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Beatles Movie - "A Hard Day's Night"
Topps - 1964

Note: Thanks much to Pete Porco for the checklist!

No.   Card Text

  1   There were always spectators on the set of A HARD
  2   All the boys proved to skeptics that they had fine
  3   The Beatles left the studio sets to film this scen
  4   Here's a close-up of George Harrison
  5   John Lennon and Geroege Harrison chat on the set a
  6   Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr pose in front of th
  7   Don't get excited!
  8   In this candid snapshot, George Harrison of the fa
  9   Paul gets set to dance with the young actress that
 10   Ringo Starr is having a one-way conversation with
 11   Paul is snapped in a reflective mood on the set of
 12   Ringo gets some last minute instruction from a mov
 13   "Quiet on the Set," is the cry from the director.
 14   Look out, because here comes another Beatle!
 15   Here's one of the wildest scenes from A HARD DAY'S
 16   It's early morning and most people are still fast
 17   Ringo Starr speaks to a young admirer in a scene f
 18   George, John, Paul and Ringo get some last minute
 19   Paul's Grandfather is the villain in A HARD DAY'S
 20   Who is the man in the beard?
 21   Beatles... Beatles... everywhere!
 22   One of the funniest sequences in A HARD DAY'S NIGH
 23   Here comes the big fight scene.
 24   Paul gets a call from his song publisher on the se
 25   Ringo takes a coffee break on the set of A HARD DA
 26   The final chore for the boys was to make a trailer
 27   Paul, Ringo and George are getting ready to shoot
 28   Ringo looks a little unhappy, according to the scr
 29   Ringo Starr is in trouble with the police...but in t
 30   The Beatles get their famous hair combed just befo
 31   Meet the Beatles.
 32   In A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, Ringo Starr disappears, and
 33   John Lennon gets ideas for new songs almost everyw
 34   Beatle George Harrison poses for a publicity shot.
 35   Beatle George Harrison takes a welcome break betwe
 36   Paul McCartney is on a train in this scene from A
 37   Paul McCartney, in his movie debut, is dressed as
 38   In the Beatles' first movie, Ringo Starr makes his
 39   The Beatles are onstae in The Scala Theatre in Soh
 40   John, Paul, George and Ringo are getting set to ru
 41   In this scene from A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, it is just
 42   Movie grandfather John McCartney is going to work
 43   John Lennon has met Paul's grandfather for the fir
 44   Paul McCartney has his eye on his grandfather in t
 45   A HARD DAY'S NIGHT starring The Beatles, presents
 46   Ringo Starr has quit the Beatles!
 47   Which one is the real Beatle?
 48   Popular Beatle John Lennon poses for publicity sho
 49   The Beatles are actors now and they mug it up for
 50   Here come all four Beatles on the dead run.
 51   Beatles George Harrison relaxes in his dressing ro
 52   Paul McCartney holds a clapboard on the set of A H
 53   In this scene from A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, Paul, John,
 54   The Beatles are on stage during a live television
 55   The Beatles are about to board a train and this is

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