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Batman Returns Album Stickers
Topps - 1992

Notes:  These stickers were "regular trading-card size" of 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", and
were numbered on both the fronts and the backs. The product was only
distributed in limited regions and is considered scarce. Thanks much to Steve
Lillard for the checklist and descriptions!

Box: 60 packs of 5 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 4.55 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Main Character(s)/Scene

  1   Batman
  2   Penguin
  3   Catwoman
  4   Max Shreck
  5   Bruce Wayne
  6   Selina Kyle
  7   Alfred Pennyworth
  8   Snowy Scene
  9   Large Christmas Box
 10   Batmobile With Tent In The Background
 11   Batmobile With Fire Breathing Devil In The Background
 12   Skull Creature On Bike
 13   2 Thugs On Stilts
 14   Clown Holding Selina Hostage With A Stun Gun
 15   Batman
 16   Flames Being Shot Towards Someone
 17   Batmobile
 18   Penguin, Blonde Woman and Max
 19   Max
 20   Selina Falling From A Window 
 21   Penguin Holding A Baby
 22   Penguin In The Cemetery
 23   Max Penguin and 2 Unknown Characters
 24   Penguin And Batman
 25   Catwoman And Batman
 26   Catwoman
 27   Catwoman And Penguin
 28   Catwoman
 29   Penguin
 30   Thug Tampering With The Batmobile
 31   Batman Catwoman And The Ice Princess
 32   The Ice Princess
 33   The Ice Princess Penguin And Batman
 34   Batman Approaching The Penguin From Behind
 35   Batman Sliding Down a Rope
 36   Batmobile Going Between 2 Overturned Cars
 37   Commissioner Gordon & 3 Officers Firing Their Guns
 38   Batmobile Photo From Behind
 39   Explosion In Front Of A Car
 40   Catwoman And Penguin
 41   Penguin In Top Hat With Max And 2 Guys Giving A Press Conference
 42   Podium Exploding In Front Of The Penguin
 43   Crowd On Bridge Pointing At The Penguin In The Water Below
 44   Bruce Wayne Talking To Guy (Max??) In Weird Hat
 45   Man Being Thrown Through The Air By An Explosion
 46   Penguin Pointing A Closed Umbrella
 47   Max Penguin And Giant Duck
 48   Penguin Standing Beside A Giant Duck
 49   Miniature Train On A Street
 50   Penguin With Max In A Prison Cage
 51   Penguin Addressing His Killer Penguins
 52   Killer Penguins Emerging On To Streets Of Gotham
 53   Killer Penguins Launching Their Missiles
 54   Batboat In Underground Sewer
 55   Batman
 56   Batman In Wintery Scene
 57   Penguin Sneaking Up On Batman From Behind
 58   Penguin Attacks Batman
 59   Batman Standing In Front Of The Batmobile
 60   Batman And Penguin
 61   Penguins Underground Lair
 62   Catwoman
 63   Catwoman Choking Max
 64   Batman
 65   Explosions
 66   The Penguin Standing In Water

(Sticker Album)
©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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