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Batman Returns
   Dynamic Marketing (Australia) - 1992

Notes: The set was issued to coincide with the release of the Warner Brothers movie 
of the same name. Thanks much to Ron Dowd for the list and to Sean Wright and  
Ray Briscard for updates! Ray has an awesome collection of web pages for this set 
including a checklist for the pesky Gotham Dollars, courtesty of Brisbane Cards.

No.   Title

  1   Bruce Wayne - A Man With A Secret Identity
  2   Alfred - Bruce Wayne's Faithful Butler
  3   Batman - Gotham City's Protector
  4   Catwoman - Watch Out This Cat Scratches
  5   Selina Kyle - Max Shreck's Secretary
  6   The Penguin - A 'Fishy' Fiend
  7   The Penguin - As Oswald Cobblepot
  8   The Red Triangle Circus Gang
  9   Commissioner Gordon
 10   Chip, Max and the Mayor
 11   The Ice Princess - Delightfully Dizzy
 12   The Batcave - Batman's Secret Headquarters
 13   Batman's Technologically Advanced Weapons
 14   The Batmobile - Batman's Ultimate Weapon
 15   The Story begins - One Christmas Many Years Ago
 16   Baby Penguin Sails Toward The Sewer
 17   The Lighting Of The Tree In Gotham Plaza
 18   The Creature Mutters - "I know When You Are Sleeping"
 19   Max Shreck Tells The Mayor About His Plans
 20   Welcome Gotham City's Own Santa Claus, Max Shreck
 21   Santa Claus, Or The Devil In Disguise
 22   The Present Goes off With A Bang At 7 O'clock
 23   Uninvited Guests Spoil The Celebrations
 24   Batman - Gotham City Needs It's Caped Crusader
 25   The Toy Store Receives a Breath of Hot Air
 26   The Organ-Grinder Monkey's Around
 27   The Stilt-Walker Leaps Onto The Stage
 28   The Batmobile Races To The Rescue
 29   Citizens Flee From The Stilt Walker
 30   The Vicious Stilt-Walkers Crash To The Ground
 31   Max Shreck Slips Quietly Down An Alley And Disappears
 32   The Batmobile Charges At The Gangster Clowns
 33   Passengers... But Not For Much Longer
 34   A Quick Turn Around Just In Time
 35   The Batmobile Blasts The Fire-Breather
 36   Innocent Bystander Selina Kyle is Grabbed
 37   Batman Level's His Spear Gun At The Terrifying Clown
 38   ZAP! "What A Bargain, Electro-Shock Therapy"
 39   Is This The Calm Before The Storm
 40   Selina Kyle's Home Sweet Home
 41   Arctic World - The Penguin's Chilly Hideaway
 42   A Kidnapped Max Shreck Meets The Poodle Lady
 43   The Word You Are Looking For Is A-A-A-A-A-A-G-H
 44   The Penguin And Max Shreck Devise A Fiendish Plan
 45   The Mayor At The Press Conference
 46   The Mayor's Baby Is Kidnapped By The Acrobat
 47   The Acrobat Escapes Down An Open Manhole
 48   Stand Back! Look! The Penguin Is A Hero!
 49   What's This? The Penguin On The News
 50   Is the Penguin A Personal Friend Of Max Shreck?
 51   Give The Constitution A Rest. It's Christmas
 52   The List of Names Continues To Grow And Grow
 53   Silent Night... Or Is It?
 54   Waiting Outside The "Dead Centre" Of Gotham City
 55   The Penguin Discovers His Parent's Grave
 56   The Batcave Laboratory Beneath Wayne Manor
 57   Bruce Shows Alfred The C.D. "Listen To Yourself"
 58   Working Late At The Office Miss Kyle?
 59   She Jumped, Max Quickly Agrees
 60   The Transformation Is Complete
 61   I Feel Like A New Woman
 62   Max Stares Out The Shattered Office Window
 63   I Can't Prove It, But We Both Know It's True
 64   An Injured Selina Arrives At Work
 65   The Penguin Hard At Work
 66   I'm Catwoman. Hear Me Roar
 67   The Penguin's Dark And Dirty Campaign Headquarters
 68   The Penguin Is Tempted By Raw Fish
 69   Jen And Josh- The Image Advisers To The Penguin
 70   Research Tells Us Voters Like Fingers.
 71   Max Shreck And The penguin Hatch The Perfect Plan
 72   Maybe It's Time For A Withdrawal
 73   The Automatic Teller Machine Explodes
 74   Watching The Destruction
 75   Catwoman Whips Into Action
 76   Just A Tick, That's A Bomb
 77   Good To Meet You.. Batman And The Penguin Face To Face
 78   The Helicopter Umbrella
 79   Fighting With A Black Cat Can Be Dangerous
 80   Batman Goes Over The Edge Of The Building
 81   Oswald, There's Someone Here To See You
 82   Catwoman Curled Up On The Penguin's Bed
 83   We Have Something In Common, Sneers Catwoman
 84   A Devilish Scheme Is Plotted
 85   The Batmobile, Or A H-Bomb On Wheels
 86   Eat My Canary And I'll Kill Your Cat
 87   Bruce And Selina Meet In Gotham Plaza
 88   Read All About It - "Batman Blows It!"
 89   Bruce and Selina Relax At Wayne Manor
 90   Bruce Quickly Changes Into Batman
 91   Batman Activates The Batmobile's Security Shielding
 92   Not Your Regular Mechanic
 93   There's No Need To Panic
 94   The Red Triangle Circus Gang And The Batmobile
 95   Batman Spots The Ice Princess
 96   A Snarling Catwoman Confronts Batman
 97   Kidnapped And On the Roof
 98   Commissioner Gordon Arrives On The Roof
 99   A Kiss Under The Mistletoe Can Be Deadly
100   Batman Glides To Earth On His Giant Wings
101   The Name is Oswald Cobblepot and the Wedding Is Off
102   Gentlemen, Start Your Screaming...
103   The Batmobile On A Path Of Destruction
104   Little Old Lady Is Frozen With Fear
105   The Police Cars Try To Follow ... Oops
106   The Batmobile Changes Into The Batmissile
107   The Cobblepot For Mayor Rally
108   The Penguin Looking Grouchy And Uninspired
109   The Penguin Election Speech Goes Wrong
110   What's The Matter? Did I say Something Wrong?
111   This Stinking City The Penguin Voices His Opinion
112   The Penguin Makes A Dash To Flee The City's Wrath
113   The Penguin Leaps Off The Bridge
114   Trudging Through The Sewer
115   Retreating To The Safety Of Arctic World
116   Great Speech Oswald, You Told Those Rubes The Score
117   Bruce Works On The Battered Batmobile
118   Max Shreck At The "Max-squerade" Ball
119   The "Max-squerade" Fancy Dress Christmas Ball
120   Everyone Has A Ball At The "Max-squerade"
121   Ingenious Costume, Let Me Guess
122   Bruce And Selina Dance Beneath The Mistletoe
123   Suddenly, The Dance Floor Explodes
124   The Penguin Crashes The "Max-squerade" Ball
125   The Penguin Commandos At The Ready
126   The Penguin Grabs Max Shreck Again
127   Kidnapping The Children - Revenge
128   Ooh, This Is Going To Be Good
129   Train The Children By The Penguin's Rules
130   And You Get To Watch Them All Sink
131   This Way Kiddies... Jump Right In The Toxic Lake
132   Many Of You Won't Be Coming Back
133   The Penguin Commandos Forward March
134   The Army Advances Closer
135   A Division Of Penguin Commando Bombers
136   The Countdown Continues
137   The Computer Confirms "Frequency Jammed"
138   About Face! You're Going The Wrong Way!
139   I'm Starting To Lose My Temper Now
140   Dazed But Not Injured
141   Rocket's Away! But In Which Direction?
142   Surprise! The Penguin Pounces
143   Batman and The Penguin Tussle It Out
144   The Penguin Discovers Bats Drive Him Batty
145   How Many Lives Has A Cat
146   Hmmmmm. Two Lives Left
147   Catwoman Certainly Has An Electrifying Kiss
148   Is It Or Isn't It?...  A Shadow In The Night
149   The Purrr-fect Ending
150   The End.. Until Next Time?


