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Battle of Britain
    A & B C Cards - 1969
    Scanlens - 1969

Notes: These sets were issued following the release of the feature film of the same name. They show 
scenes from the film and fantastic shots of the ME109, Hurricane, and Spitfire fighters of World War II. 
The A&BC cards had orange borders and bear the caption "Daily Mirror," while the Scanlens 
version had yellow borders and the caption "London Daily Mirror." Thanks much to Ron Dowd for 
the checklist!

No.   Title                                                   Card Back Title or Daily Mirror Date

  1   British Troop Retreat From Dunkirk                      May 30th 1940
  2   M E 109's Wait for take off                             July 18th 1940
  3   Fire englulfs British fighter in France                 July 9th 1940
  4   German Envoy Offers A Negotiated Peace                  Battle Of Britain: Britain Going To Fight
  5   Goering arrives at Channel coast                        May 30th 1940
  6   Official Inspection of Invasion                         Bombers Preperation: Operation Sea Lion
  7   Luftwaffe pilots are briefed on coastal raid            July 18th 1940
  8   Heinkels strafe British shipping convoy                 August 9th 1940
  9   British Pilot Escapes Death After Dog-Fight             August 15th 1940
 10   Heinkle Bombs Dockyard Area At Portsmouth               August 13th 1940
 11   Heinkels fly in formation to bomb Tangmere              August 12th 1940
 12   Spitfires Litter Northwealde Airfield After Nazi raid   August 15th 1940
 13   Biggin Hill Fuel Truck Is Blown Up During A Raid        August 16th 1940
 14   Spitfires Attacked During A Surprise Raid               August 14th 1940
 15   Debris After A Feirce Raid On An AirField               Battle Of Britain: Phase 1 - 8-18 Aug 1940
 16   Manston: An RAF Hanger Flames During A Raid             Battle Of Britain: Phase 1 - 8-18 Aug 1940
 17   Nazi Pilots Briefed For a Dawn Raid                     Battle Of Britain: Phase 1 - 8-18 Aug 1940
 18   R.A.F. Pilots At The Ready For The Next Raid            August 19th 1940
 19   Two Hurricanes Return Home After Combat                 Hurricane 1 - Specifications
 20   A Messerschmitt Takes Off For Another Raid              August 17th 1940
 21   German Fighters Take Off For A Night Attack             August 23rd 1940
 22   A Messerschmitt dives out of the clouds                 August 22nd 1940
 23   Goering Watches A Raid On A Coastal Town                August 27th 1940
 24   Goering Watches Bombers Leave For A Raid                August 27th 1940
 25   The Observer Corps report sighting of fighters          Battle Of Britain: Phase 2 - 24 Aug 1940
 26   M E 109's in formation approach London                  August 28th 1940
 27   R.A.F. No. 11 Group wait for enemy planes               Battle Of Britain: Fighter Command
 28   A Heinkel Flies In For A Raid On the S.E. Area          Heinkle IIIK - Specifications
 29   SCRAMBLE: R.A.F. Pilots Run To Their Machines           August 26th 1940
 30   A Spitfire speeds out to engage the enemy raiders       Battle Of Britain: Phase 2 - 24 Aug 1940
 31   Messerschmitts swoop down on Dover                      August 29th 1940
 32   Squadrons of Hurricanes persue enemy planes             August 30th 1941
 33   Three Spitfires Turn To Engage In A Dog-Fight           August 31st 1940
 34   A Heinkel bursts into flames as it crashes              August 31st 1940
 35   Pilots scramble as bombs fall round the airfield        Battle Of Britain: Phase 2 - 24 Aug 1940
 36   Spitfires return home over the British coast            Phase 2 - 24 Aug 1940 - MAP
 37   German Troops Wait In France For The Invasion           Battle Of Britain: 31st August 1940
 38   A German Plane Limps Back Across The Channel            September 18th 1940
 39   Goering Demands To Know Why His Bombers Failed          Battle Of Britain: 28 Aug 1940
 40   THE LULL: As Goering Plans His Next Desperate Move      Battle Of Britain: 24 Aug - 16 Sept 1940
 41   LONDON BOMBED: Two Planes Empty Their Loads             Battle Of Britain: Operation Sea Lion
 42   Raiders bomb London factories                           September 3rd 1940
 43   The Blitz: The London Docks Blaze All Night Long        September 5th 1940
 44   Early morning briefing for German Heinkel pilots        September 9th 1940
 45   Another night of heavy bombing over London              September 9th 1940
 46   People salvage their belongings after the raid          September 7th 1940
 47   Heinkles Fly In Formation to bomb Tangmere              September 16th 1940
 48   At Sunset The Spitfires Lie Empty - But Not For Long    Battle Of Britain: 7 Sept 1940
 49   High in the sky a Spitfire swoops into the kill         September 10th 1940
 50   An A.A.gun crew get German bomber in their sights       September 13th 1940
 51   A Messerschmidt Escorts Bombers On A Raid               Messerschmidt 109E - Specifications
 52   Londoners Huddle Together During A Raid                 September 14th 1940
 53   Civil Defence Workers Search For Trapped Victims        September 14th 1940
 54   Magnificent Spitfires the Guardian of Britain           Spitfire I - Specifications
 55   Heroic Fire Fighters Work On During Blitz               September 14th 1940
 56   Londeners Forced To Leave Their Homes                   September 16th 1940
 57   A Nazi pilot parachutes from a blazing Heinkel          August 13th 1940
 58   A Mighty Hurricane On The Trail Of A ME 109             September 16th 1940
 59   A Heinkel flounders with one engine on fire             September 16th 1940
 60   An English pilot struggles to free himself              Battle of Britain: London Bombing
 61   Amidst the fires searchlights seek out the Nazis        August 9th 1940
 62   The German airfields defend themselves with A.A. guns   Battle of Britain: RAF Sorties to France
 63   British Air Controllers Briefed in New Tactics          Battle of Britain: Fighter Command
 64   Heinkels are uncovered for another raid                 Phase 2 - Sep 6 - Oct 5 1940 - MAP
 65   Messerschmitts take-off for another raid                September 19th 1940
 66   R.A.F. Triumphant In The Skies Over Europe              September 17th 1940

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