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Beanie Trading Cards, Series A Set 1
   Beanie Accessories - 1998

Notes:  There were two sets produced for Series A, but no Series B was
produced. The cards were issues as a factory set in a plastic case with a
"name tag" attached, to keep with the Beanies theme. Cards were not
numbered.  Thanks much to Michael Kartchner for the tip, and to Beanilad 
for the list of names!


 --   Beanie Trading Cards Series A Set 1 (Title Card)
 --   Bessie: Birthdate 6-27-95
 --   Goldie
 --   Hippity
 --   Inch
 --   Inky
 --   Legs
 --   Roary
 --   Rover
 --   Snort
 --   Speedy
 --   Spinner
 --   Strut
 --   Teddy (new face Brown)
 --   Tuffy
 --   Zip

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