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Bay City Rollers
    Topps/Trebor - 1975
    Scanlens - 1975

Notes:  Thanks much to Steve Carter for the initial checklist!  Chris Benjamin reported
in The Sport Americana Price Guide to the Non-Sports Cards that the bulk of the cards
were marketed in England, with packs distributed in the U.S. only in "Fun Packs," and
no display box has been reported. Test-distribution wrappers were white, while the
"regular" issue wrappers were red. The U.S. edition was printed on gray card stock, 
marked "Made and prntd. in U.S.A. for Trebor Maidstone." The Scanlens set for 
Australasia is on white card stock, marked "U.K. Trademark applied for." Thanks 
much to Sean Wright for the update!

Packs: 4 cards plus bubble gum.

No.   Title

  1   Rock Sensation
  2   Singing Star
  3   Rollin' On
  4   The Fab Five!
  5   Cool Group!
  6   The Rollers
  7   Success Sighted!
  8   Copter Trip
  9   Woody's Blues
 10   Fab Musicians
 11   Alan's Dream
 12   Groovy Group!
 13   Eric the Great!
 14   Call To Eric!
 15   Secret Wish
 16   Brushin' Up
 17   The Big Apple!
 18   A Sign Of Thanks!
 19   Taking It Easy!
 20   Break For Lunch!
 21   Big Rock Star!
 22   Alan Cracks Up!
 23   Singin' Pals!
 24   Eric Faulkner
 25   Alan Longmuir
 26   Les McKeown
 27   Derek Longmuir
 28   "Woody" Wood
 29   Cool Concert!
 30   Fab Songsters
 31   Concert Event!
 32   Ballad...To You
 33   Havin' A Ball!
 34   Roller Star!
 35   In New York!
 36   Take A Bow!
 37   Shoe Shopping!
 38   Down The Hatch!
 39   Time To Relax!
 40   Singin' Brothers
 41   Manhattan Fun!
 42   Take A Break!
 43   Concert Classic!
 44   Takin' Off!
 45   Hot Dog!
 46   Eric Relaxes
 47   Phone Freaks
 48   Midday Break!
 49   Happy Times!
 50   Rollers Hit N.Y.!
 51   Thinking Of You
 52   Sneaker City!
 53   Teen Idols!
 54   Visit to the U.S!.
 55   One More Time!
 56   Boss Guitar!
 57   Camera Catcher!
 58   Real Cool Cat!
 59   Rockin' Rollers!
 60   Up And Away!
 61   Beat Those Drums!
 62   That's Show Biz!
 63   Pop Idol!
 64   Best-Dressed Feet!
 65   Hello, World!
 66   'Till Next Time!

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©2001, 2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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