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Batman, The Movie - First Series
    Topps (USA) - 1989
    Topps (USA) Collectors' Edition - 1989
    Topps (UK, larger cards) - 1989
    Topps (UK, smaller cards) - 1989
    Topps (Europe, smaller cards) - 1989 
    Regina (Australia/New Zealand) - 1989

Notes:  There are a lot of different versions of the same underlying material. Let's 
try to sort them out.

First there were the "regular trading card size" (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") sets from Topps 
USA and overseas versions by O-Pee-Chee (Canada) and Regina (Australia and 
New Zealand). The USA set had additional stickers while the overseas sets did 
not. Card-front images are the same except where they mention "cards and 
stickers" on Card #1 versus just "picture cards." Topps cards had gray paper 
for the card backs while the Regina cards had white backs. Stickers are usually 
sold and traded separately from the base cards.  The O-Pee-Chee set converted the 
22 stickers into puzzle cards, and thus the series included 154 cards. A separate 
list is provided because of the different numbering.

Topps USA issued a Collectors' Edition, primarily as a sealed factory set, that 
added 11 Bonus Cards featuring movie-production artwork. Card fronts were 
given a glossy finish (instead of the matte finish in the main series) and card-back 
backgrounds are bright yellow. 

Topps UK (printed in Ireland) produced a factory set in four subsets of 33 cards, 
packaged in boxes marked as sets A, B, C, and D; they were sold separately or 
together. No stickers or bonus cards were found in this production, and the full-
size cards were not in numerical sequence within the lettered "sets." 

A second variety was produced by Topps UK, in a smaller format (2-1/8" x 
3"). Instead of puzzle pieces for the card backs, every card-front image (with 
numbers) was reproduced as a sticker in pairs. (E.g., Card 11 has Sticker 46 on 
the back, and Card 46 has Sticker 11 on the back.) Reports conflict on whether 
there were 11 or 22 additional sticker-cards distributed in the packs.

The smaller format is repeated (at least once) by Topps Europe, in a 132-card 
set with no stickers. It features German text and is numbered on both sides 
(1-264), which might mean that the First and Second Series were combined into 
a single German-text release.

Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz, Peter Vermaele, Sean Wright, Sylvian 
Duivens, Stephane Leonardi, Paul Hart, Chris Benjamin, Darren Otto, and Albert 
Joseph for updates!

