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Batman - Riddler Back
   Topps - 1966

Notes: Card fronts show images from the 1966 Batman movie. Card backs contain 
the title and a Riddler's riddle, which required a decoder. Thanks much to Pete Porco 
for the checklist! American Card Catalog reference is R710-16F. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Batman's Butler
  2   The Boy Wonder
  3   Robin's Time Out
  4   Rarin' to Go
  5   A Lesson for Robin
  6   Bookworm Batman
  7   A Batly Gesture
  8   The Caped Crusader
  9   Batmobile Breakdown
 10   Beaming Batman
 11   Studious Crimefighter
 12   The Clown Prince of Crime
 13   A Dual Decision
 14   Convention Caper
 15   To the Bat-Foil
 16   Hide-and-Go-Riddle
 17   Cautious Caped Crusader
 18   A Fearsome Foursome
 19   A Purr-Fect Plot
 20   Attacked
 21   United Underworld
 22   Awesome Foursome
 23   Boy Wonder's Bat-Cart
 24   A Desperate Leap
 25   The Princess of Plunder's Prey
 26   A Nefarious Note
 27   De-Clawed
 28   Close Call
 29   A Riddle for Robin
 30   Dashing Dick Grayson
 31   Bat on a Buoy
 32   Whacking Robin's Wings
 33   The Pudgy Penguin
 34   Docking the Bat-Foil
 35   A Dastardly Duo
 36   A Catly Caper
 37   Showdown on the Sea
 38   Rescued by Robin

 --   Decoder

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