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Batman & Robin Action Packs
Fleer/Skybox - 1996

Note:  Thanks to Jen Badham for the update!

Box: 48 packs as described below.
Common sets: approx. 8.00 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

Arkham Escape Game Cards (2:pack)

  1   The Dark Knight
  2   Night Flight
  3   The Boy Wonder
  4   Perfect Aim
  5   Tag Team
  6   Stealth Tactics
  7   Joke's on Joker
  8   Three's a Crowd
  9   Counterpunch!
 10   Airborne Battle
 11   Playing Doubles
 12   Ready for Action

Pop-out Cards (2:pack)

P1    Batman
P2    Robin
P3    Batgirl
P4    Mr. Freeze
P5    Catwoman
P6    The Joker
P7    The Riddler
P8    Poison Ivy
P9    Man-Bat
P10   The Penguin
P11   Harley Quinn
P12   Two-Face

Puzzle Cards (1:pack)

Pz1   All Tied Up
Pz2   Party Crasher
Pz3   Hanging Tight
Pz4   Punch Line
Pz5   Fowl Play
Pz6   Three Strikes

Coloring Cards (1:pack)

 C1   To The Rescue
 C2   Surprise Attack
 C3   Two of a Kind
 C4   Brute Force
 C5   Cat Trap
 C6   Gotham's Best

Batman Gum (1:pack)

 --   Batman
 --   Robin
 --   Riddler
 --   Two-Face

Promotional Pack Insert

--    Eskimo Pie (Coupon)


Arkham Escape Game Board (sold separately)

--    (game board)


 P1   (Pop-out)
 --   (Promo Gum)

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