USA Box: 36 packs of 9 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 2.45 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 1.64 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Batman a Topps Picture Card Series
  2   Darknight Detective
  3   Bruce Wayne
  4   The Clown Prince of Crime
  5   Jack Napier
  6   Vicki Vale
  7   Alexander Knox
  8   Commissioner Gordon
  9   Alfred the Butler
 10   D.A. Harvey Dent
 11   Crime Boss Carl Grissom
 12   Alicia Hunt
 13   Gotham City After Dark
 14   Mugged!!
 15   Rooftop Rendezvous
 16   Night of the Bat
 17   Nailed by the Dark Avenger
 18   Who... What Are You?!!
 19   Gotham City's Dark Knight
 20   The New D.A.
 21   Knox on the Job!
 22   The Set-Up
 23   Bruce in Wayne Manor
 24   Meeting Their Host
 25   View from the Batcave
 26   The Axis Chemical Factory
 27   Mysterious Manhunter
 28   Batman's Weapon
 29   Toxic Flood!
 30   In the Batman's Clutches
 31   Commissioner Gordon--Hostage
 32   Holding Batman at Bay!
 33   Hero and the Horror
 34   Jack Loses His Grip!
 35   Plunge into Toxic Oblivion!
 36   Rising Above It All
 37   Spotted by Commissioner Gordon!
 38   Front Page Story!
 39   Ghastly Revelation
 40   Back from the Dead
 41   No Deals, Grissom!
 42   "Call Me ... Joker!"
 43   Grissom's Gruesome Demise
 44   "Wait'll They Get a Load of Me!"
 45   "Hi Honey!"
 46   The New Crime Boss	
 47   Gotham City's Gang Lords
 48   Joy-Buzzed to Death!
 49   Evil of the Joker
 50   Fried Alive!
 51   "I'm in Charge Now!"
 52   A Final Farewell
 53   Lord of Wayne Manor
 54   Outside City Hall
 55   The Mime of Mayhem!
 56   Funny Meeting You Here!
 57   City Hall Massacre!
 58   Outrageous Assault!
 59   Who's the Wildest One of All?
 60   The Joker's Lair
 61   Vicki's Most Devoted Fan
 62   "Keep Up the Bad Work!"
 63   Smylex Attack!
 64   The Joker Conquers TV!
 65   "Love that Joker!"
 66   "Let's Go Shopping!"
 67   At the Flugelheim
 68   The Art of Crime
 69   A Date with Vicki
 70   You Light Up My Life!
 71   Alicia's New Look
 72   "No! No! I'm Melting!!"
 73   Crash!!!
 74   The Rescue
 75   Swing to Safety!
 76   A Daring Escape!
 77   The Batmobile
 78   Fantastic Chase!
 79   The Batmobile Tears Away!
 80   Cocooned!
 81   "Is It Halloween?"
 82   "How Much Do You Weigh?"
 83   Death-Defying Duo!
 84   Hang On, Vicki!
 85   Batman Overpowered!
 86   The Challenge
 87   Urban Warriors
 88   Slashing Assault!
 89   Photographed by Vicki!
 90   Friend ... Or Mad Vigilante?
 91   Within the Batcave
 92   Vicki in a Jam!
 93   The Joker Is Wild!
 94   Haunting Memory
 95   Fate of the Wayne Family
 96   Gearing Up for Danger!
 97   Knight Patrol!
 98   Sabotage!
 99   The Axis Fireball!
100   Escape from Flaming Death!
101   The Master of Disaster
102   Bicentennial Nightmare!
103   Twisted Terrorists!
104   Flight of the Batwing
105   Batwing Cockpit
106   The Joker's Secret Weapon
107   Taking Aim at the Batwing!
108   Super-Sleek Craft!
109   Crash Dive!
110   Vicki to the Rescue!
111   The Joker Takes a Hostage
112   Batman Lives!
113   Grim Vendetta
114   In Danger's Domain
115   Watch Out Behind You ...!
116   Assault on the Caped Fury
117   Desperate Struggle!
118   Grip of Death!
119   Perilous Plunge!
120   Batman in Action!
121   No Match for Batman!
122   Bruised But Not Beaten!
123   The Joker's Final Stand
124   Dance of Death
125   Vicki Imperiled!
126   The Titans Clash!
127   Batman vs. Madman
128   The Dark Knight Triumphs
129   The Joker--Over the Edge!
130   He Who Laughs Last ...
131   The Bat-Signal
132   The Guardian of Gotham City


Stickers (Topps USA)

  1   Batman [in square]      (Completed yellow border puzzle)
  2   (Batman logo)           (Completed red border puzzle)
  3   (Vicki and Bruce)       (Red 4th row right)
  4   Batman (Batmobile)      (Yellow 5th row left)
  5   The Joker               (Red 3rd row left)
  6   (Joker's gang)          (Red 2nd row right)
  7   (Confrontation)         (Red 4th row left)
  8   (Batmobile)             (Yellow 5th row right)
  9   (Three faces)           (Red 3rd row right)
 10   (Joker caricature)      (Red 1st row left)
 11   (Swinging into factory) (Yellow 4th row right)
 12   (Batman statue)         (Yellow 4th row left)
 13   (Batwing painting)      (Red 1st row right)
 14   (Batwing photo)         (Red 5th row right)
 15   (Joker in cyan tie)     (Yellow 2nd row left)
 16   (Joker standing)        (Yellow 2nd row right)
 17   (Batman at Batmobile)   (Red 5th row left)
 18   (Joker and gulls)       (Red 2nd row left)
 19   (Batman raising fists)  (Yellow 1st row right)
 20   (Batman portrait)       (Yellow 3rd row left)
 21   (Joker in soft hat)     (Yellow 3rd row right)
 22   (Vicki Vale)            (Yellow 1st row left)

Bonus Cards (Topps USA Collectors' Edition)

  A   Batman in Batwing Cockpit
  B   The Batwing Swoops Down
  C   Canyons of Gotham City
  D   Zeroing in on The Joker
  E   Setting the Missile Sights
  F   Hitting the Switch
  G   Firing Away!
  H   The Joker Avoids the Onslaught
  I   The Dark Knight Reacts
  J   The Batwing Bounces
  K   Cathedral Directly Ahead!

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (132-card panel)


 --   (dealer sell sheet)

TOPPS UK CARDS/STICKERS (confirmed pairs)

Card Front   Sticker Back

    1            91
    2            72
   11            46
   17            24
   20           111
   24            17
   32            37
   37            32
   38            29
   46            11
   49            18
   59            84
   72             2
   78            33
   80            35
   82            57
   84            59
   91             1
  105           118
  111            20
  113            27
  115           110
  118           105
  119            70
  127            13
  129           131
  131           129

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