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Battle: The Story of World War II
   A&BC Cards - 1965

Note: Content for cards 1-53 is the same as cards in the Topps series.

No.   Title                      Subset

  1   "Fight to the Death"
  2   Attack on Pearl Harbor
  3   Execution at Dawn
  4   Grenade of Death
  5   Collision in the Sky
  6   Watery Doom
  7   Ambushing the General
  8   Death of a Frogman
  9   Hiding from the Nazis
 10   Medic under Fire
 11   Death Rides the Wing
 12   Death on the Bridge
 13   Death in the Street
 14   "Stop Those Planes"
 15   Dog Warrior
 16   The Ocean's Victims
 17   Attack on Nazi Convoy
 18   Jungle Duel
 19   Hand to Hand Combat
 20   Snipers in the Snow
 21   Saved in Time
 22   Stockade Attack
 23   Suicide Dive
 24   Trapped!
 25   Stopped by Grenades
 26   Blasting the Nazis
 27   Train of Death
 28   Caught While Escaping
 29   Smashing thru the Guards
 30   Cossack Charge
 31   Battlefront Transfusion
 32   Confession by Force
 33   Nazi Terror
 34   Saving His Buddies
 35   Terror from the Sky
 36   Helpless Paratrooper
 37   Jungle Execution
 38   School Bombing
 39   Death Blow
 40   The Flaming Sea
 41   Hospital Raiders
 42   Fiery Death
 43   Disaster in the Street
 44   The Torture Chamber
 45   Trainyard Bombing
 46   Assassin in the Sky
 47   Battle on the Beach
 48   Exploding Grenade
 49   Death Struggle
 50   Bomb Victims
 51   Tangled on a Tree
 52   Flames of Death
 53   Beautiful Spy
 54   Dunkirk
 55   Normandy Landing
 56   Ambush in Burma
 57   Crossing the Rhine
 58   Red Devils at Arnhem
 59   The Battle of Britain
 60   Alamein - Desert Rats
 61   British Sailor             Fighting Men of World War II
 62   Australian Soldier         Fighting Men of World War II
 63   British Pilot              Fighting Men of World War II
 64   Winston Churchill          Leaders of World War II
 65   U.S. Commando              Fighting Men of World War II
 66   Nazi Soldier               Fighting Men of World War II
 67   Charles DeGaulle           Leaders of World War II
 68   Gen. Dwight Eisenhower     Leaders of World War II
 69   Japanese Soldier           Fighting Men of World War II
 70   General Montgomery         Leaders of World War II
 71   Pres. Franklin Roosevelt   Leaders of World War II
 72   U.S. Marine                Fighting Men of World War II
 73   Battle Checklist

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