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The Beatles
Sports Time - 1996

Note: Thanks much to LMA, Steve Kitsberg, Marcia Fanchin, Fred Young, Dave 
Foster, Jenny, and William James for updates! Steve reports that there were numerous 
"overrun" cards without numbers, which periodically show up in the aftermarket.

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.16 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title

  1   Still unequaled is The Beatles' chart dominance in the
  2   A moody 1965 shot by Robert Freeman, one of The Beatles
  3   Early Beatles photographer Dezo Hoffmann captured this
  4   The Beatles showcased their wide rock 'n' roll repertoi
  5   The first of the three "Beatles Anthology," issued in N
  6   Live from Miami Beach, The Beatles make their second hi
  7   The Beatles donned their "Sgt. Pepper" uniforms for the
  8   The Beatles take a break from recording "The Inner Ligh
  9   "Fabulous" and other British teen magazines ate up shot
 10   "A Hard Day's Night," The Beatles' first movie with dir
 11   A July 2, 1963, Dezo Hoffmann shot of The Beatles strol
 12   In the midst of a March '63 tour with Chris Montez and
 13   Bob Whitaker took this dignified portrait March 25, 196
 14   The 1965 film "Help!" parodied the spy movie craze with
 15   With triumphant tours of Europe, Australia and America
 16   An Ethan Russell shot of the Fab Four during their last
 17   Celebrating "I Want to Hold Your Hand" hitting No. 1 in
 18   Bob Whitaker, who took some of the most unusual Beatles
 19   This unusually atmospheric 1962 Peter Kaye shot sees Th
 20   Beatlemania was making headlines all over England when
 21   The Beatles mark their first official recording session
 22   part of The Beatles' charm was a casual style that igno
 23   This Dezo Hoffmann shot shows The Beatles running throu
 24   Just about a week after The Beatles returned from their
 25   Their fame in Britain was growing by leaps and bounds w
 26   Over the top? Maybe, but The Beatles would occasionally
 27   Another gritty '62 Peter Kaye publicity shot shows The
 28   This acrobatic March 5, 1963, pose for EMI photographer
 29   This lighthearted shot of the Fab Four from April '63 i
 30   Blocks of polystyrene were among the props used by inve
 31   One of the last shots ever taken of The Beatles from th
 32   This January 1967 publicity shot for the "Penny Lane"/"
 33   The "Revolution" promotional video, taped September 4,
 34   Dawning of a new age: the mustached Beatles in an early
 35   Any way you ook at it, The Beatles were quite photogeni
 36   John Lennon's Littenhurst Park estate was the setting f
 37   Bob Whitaker photographed The Beatles during the May 19
 38   Photographer Bob Whitaker came along for the filming of
 39   The Beatles took a break from sessions for the White Al
 40   During a day long July 28, 1968, photo shoot, The Beatl
 41   The Dezo Hoffmann collarless suit shots from April 1963
 42   Dezo Hoffmann captured the Fab Four in a variety of Lon
 43   The Beatles were seen by an estimated 73 million viewer
 44   Paris was plastered with Beatles posters when the group
 45   Robert Freeman took this portrait before a mural at Twi
 46   Recording "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You" in their f
 47   Two days after finishing work on the "Abbey Road" album
 48   The Beatles put on their old gray collarless suits for
 49   Believe it or not, the clean-cut Fab Four were consider
 50   A November 25, 1963 visit to Granada Television in Manc
 51   On a July 2, 1963, London walkabout for photographer De
 52   It takes a Beatle to give a Beatle haircut - at least,
 53   Among the most popular early images of The Beatles were
 54   Buckingham Palace scenes for The Beatles' second film,
 55   In their last live TV performance before an audience, T
 56   Between 1964 and 1966, The Beatles played three world t
 57   Popping up out of their psychedelic bus for photographe
 58   Dezo Hoffmann captured The Beatles' energy in this pict
 59   The Beatles topped the bill of the November 4, 1963, Ro
 60   The Beatles traveled by boat on the River Thames to thi
 61   The Beatles played a three-week engagement in Paris in
 62   Dezo Hoffmann took this shot during the February 11, 19
 63   The Beatles are caught here by photographer Dezo Hoffma
 64   Their clever quips instantly won over the press when Th
 65   An August 22, 1962, lunchtime Cavern Club performance f
 66   Vive Les Beatles! The Fab Four joke around in French co
 67   A March 28, 1965, taping marked the Beatles' last appea
 68   This April 4, 1963, Dezo Hoffmann shot of The Beatles w
 69   Dezo Hoffmann catches Paul McCartney getting his 21st b
 70   The Beatles get back to where they once belonged - perf
 71   Paul McCartney was so proud of his Mark I Cortina that
 72   The Fab Four made up the entire panel picking the music
 73   The Beatles play peek-a-boo in the flowerbed at St. Pan
 74   Advance sales of The Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love" singl
 75   Taking a global approach to the message "All You Need I
 76   The Beatles post August 22, 1969, in a paddock of high
 77   Posing by a cypress tree on John Lennon's estate on Aug
 78   Making like musclemen during a July 27, 1963 visit to t
 79   A May 19, 1967, press party at Beatles manager Brian Ep
 80   Go-karting for photographer Dezo Hoffmann during a July
 81   Wearing uniforms tailored for them by Burman's Theatric
 82   Dressed like Eskimos here, The Beatles participated in
 83   George Harrison came up with one of his best-loved song
 84   The Beatles sit on the steps of historic Cliveden House
 85   The Beatles quickly became favorites with Britain's tee
 86   The year 1963 saw The Beatles release four singles and
 87   A masterpiece in the making: recording "Sgt. Pepper's L
 88   The "With The Beatles" album had just come out when The
 89   The windblown look achieved with a fan in this July 28,
 90   Old Beatle pal Klaus Voormann designed the "Anthology 2
 91   "Baby, you can drive my car". This February 15, 1967, D
 92   A Bob Whitaker shot of The Beatles at Chiswick House an
 93   Still unequaled is The Beatles' Chart Dominance in the
 94   The Beatles filming a November 25, 1963, appearance on
 95   The Beatles' second album in Britain, "With The Beatles
 96   Checklist Card #1
 97   Checklist Card #2
 98   Checklist Card #3
 99   Checklist Card #4
100   Checklist Card #5


