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Batman, The Movie - Second Series
   O-Pee-Chee - 1989

Notes:  Both Series 1 and Series 2 stickers (from the Topps-USA edition of this 
set) were converted into puzzle cards, and the O-Pee-Chee set is shown separately 
because of the different card numbering. Card backs were on white paper, 
compared to the grey card-backs for the Topps release. Other editions are 
described here. Thanks much to Darren Otto and Albert Joseph for updates!

No.   Title

155   Batman--The 2nd Series
156   The Man and His Quarry
157   Hand of Vengeance
158   Parked in the Batcave
159   Fistfuls of Funny Money!
160   Onward, To His Fate ...
161   Doppelganger
162   Time to Die, Grissom!
163   "Armadillo" Effect
164   The Last of Eckhardt
165   Leer of the Clown Prince
166   "I've Got to Work Tonight"
167   Leap from the Belltower
168   March of the Misfits
169   Meltingly Beautiful
170   You Know Who I Mean...!
171   Power of the Batmobile
172   Flugelheim Aftermath
173   Alley Bat
174   Aiming To Kill!
175   News of the Battle!
176   The Wayne Manor Party
177   Of Mimes and Memories
178   Danger in the Streets
179   The Oddest Couple
180   Knight and the Damsel
181   Hanging On For Life!
182   Murder...Just for Laughs
183   Twisted Pitchman
184   'Copter Escape!
185   Instructions for Alfred
186   Gotham City Landscape
187   Flugelheim Museum Interior
188   Elevated Subway Exterior
189   Flugelheim Museum Exterior
190   Grissom's Office
191   Their Final Bow?
192   The Batmobile--Head On
193   Dangling Devil
194   See Rotelli Roast
195   The Defeat of Batman
196   Sneaking Up Behind Jack...
197   Festival of Madness
198   Battered But Unbowed!
199   Mission Accomplished!
200   Retreat Into Darkness
201   "You Want To Get Nuts...!"
202   The Master's Mimes
203   Knox Chats with Alfred
204   Savage Sneak Attack!
205   Madness Wears a Smile
206   The Batmobile Escapes!
207   Jack and Alicia
208   Trick or Treat!
209   The Fiend Flies High!
210   His Card...
211   Silent But Deadly
212   The Phantom Avenger
213   A New Mad Plan!
214   Friends and Lovers
215   Fiery Finale
216   Another Man Down
217   The Batwing Soars!
218   The Joker (By Tim Burton)
219   Batman Costume Design
220   The Joker Costume Design
221   Batman Design Concept
222   Metal Walkway
223   Tugging the Line
224   The Hanging Hood
225   Over the Gantry
226   The Joker Knocked Backwards
227   Danger Directly Ahead!
228   Clearing the Trigger
229   Preparing for an Assault
230   Cathedral Dead Ahead!
231   Goons in Hot Pursuit!
232   Mysterious Millionaire
233   Alleys of Gotham City
234   The Villain Supreme!
235   Who Is Jack Napier?
236   The Joke's on Alicia
237   Weapon Against Evil
238   His Foul and Fiendish Grin
239   Armor Inspiration
240   Grotesque Reflections
241   A Gift for Vicki
242   The Night Is His Again!
243   Kids Playing 'Batman'
244   Brains + Beauty = Vicki
245   Everyone Needs a Hobby!
246   Throttling a Punk
247   An Artist Most Bizarre
248   Batman's Public Service
249   A Goon and His Tune
250   City of Light and Danger
251   Heroic Escape!
252   How the Joker Lives
253   Batman in the Belfry
254   Classic First Issue!
255   Directing Grissom's Murder
256   The Clown and the Clapboard
257   The Director's Vision
258   Maniacal Murderer
259   Knox Takes a Shot at Heroism
260   What Tim Burton Wants...
261   Getting the Worst from Grissom
262   Directing Helicopter Escape
263   Special Advice for Batman
264   Directing Michael Keaton
265   Flight of the Dark Avenger
266   Interviewed by Knox
267   Tim Burton, Filmmaker
268   Alicia--Exquisite!
269   Presenting the Batmobile!
270   Relaxing with Key Players
271   Filming the Dance Macabre
272   Shooting the Rescue Scene
273   Dining at Wayne Manor
274   Secret Life of Bruce Wayne
275   City Street Miniature
276   At the Nerve Center
277   Computerized SFX
278   Fantastic Miniature Set
279   Trail of the Mystery Man
280   Directing Jack Nicholson
281   Dance of the Deranged
282   From Burton to Batman
283   Batman's Revenge
284   Gruesome Grimace
285   Buildings of Gotham City
286   The Killer Clown's In Town!

Puzzle Cards

287   (Joker and Batman)             (Orange 1st row right)
288   Batman (cape still)            (Orange 2nd row left)
289   The Joker                      (Orange 5th row right)
290   Batman (cape flowing)          (Blue 3rd row right)
291   (Joker celebrating)            (Blue 4th row right)
292   (Batman, arms crossed)         (Orange 3rd row right)
293   (Joker, smiling face)          (Orange 4th row left)
294   (Batman caricature portrait)   (Orange 4th row right)
295   (Joker strutting)              (Orange 3rd row left)
296   (Batman drawing, swirls cape)  (Orange 5th row left)
297   (Joker caricature)             (Blue 3rd row left)
298   (Batman in control room)       (Blue 2nd row right)
299   (Batman, waist up)             (Blue 2nd row left)
300   (Bruce Wayne, waist up)        (Orange 1st row left)
301   (Joker in cyan shirt)          (Orange 2nd row right)
302   (Batman logo)                  (Blue 4th row left)
303   (Batman, lips pursed)          (Blue 5th row right)
304   (Joker and scissors)           (Blue 1st row right)
305   (Batman hiding from steam)     (Blue 1st row left)
306   (Batman and Vicki on platform) (Completed blue puzzle)
307   (Joker and megaphone)          (Completed orange puzzle)
308   (Batmobile)                    (Blue 5th row left)

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