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Batman (Blue Bat) - Puzzle "B"
   Topps - 1966

Notes:  Card fronts show artwork with title within blue bat. Card backs showed either 
a puzzle piece or text within a blue bat cowl (two varieties for each card). The set was 
issued separately in the United States and in Canada. Puzzle position is based on a grid 
where A-B = column and 1-5 = row. Thanks much to Pete Porco for the checklist! 
American Card Catalog reference is R710-16D. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                         Reverse                   Puzzle Position

 1B   The Joker's Icy Jest          The Dynamic Duo Puzzle    A-3
 2B   The Penguin Prevails          The Joker Puzzle          A-2
 3B   Hydro-Foil Hotspot            Batman on Rope Puzzle     A-4
 4B   Branded Boy Wonder            The Dynamic Duo Puzzle    B-3
 5B   Caged by the Cat-Woman        The Joker Puzzle          B-1
 6B   Canape for a Cobra            Batman on Rope Puzzle     B-2
 7B   The Grim Gladiator            The Dynamic Duo Puzzle    A-2
 8B   Snaring the Sheik             The Riddler Puzzle        A-5
 9B   Bashed on a Billboard         Batman Head Puzzle        B-2
10B   Amphibious Attackers          The Joker Puzzle          A-1
11B   To Robin's Rescue             The Dynamic Duo Puzzle    B-2
12B   Renegade Roulette             Batman on Rope Puzzle     A-3
13B   Batman's Coffin               Robin Puzzle              B-1
14B   Neanderthal Nemesis           The Joker Puzzle          A-3
15B   Joker Wishes Robin Well       Batman Head Puzzle        B-3
16B   Penned by the Penguin         Batman on Rope Puzzle     A-5
17B   Prehistoric Peril             Batman on Rope Puzzle     B-4
18B   The Penguin's Prey            The Riddler Puzzle        B-1
19B   Cornered on a Cliff           The Joker Puzzle          B-3
20B   Distorted Dynamic Duo         Batman Head Puzzle        B-1
21B   Toil of Torture               Robin Puzzle              B-3
22B   Routing the Riddler           The Dynamic Duo Puzzle    A-1
23B   The Joker's Juggernaut        Batman on Rope Puzzle     B-1
24B   Fangs of the Phantom          Robin Puzzle              A-1
25B   Dragged from Death's Door     The Riddler Puzzle        B-5
26B   Jack Frost's Jinx             Batman on Rope Puzzle     A-2
27B   Pasting the Panther           The Riddler Puzzle        A-2
28B   Concrete Conquest             Batman Head Puzzle        A-3
29B   A Wretched Riddle             Robin Puzzle              A-3
30B   Jostled by the Joker          The Riddler Puzzle        B-3
31B   Batman Bucks Badman           Batman on Rope Puzzle     A-1
32B   Frozen by Frost               Robin Puzzle              B-2
33B   Gassed by a Geranium          Batman Head Puzzle        A-2
34B   A Fatal Joust                 The Riddler Puzzle        A-4
35B   Holy Rodents                  Batman on Rope Puzzle     B-3
36B   A Pressing Position           Robin Puzzle              A-2
37B   Riddler on the Roof           Batman on Rope Puzzle     B-5
38B   Beware the Bat-a-Rang         The Riddler Puzzle        A-1
39B   Caught in a Cavern            The Riddler Puzzle        A-3
40B   Batman Bails Out              The Riddler Puzzle        B-4
41B   Aquatic Attack                The Joker Puzzle          B-2
42B   Inhospitable Hatter           The Riddler Puzzle        B-2
43B   The Perilous Penny            The Dynamic Duo Puzzle    B-1
44B   Riddler Robs a Rainbow        Batman Head Puzzle        A-1

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