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Batman Returns (Zellers Collection 24)
Zellers Department Stores - 1992

Notes: These cards were distributed at Zellers stores in Canada, offering
a chance to win a Batman jacket, and bear the store logo on the fronts.
Cards are approximately 2-3/8" x 3-5/8"ard backs have text in both French
and English.  Many thanks to Michael Kartchner for the original checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Batman arrives in Gotham Plaza to stop the rampaging ...
  2   Batman & Catwoman fight on Gotham City's rooftops!
  3   Batman assesses the situation at the Christmas Tree ...
  4   BATMAN!
  5   Batman's uniform vault in the Batcave!
  9   Catwoman and The Penguin bargaining over the canary cage!
 10   The Penguin frightens the Ice Princess!
 11   Catwoman in The Penguin's lair above the campaign headquarters!
 12   Catwoman confronting Batman and The Penguin after she ...
 13   Catwoman on the rooftops!
 14   Catwoman in The Penguin's lair above the campaign headquarters!
 15   Members of the Red Triangle Circus Gang perform!
 16   Sculptures in Gotham Plaza!
 17   A Gotham City building facade!
 18   The Penguin drives his Duck Vehicle outside the Arctic ...
 19   Red Triangle Circus Gang motorcyclists!
 20   The Penguin's Commandos emerge from the sewers to bomb ...
 21   Commissioner Gordon!
 22   The Organ Grinder surprises the crowd at the Christmas ...
 23   The Batmobile in action in Gotham Plaza!
 24   The Batmobile!

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