Gold Record (Foil-Stamped) Cards (1:7 packs)

  1   Please Please Me
  2   With The Beatles
  3   A Hard Day's Night
  4   Beatles for Sale
  5   Help!
  6   Rubber Soul
  7   Revolver
  8   Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  9   Magical Mystery Tour
 10   The White Album
 11   Abbey Road
 12   Let It Be

Signature Series (24-kt Gold) Cards (1:144 packs)

  1   John Lennon
  2   Paul McCartney
  3   George Harrison
  4   Ringo Starr

Magical Mystery Tour (Day-Glow) Cards (1:36 packs)

  1   The "I am the Walrus" segment of The Beatles' "Magical
  2   Directing themselves, The Beatles shot the script-less
  3   The "Your Mother Should Know" finale of "Magical Myster
  4   In "Magical Mystery Tour", seen in Britain on December
  5   Filming on the perimeter road and runway of an unused a

Meet The Beatles (Digicolor) Cards (1:14 packs)

  1      Wearing the trademark grey ...
  2      I wanted to portray ...
  3      Just before recording ...
  4      At manager Brian Epstein's behest...
  5      The Beatles were the first...
  6      This late '64...
  7      The dozen giant white arrows ...
  8      Early Beatles Publicity
  9      A July '63 visit to the beach
 10      The Beatles' June '64 tour ...

Beatlebilia "Promo Card" and Checklist (1 per box)

 --      Win Vintage Beatles Memorabilia!

Beatlebilia (Redemption Cards, numbered to 100)

  1      (Beatles Autographed Photo)
  2- 3   (Sets of Original Beatles Autographs)
  4- 7   (Original Beatles Gumball Machine & Charms)
  8-15   (Complete Beatles CD and Video Collection)
 16-25   (Original Beatles Concert Tickets)
 26-40   (Beatles Tour Jackets)
 41-60   (Beatles Tour Jacket)
61-100   (Beatles Nostalgia Packs)

4-Card Panel Case-Toppers

  --     (at least 12 different)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --     (binder)

23-kt Gold Cards (sold separately by Bleachers)

  --     Abbey Road
  --     Beatles For Sale


P1    (Dealer promo and conventions)
--    (Prize List Card, conventions; in cello with P1)

Blockbuster Promo Set (with sale of Beatles Anthology Collection)

 --    (Cover card)
  1    It takes a Beatle to give a Beatle haircut - at least,
  2    Over the top? Maybe, but The Beatles would occasionally
  3    Although in Paris ...
  4    Wearing uniforms tailored for them by Burman's Theatric
  5    Taking a break ...
  6    Besides playing ...
  7    The windblown look achieved with a fan in this July 28,
  8    The Beatles get back to where they once belonged - perf

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