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BeanieCards for Collectors - Series 1
B & B Trading Ltd. - 1998

Notes:  This set was not a product of Ty Inc., nor is there any indication that
it was licensed by Ty. The cards were released right when Ty was scaling up
to produce cards of its own. The theme is to describe the history of specific
Beanie Babies and the market, giving trivia on distribution, retirements, etc.,
and thus is different from the theme of the sets issued by Ty/Cyrk.  I suspect
that because these cards are so hard to find, Ty took steps to protect their
trademarks and to stop distribution.

Box: 48 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 6.87 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                Beanie Status

101   Baldy the Eagle                      Retired
102   Bessie the Tan & White Cow           Retired
103   Batty the Bat                        Retired
104   Claude the Tie-dye Crab
105   Derby the Horse
106   Ally the Alligator                   Retired
107   Erin the Green Bear                  Special
108   Fleece the Napped Lamb
109   Flip the White Cat                   Retired
110   Floppity the Lavender Bunny          Retired
111   Series 1
112   Gobbles the Turkey
113   Weenie the Dachshund                 Retired
114   Grunt the Red razorback              Retired / Rare
115   Hippity the Mint Green Bunny         Retired
116   Hissy the Coiled Snake
117   Hoppity the Light Pink Bunny         Retired
118   Iggy the Dark Iguana                 Mistake
119   Smooch the Green Frog
120   Maple the Canadian Teddy             Limited
121   Mystic the Iridescent horn Unicorn
122   Digger the Orange Crab               Retired / Rare
123   Garcia the Tie-dye Bear              Retired
124   Peanut the Light blue elephant       Retired
125   Puffer the Puffin
126   Rainbow the Chameleon                Mistake
127   Rex the Tyrannosaurus                Retired / Rare
128   Righty the USA flag elephant         Retired
129   Scoop the Pelican
130   Snowball the Snowman                 Retired
131   Sparky the Dalmatian Dog             Retired
132   Spooky the Ghost                     Retired
133   Iinky the Pink Octopus               Retired
134   Sting the Sting ray/Manta ray        Retired
135   Stretch the Ostrich
136   Teenie Snort the Red Bull            Teenie / Retired
137   Teddy 1997 the Brown Teddy           Retired / Rare
138   Chops the Lamb                       Teenie / Retired
139   Patti the Platypus                   Teenie / Retired
140   Pinky the Flamingo                   Teenie / Retired
141   Quacks the Yellow Duck               Teenie / Retired
142   Seamore the White Seal               Teenie / Retired
143   Chocolate the Moose                  Teenie / Retired
144   Goldie the Orange fish               Teenie / Retired
145   Speedy the Turtle                    Teenie / Retired
146   Liz the Lizard                       Teenie / Retired
147   Lizzy the Tie Dye Lizard             Retired
148   Bernie the St. Bernard Dog
149   Blizzard the Black and White Tiger   Retired
150   Bubbles the Yellow & Black Fish      Retired
151   Bruno the Terrier Dog
152   Chops the Lamb                       Retired
153   Chip the Calico Cat
154   Freckles the Leopard
155   Humphrey the Camel                   Retired


Special Limited Edition (Gold-Foil Stamped) Cards (1:8 packs)

#1    Tobascofiasco
#2    Special Spot
#3    Cat-tastrophe
#4    Technicolor Joseph
#5    Princess
#6    Rainin Dogs
#7    Garcia 2 Peace
#8    Doodle de Don't
#9    Salute to America

©2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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