Limited Edition Gold Series

  1   Bruce Wayne - A Man With A Secret Identity
  2   Alfred - Bruce Wayne's Faithful Butler
  3   Batman - Gotham Citiy's Protector
  4   Catwoman - Watch Out This Cat Scratches
  5   Selina Kyle - Max Shreck's Secretary
  6   The Penguin - A 'Fishy' Fiend
  7   The Penguin - As Oswald Cobblepot
  8   The Red Triangle Circus Gang
  9   Commissioner Gordon
 10   Chip, Max and the Mayor


S1    Batman
S2    Catwoman
S3    Oswald Cobblepot
S4    Alfred
S5    The Mayor
S6    The Batmobile
S7    The Organ-Grinder
S8    Duck Vehicle
S9    Red Triangle Bikers
S10   Penguin Commandos
S11   Bruce Wayne
S12   Selina Kyle
S13   The Penguin
S14   Max Shreck
S15   Commissioner Gordon
S16   The Stilt-Walker
S17   The Ice Princess
S18   The Strongman
S19   The Fat Clown
S20   The Bat Signal

Gotham Dollars
      (used to purchase Sticker Poster or for discounts on album or hologram set)

  1   $1.00 (Gotham Dollars; 22 different backs)
  2   $2.00 (Gotham Dollars; 20 different backs)
  3   $5.00 (Gotham Dollars; 20 different backs)

Holograms (also sold separately)

 H1   Batman
 H2   Catwoman
 H3   Batman
 H4   Batman
 H5   Batman
 H6   Catwoman
 H7   Batman
 H8   Penguin
 H9   Penguin

Bonus Stickers

  1   Bonus Sticker
  2   Bonus Sticker
  3   Bonus Sticker
  4   Bonus Sticker
  5   Bonus Sticker


 --   (7 different backs)

Mail Away Items

 --   Sticker Poster Sheet
  1   Oven Shrinkies (for proof-of-purchase)
  2   Oven Shrinkies (for proof-of-purchase)
  3   Oven Shrinkies (for proof-of-purchase)

Card Album (sold separately)

--    (binder)


--    (4-card promo panel; many different; Sunday newspapers)

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