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Batman Returns Stadium Club
Topps Stadium Club - 1992

Notes: Thanks to Philip Brazina, Steve Lillard, LMA, and Carlos Aranda-Díaz
for updates! The #2 card is found in a version autographed by Danny De Vito,
but was inserted in packs of the 1994 Batman Animated Series 2 (not with the
original Stadium Club issue).

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 36 packs of 15 cards.
Common sets: approximately 5.40 per box.

No.   Text

  1   Director Tim Burton gives Michelle Pfeiffer (C
  2   Director Tim Burton found working with Danny D
  3   The chemistry between Michael Keaton and Miche
  4   "I've always found Michael Keaton interesting,
  5   Has success spoiled Tim Burton? Hardly. From P
  6   Michelle Pfeiffer lends both her lustrous tale
  7   Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's loyal butler,
  8   In the first Batman movie, Commissioner Gordon
  9   In what has become something of a tradition in
 10   Actor Michael Keaton (Bruce Wayne/Batman in Ba
 11   Batman has his hands full as The Penguin, Catw
 12   Once a submissive secretary - now a predatory
 13   Catwoman is brought to life by lovely Michelle
 14   A warped genius - that's how actor Danny DeVit
 15   Reflecting Tim Burton's stylized approach to B
 16   With an act of shocking violence, Max Shreck u
 17   On the set of Batman Returns, the sewer gratin
 18   Tim Burton directs actors Christopher Walken a
 19   Batman (Michael Keaton) confronts bloated, fre
 20   The elite party animals who attend Max Shreck'
 21   "Batman is a relevant character," declares dir
 22   Director Tim Burton gives mayoral candidate Os
 23   Parallels between hero and villain have always
 24   A consultant on Batman Returns, Batman creator
 25   The creation of the enormous and elaborate Got
 26   Tim Burton directs Christopher Walken (Max Sch
 27   There are many differences between Danny DeVit
 28   Director Tim Burton enjoys creating a universe
 29   The streets and rooftops of Gotham City are pa
 30   Raised in the subur4ban Southern California to
 31   Just as Batman has a Batcase to inhabit, The P
 32   Most of the characters in Batman Returns are s
 33   With his portrayal of the malevolent Penguin i
 34   Selina's apartment very much reflects her pers
 35   The oppressive Shreck Building isn't the nices
 36   It was a partnership made in hell... or at lea
 37   Unlike her counterpart, Selina doesn't have ac
 38   When The Penguin visits Gotham Cemetery in sea
 39   Adjustments are made on the gigantic Christmas
 40   Tim Burton was determined that Bruce Wayne be
 41   Batman Returns has fun with the notion of peop
 42   Just as apes raised young Tarzan in the jungle
 43   One of the biggest thrills of the original Bat
 44   Batman Returns is even more of a social satire
 45   At Max Shreck's eccentric Maxsquerade Ball, Br
 46   The rooftops are an important element of any B
 47   Directing Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) was
 48   Director Tim Burton prepares Danny DeVito (The
 49   Both Batman movies reflect Tim Burton's love a
 50   Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) relaxes in her
 51   Penguins, penguins everywhere! Hundreds were n
 52   The Batmobile is prepared for the first exciti
 53   Just as Batman has his Batmobile, The Penguin
 54   Director Tim Burton shoots Max Shreck (Christo
 55   Production designer Bo Welch on The Penguin's
 56   Catwoman and The Penguin eventually team up to
 57   Cinematographer Stefan Czapsky installed a lot
 58   Selina Kyle's "murderer", Max Shreck, was conc
 59   Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) is hard at work i
 60   Batman's remarkable Batskiboat is called into
 61   The Penguin running for Mayor of Gotham City?
 62   Why is Batman such a popular costumed hero? Pe
 63   A portrait of two celebrated fantasy creators:
 64   A massive explosion rips through the floor dur
 65   Masked or unmasked, these two seem made for ea
 66   The style and technological capabilities of th
 67   Mechanical effects supervisor Chuck Gaspar mod
 68   After blasting out of a giant Christmas presen
 69   Although a memorable villain, The Penguin is a
 70   Tim Burton directs Danny DeVito (The Penguin)
 71   Another view of Batman's spectacular vehicle.
 72   He's making a list and checking it twice... Fe
 73   The Shreck Building under construction. Like i
 74   As the Batmobile blasts into town, some of the
 75   Inside his secret headquarters, Bruce Wayne ma
 76   During the climax of Batman Returns, The Pengu
 77   Portrait of the villainous Red Triangle Circus
 78   Tim Burton directs the exciting Max-squerade B
 79   Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton), relaxing in Wayn
 80   Battling the evil Red Triangle Circus Gang, Ba
 81   The first Batman movie, history's sixth-highes
 82   A rendering of Batman in the post-modern world
 83   Tim Burton is a rarity in the history of Ameri
 84   Michelle Pfeiffer plays Selina Kyle as a relat
 85   Director Tim Burton guides Danny DeVito (The P
 86   The grinning, distantly sinister Shreck logo s
 87   Director Tim Burton grew up in Burbank, Califo
 88   One of the new thrills of Batman Returns is th
 89   Batman Returns director Tim Burton attended th
 90   Some finished Batman cowls are displayed in th
 91   In Batman Returns, Michael Gough once again do
 92   The air conditioning system that keeps The Pen
 93   Under Tim Burton's supervision, Catwoman's qui
 94   Much of the tricky special effects work in Bat
 95   Burton and Batman seem made for each other. Th
 96   In the exciting climax of Batman Returns, The
 97   Can Batman (Michael Keaton) and Catwoman (Mich
 98   The pram-prison, hurled into icy waters by Osw
 99   Enraged Gothamites chase mayoral candidate Osw
100   As in the first Batman movie, Gotham City is d


--    Introducing super premium ... (Unnumbered, Advance Comics)
--    (2-card panel, one from regular set and one from Stadium Club;
        5-1/4" x 7-3/4"; Previews)

©2000, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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