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The Beatles Plaks
   Topps - 1964

Notes: "plaks" measure 2-1/2" x 4-11/16" and are finished in simulated woodgrain. 
Backs feature instructions to hook plaks into a chain. (Excluded are backs for cards 
25, 35, 40, 50, 55). American Card Catalog reference is R710-8C. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   I Dig the Beatles
  2   Paul, John, George, Ringo
  3   Seal of Approval Beatles Are OK
  4   The Beatles for Congress
  5   Ringo! Ringo! Ringo!!
  6   Beatles 4 Ever
  7   Love That Ringo
  8   The Greatest Ever
  9   I Love You
 10   George Harrison
 11   The Chairmen of the Board
 12   The Beatles are the gear
 13   Paul Is All
 14   John! John!! John!!!
 15   Keep the Beatles Here
 16   Go-Go-Go with Ringo
 17   Beatles!!! Beatles!!! Beatles!!
 18   Hail The Beatles
 19   I Pledge Allegiance to the Beatles
 20   John Lennon
 21   The Worlds Fairest
 22   Thank You England
 23   John Sends Me
 24   I Have Beatlemania
 25   Beatles
 26   George is Gorgeous
 27   John is Fab!
 28   I Love the Beatles
 29   Beatles You're Beautiful
 30   The Boys from Liverpool are Real Cool
 31   Hats Off to the Beatles
 32   The 8th Wonder of the World The Beatles
 33   I Go Ape for the Beatles
 34   Paul Is the Living End
 35   Smile The Beatles Are Singing
 36   Next to Me, I Love the Beatles
 37   Paul McCartney
 38   I Flip for George
 39   I'm Hooked on the Beatles
 40   Stamp Out Everyone Who Wants to Stamp Out the Beatles
 41   I Flip My Beatles Wig
 42   Paul! Paul!! Paul!!!
 43   A Gas
 44   Ringo Is the Cutest
 45   George! George!! George!
 46   The Beatles Are Real Boss
 47   Ringo Starr
 48   Fab! Fab! Fab!
 49   Never Leave Me
 50   Silence I'm listening to the Beatles
 51   The U.S.A. Wants You to Stay
 52   The Beatles Are Happening
 53   Ringo for Kingo
 54   Yeah Yeah Yeak
 55   Think How Wonderful The Beatles Are

--    Uncut Proof Sheets (sold through Topps Vault)

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