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Batman and Robin (Movie) Widevision
Fleer/SkyBox - 1997

Note:  Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz for the updates!

Box: 18 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.66 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 18 packs of 11 cards.
Common sets: approximately 2.43 per box.

No.  Title

Plotpoint Cards

 1   A new battle begins                                   
 2   Call to arms                                          
 3   Cold-hearted thief                                    
 4   Crashing the Scene                                    
 5   Heist hockey                                          
 6   Face-off to lift-off                                  
 7   A venomous relationship                               
 8   A tragic genesis                                      
 9   A monstrous partner                                   
10   Surprise visit                                        
11   Taking the bait                                       
12   Man in the spotlight                                  
13   Gorilla my dreams                                     
14   A mesmerizing beauty                                  
15   Dueling passions                                      
16   Winter on wheels                                      
17   Cold encounters                                       
18   Nice try, vine lady                                   
19   A change of plans                                     
20   Pulling rank                                          
21   Capture and control                                   
22   Mr. Freeze on ice                                     
23   The cold hard facts                                   
24   House hunting                                         
25   Midnight madness                                      
26   Sis to the rescue                                     
27   Let's make a deal                                     
28   Cruel manipulations                                   
29   Planning an ice age                                   
30   Adam and Evil                                         
31   Sending clear signals                                 
32   The real party begins                                 
33   Sweet, sweet poison                                   
34   Battle of titans                                      
35   Global warming                                        

Soundbite Cards

36   Batman: "Attack Plan Alpha."                          
37   Mr. Freeze: "The Iceman Cometh."                      
38   Robin: "Score. And the crowd goes wild."              
39   Robin: "It's the hockey team from hell."              
40   Batman:                                               
41   Pamela Isley: "It's a jungle in here."                
42   Mr. Freeze:                                           
43   Robin: "I want a car. Chicks love a car."             
44   Mr. Freeze: "Hand over the diamond, Garden Gal, or I turn you into mulch."
45   Robin: "I'm totally over her. Positively." Batman: "Me, too. Great stems, t
46   Bruce: "Alfred, am I pigheaded? Is it always my way or the highway?" Alfred
47   Mr. Freeze:                                           
48   Dick (re Barbara): "Please be looking for me."        
49   Julie & Bruce:                                        
50   Robin:                                                
51   Ivy: "What are you, about a fifty Big and Tall?" Mr. Freeze: "I always go a
52   Poison Ivy: "I really am to die for."                 
53   Batman: "Why do all the gorgeous ones have to be homocidal maniacs?"
54   Poison Ivy: "Try not to make a mess when you die."    
55   Bruce: "I need the Wayne Diamonds."                   
56   Poison Ivy:                                           
57   Mr. Freeze: "Do you think I'm mad, Frosty?" Frosty: "That's really a judgme
58   Batgirl (re Poison Ivy): "Chicks like you give women a bad name."
59   Batman: "And you are?" Batgirl: "Batgirl." Batman: That's not awfully PC. H
60   Mr. Freeze: "No matter what they tell you, it's the size of your gun that c
61   Batgirl: "You're about to become compost."            
62   Poison Ivy: "You're too late. Say bye-bye birdie."    
63   Batman:                                               
64   Alfred: "We're going to need a bigger cave."          
65   Posion Ivey: "Love hurts. In my case, it kills"       
66   Batman: "I should have brought my leash"              
67   Alfred: "Secrets ARE a virtual prerequisite in this house, don't you think?
68   Batman: "She knows who we are." Robin: "I guess we'll have to kill her." Ba
69   Batman: "This is why Superman works alone."           

70   Batman & Robin [Checklist]                                       


Profiles Cards (1:3 packs)

P1   Batman - Society's hero by day.
P2   Batman - Bruce Wayne has spent his
P3   Batman - Batman isn't all that different
P4   Mr. Freeze - Like Batman, Mr. Freeze
P5   Mr. Freeze - Hoping someday to find
P6   Mr. Freeze - Despite his terrible crimes
P7   Robin - Since his days as a circus
P8   Robin - When Barbara Wilson comes
P9   Poison Ivy - Much like Catwoman,
P10  Poison Ivy - Poison Ivy has a goal --
P11  Batgirl -
P12  Bane - Bane is a scrawny soldier

Storyboard Cards (1:pack)

S1   Vaulting over ice
S2   Vaulting over ice
S3   Vaulting over ice
S4   Vaulting over ice
S5   Vaulting over ice
S6   Vaulting over ice
S7   Battle on the ice
S8   Battle on the ice
S9   Battle on the ice
S10  Battle on the ice
S11  Battle on the ice
S12  Battle on the ice
S13  Escape from Arkham Asylum
S14  Escape from Arkham Asylum
S15  Escape from Arkham Asylum
S16  Escape from Arkham Asylum
S17  Escape from Arkham Asylum
S18  Escape from Arkham Asylum
S19  Doomed to thaw
S20  Doomed to thaw
S21  Doomed to thaw
S22  Doomed to thaw
S23  Doomed to thaw
S24  Doomed to thaw

Mini-Posters (1:6 packs)

     Poison Ivy

Celluloid Action Cards (1:24 packs)

 1   Batman & Robin
 2   Freezemobile
 3   Poison Ivy
 4   Batgirl
 5   Bane
 6   Batman

Autographed Cards (1:720 packs, hobby only)

     Batman (George Clooney)
     Robin (Chris O'Donnell)
     Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone)
     Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
     Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman)
     Joel Schumacher

Kenner Collectibles (spin-off products)

K1   Blast Wing Batman
K2   Glacier Battle Robin
K3   Ice Terror Mr. Freeze
K4   Rooftop Pursuit Batman 


---  (Batman and Robin; oversized 2-1/2" x 4-3/4"; dealer promo)
---  Batman / Mr. Freeze (2-card panel, perforated, 5" x 4.75"; Kmart)

©1998-2000, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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