hampton
 85   The Bat Is Dead, Long Live the Bat        Scott Hampton
 86   Snapped Trap                              Scott Hampton
 87   Accomplices                               Scott Hampton
 88   Back to Arkham                            Scott Hampton
 89   Creature of the Night                     Scott Hampton
 90   Batman Master Series Checklist


Master Villains Cards (1:10 packs)

 1 of 10  Black Mask
 2 of 10  Two-Face
 3 of 10  Catwoman
 4 of 10  The Riddler
 5 of 10  The Penguin
 6 of 10  Poison Ivy
 7 of 10  Rå's al Ghül
 8 of 10  Scarecrow
 9 of 10  Bane
10 of 10  The Joker

Batman Fantasy (Spectra-Etch) Cards (1:6 packs)

1 of 6  Ken Kelly...
2 of 6  Vincent DiFate...
3 of 6  Joe DeVito...
4 of 6  Romas...
5 of 6  Nick Jainschigg...
6 of 6  James Warhola...

Chromium Cards (1:24 packs)

1 of 2  Batman
2 of 2  The Joker

Clearchrome Cards (1:120 packs)

1 of 2  Batman
2 of 2  The Joker

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    Batman Master Series (binder)
  --    (ten 9-pocket pages)
  --    (Batman/Joker promo card)
  --    (dealer sell sheet poster)


--  (Unnumbered; Batman/Joker; dealers, Combo, Non-Sport Update, comics)
--  (dealer sell sheet)

©1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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