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Battleship Gum
   Newport Products - 1938

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-3/8" x 2-7/8", with color artwork on fronts 
and descriptive text on backs. Wrappers invite collectors to build a Navy by 
"mounting cards on small wooden sticks grooved for bases." American Card 
Catalog reference is R20. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title                      Type

  1   U. S. S. Pennsylvania      Battleship - First Line
  2   U. S. S. California        Battleship - First Line
  3   U. S. S. West Virginia     Battleship - First Line
  4   U. S. S. Maryland          Battleship - First Line
  5   U. S. S. Mississippi       Battleship - First Line
  6   U. S. S. Nevada            Battleship - First Line
  7   U. S. S. New York          Battleship - First Line
  8   U. S. S. Texas             Battleship - First Line
  9   U. S. S. Arkansas          Battleship - First Line
 10   U. S. S. Memphis           Light Cruiser - First Line
 11   U. S. S. Raleigh           Light Cruiser - First Line
 12   U. S. S. Milwaukee         Light Cruiser - First Line
 13   U. S. S. Omaha             Light Cruiser - First Line
 14   U. S. S. Portland          Heavy Cruiser - First Line
 15   U. S. S. Indianapolis      Heavy Cruiser - First Line
 16   U. S. S. Augusta           Heavy Cruiser - First Line
 17   U. S. S. Chicago           Heavy Cruiser - First Line
 18   U. S. S. Northampton       Heavy Cruiser - First Line
 19   U. S. S. Pensacola         Heavy Cruiser - First Line
 20   U. S. S. Saratoga          Aircraft Carrier - First Line
 21   U. S. S. Langley           Aircraft Carrier - First Line
 22   U. S. S. Lexington         Aircraft Carrier - First Line
 23   Navy Planes                Flying in Formation
 24   Naaval Bombing Plane       Releasing Torpedo
 25   U. S. S. Childs            Destroyer - First Line
 26   U. S. S. Sicard            Destroyer - First Line
 27   U. S. S. Melville          Destroyer Tender
 28   U. S. S. Dobbin            Destroyer Tender
 29   U. S. S. Varracude (V1)    Fleet Submarine - First Line
 30   U. S. S. S-44              Fleet Submarine - First Line
 31   U. S. S. Argonaut (V4)     Fleet Submarine - Mine Laying Type
 32   U. S. S. Bushnell          Submarine Tender
 33   U. S. S. Holland           Submarine Tender
 34   Eagle Boats (1 to 60)      Patrol Vessels
 35   U. S. S. Tulsa             Patrol Vessel - Gunboat
 36   U. S. S. Guam              Patrol Vessel - River Gunboat
 37   U. S. S. Medusa            Repair Ship
 38   U. S. S. Vestal            Repair Ship
 39   U. S. S. Bridge            Supply Ship
 40   U. S. S. Brazos            Fleet Tender
 41   U. S. S. Nitro             Ammunition Ship
 42   U. S. S. Sirius            Cargo Ship
 43   U. S. S. Vega              Cargo Ship
 44   U. S. S. chaumont          Naval Transport
 45   U. S. S. Henderson         Naval Transport
 46   U. S. S. Kittery
 47   U. S. S. Relief            Hospital Ship
 48   U. S. S. Sandpiper         Mine Sweeper
 49   U. S. S. Vireo             Mine Sweeper
 50   U. S. S. Macon             Rigid Airship

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