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The Adventures of Batman & Robin
SkyBox - 1995

Notes:  Another set where the inserts were different with the "hobby" and "retail" packs.
Hobby boxes included one-per-pack pop-ups (usually included with the basic set) and two
types of chase cards (thermal and foil). Retail (WalMart) packs included only coloring
cards. Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz and Byrna for updates!

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 pop-up.
Common sets: approx. 2.75 per box if collation were perfect.
Pop-up sets: approximately 3.00 per box.
Retail (WalMart) Box: 100 packs of 4 cards + 1 coloring card.
Common sets: approx. 4.44 per box if collation were perfect.
Coloring Card sets: approximately 11.1 per box.
WalMart Blaster Box: 18 packs of 4 cards + 1 coloring card.
Common sets: impossible to complete set from single box.

No.  Title / Text

01   The Dark Knight And The Boy Wonder [Title Card]

The Dark Knight

02   Protector
03   Investigator
04   Hunter
05   An Awesome Sight
06   Ever Ready!
07   Fearsome Figure
08   Martial Artist
09   Master Of Disguise

Batman & Robin

10   Detective Duo
11   Undercover Sidekick
12   Seconds to Spare
13   An Able Ally
14   Tension In the Air
15   Into The Action!
16   Teen Team
17   Full Speed Ahead
18   A Surprise Entrance


19   The Joker
20   Poison Ivy
21   Ra's al Ghul
22   Bane
23   The Riddler
24   Scarecrow
25   Killer Croc
26   Clock King
27   Harley Quinn
28   Catwoman
29   Red Claw
30   Mr. Freeze
31   Lock-Up
32   Baby Doll
33   Two-Face
34   Ventriloquist and Scarface
35   The Penquin
36   Rupert Thorne


37   Harvey Bullock
38   Janet Van Dorn
39   Talia
40   Mayor Hill
41   Commissioner Gordon
42   Alfred Pennyworth
43   Batgirl
44   Dick Grayson
45   Bruce Wayne

The Crime File - Case #569 - "Avatar"

46   As the Wayne Foundation readies its disp
47   Ra's al Ghul hurls a deadly cobra at Bat
48   After some quick detective work in the B
49   Ra's al Ghul has trapped his daughter Ta
50   Batman and Talia race to the tomb of Que
51   As Batman and Talia reach Ra's al Ghul,
52   Thoth-Hhepera's mysterious power has cre
53   Talia and Ra's al Ghul flee the ancient
54   Ra's al Ghul quickly recovers from his e

The Crime File - Case #566 - "Sideshow"

55   Killer Croc, on board a train bound for
56   After fighting atop the moving train, Ki
57   As Killer Croc leaps from rock to rock t
58   Killer Croc has been saved by a group of
59   Over dinner, Goliath lets slip that they
60   At last, Batman has tracked Killer Croc
61   After trapping Batman, Killer Croc lets
62   Batman smashes his cage against some roc
63   Batman and Killer Croc's fight leads the

The Crime File - Case #570 - "House & Garden"

64   In a swank penthouse apartment, Gotham C
65   Convinced that Poison Ivy is behind the
66   In his dorm room at Gotham State Univers
67   After visiting the scene of Dick Grayson
68   Certain that Poison Ivy is behind Dick G
69   That night, Bruce Wayne arrives at the d
70   After escaping the plant creature, Batma
71   Poison Ivy finally admits that she has b
72   Batman and Robin lead Poison Ivy's plant

The Crime File - Case #572 - "Harlequinade"

73   In a secluded warehouse, the rulers of G
74   In her cell in Arkham Asylum, Harley Qui
75   On their way to find The Joker, Harley d
76   After changing into her Harlequin costum
77   As Harley Quinn distracts the gangsters,
78   Harley has figured out The Joker's plan:
79   Out of nowhere, steel hoops pin Batman a
80   Fed up with Harley's concern for their f
81   The Joker's plane crashes, and he crawls

The Crime File - Case #575 - "Bane"

82   Rupert Thorne, king of organized crime i
83   Batman and Robin, hot on the trail of Ki
84   In a prison infirmary, The Dark Knight q
85   On a Gotham City rooftop, Robin is caugh
86   While waiting in the apartment of Thorne
87   On the deck of a ship, Bane confronts Ba
88   Batman heads into the ship's cargo hold
89   Bane lifts The Dark Knight over his head

90   Checklist

Pop-Ups (1:Hobby pack)

P1   Batman
P2   Robin
P3   Batgirl
P4   The Joker
P5   Poison Ivy
P6   Mr. Freeze
P7   The Penguin
P8   Clayface
P9   The Riddler
P10  Harley Quinn
P11  Catwoman
P12  Two-Face

Color-In Cards (1:Retail pack)

C1   Batman
C2   Robin
C3   The Joker
C4   The Penguin
C5   Two-Face
C6   Catwoman
C7   The Riddler
C8   Batplane
C9   The Batmobile


The Dark Knight Thermal Cards (Hobby only, 1:36 packs)

T1   A blackout has engulfed Gotham City! And
T2   You never know who's going to pop-up in
T3   One villain who is enjoying the Gotham C

R.A.S. Foil Cards (Hobby only, 1:11 packs)

R1   Gotham City is protected by an unbeatabl
R2   As though they were a single being, Batm
R3   Batman and Robin leap across rooftops an
R4   Batman and Robin swing into action in th
R5   An aerial battle is underway high over t
R6   Batman's all tied up as he runs afoul of
R7   The Joker has paid for three shots at hi
R8   Batman struggles to stay on top of the s
R9   The Dark Knight will go to any length to

Uncut Sheet

--   (9-card panel with cards R1-R9)


S1   (8-card panel, 10-1/2" x 7-1/2")

©1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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