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Battlefield Earth (The Movie)
Upper Deck - 2000

Note:  This set definitely has a way-cool insert, the PowerDeck cards. Each "card"
is a mini-CD that contains the movie trailer, images and storyline about Jonnie and
Terl, a photo gallery, web links, and music. The contents of all PD CDs are the same;
only the surface labels are different. Each CD is enclosed in a plastic slip-sleeve.

Hobby box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.37 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail box: 36 packs of 3 cards.
Common sets: approximately 1.20 per box.

No.   Title                                   Subset

  1   I'm Sorry                               The Story
  2   Jonnie Mourns                           The Story
  3   Chrissie                                The Story
  4   The Dragon                              The Story
  5   Jonnie Fights                           The Story
  6   Rock & Carlo                            The Story
  7   Captured                                The Story
  8   Unsupervised Man-Animal                 The Story
  9   What's Going On Here?                   The Story
 10   Save the Going-Away Jokes for Later     The Story
 11   Jonnie Gets a Gun                       The Story
 12   I'll Be Damned                          The Story
 13   Human Processing Center                 The Story
 14   Hose Down                               The Story
 15   Feeding Time                            The Story
 16   Jonnie Unites the Humans                The Story
 17   Off Planet                              The Story
 18   Enslaved                                The Story
 19   Chaos!                                  The Story
 20   Escape?                                 The Story
 21   Psychlos                                The Story
 22   Drain Pipe Escape                       The Story
 23   Change of Plans                         The Story
 24   Let the Man-Animal Escape               The Story
 25   The Plan                                The Story
 26   Mutiny                                  The Story
 27   Meet Chirk                              The Story
 28   Raw Rat!                                The Story
 29   Captured Again                          The Story
 30   Man-Animals Can't Fly                   The Story
 31   Security Chief                          The Story
 32   Breaking & Entering                     The Story
 33   Do You Understand?                      The Story
 34   Counter-Attack                          The Story
 35   Another Test                            The Story
 36   Declaration of Independence             The Story
 37   Terl                                    The Story
 38   Killing Cows                            The Story
 39   Demonstration of Strength               The Story
 40   Surprise!                               The Story
 41   Tables Are Turned                       The Story
 42   Leverage, Leverage                      The Story
 43   Chrissie!                               The Story
 44   Strategic Deception                     The Story
 45   Collared                                The Story
 46   Ker                                     The Story
 47   Learning to Fly                         The Story
 48   Mining                                  The Story
 49   Friends on the Outside                  The Story
 50   Planning Revolt                         The Story
 51   Where Is Fort Knox?                     The Story
 52   Gold                                    The Story
 53   Gold Bounty                             The Story
 54   Gold Bars?                              The Story
 55   Terl's Gold                             The Story
 56   Alliance Formed                         The Story
 57   Dissension                              The Story
 58   Ker's Plan Fails                        The Story
 59   Who's Going to Psychlo?                 The Story
 60   The Future Race                         The Story
 61   Carlo Blows the Dome Open               The Story
 62   Terl's Defeat                           The Story
 63   Surrounded by Gold                      The Story
 64   Jonnie Goodboy Tyler - Barry Pepper     The Cast
 65   Carlo, Jonnie & Floyd                   The Cast
 66   Chrissie - Sabine Karsenti              The Cast
 67   Parson Staffer - Michael Byrne          The Cast
 68   Terl - John Travolta                    The Cast
 69   Ker - Forest Whitaker                   The Cast
 70   Chirk - Kelly Preston                   The Cast
 71   Psychlo Guard                           The Cast
 72   District Manager Zete - Michael Macrae  The Cast
 73   Jonnie & Terl--Early concept            Gallery
 74   Psychlo Blasters                        Gallery
 75   Control Bunker                          Gallery
 76   Corridor                                Gallery
 77   Earth: 3000 A.D.                        Gallery
 78   Psychlo Sketches                        Gallery
 79   Psychlo Buildings                       Gallery
 80   Human Zoo                               Gallery
 81   Statue                                  Gallery
 82   Model Shop                              Behind the Scenes
 83   Touch-Up                                Behind the Scenes
 84   Rehearsal                               Behind the Scenes
 85   Under Repair                            Behind the Scenes
 86   Action!                                 Behind the Scenes
 87   Becoming Psychlo                        Behind the Scenes
 88   Red Screen                              Behind the Scenes
 89   Psychlo Mark II                         Behind the Scenes
 90   Checklist


PowerDeck Cards (1:17 packs, Hobby boxes only)

PD1   Terl - John Travolta
PD2   Terl - John Travolta  [scarce]
PD3   Ker - Forest Whitaker
PD4   Jonnie Goodboy Tyler - Barry Pepper

Autograph Cards (200 each produced)

--    John Travolta
--    Forest Whitaker
--    Barry Pepper

MiniPoster (Box-topper)

--    Take Back the Planet

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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