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American Beauties & Cuties
   Kitchen Sink Press - 1995

Notes: This 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", boxed set includes color artwork by Drew Friedman and 
descriptive text on card backs, for a variety of unusual human characters.

No.            Title                Occupation

one            Leo                  Accordionist
two            Ruth                 Newspaper heiress
three          Lyle                 Unknown
four           Roberta              Greeter at Wal-Mart
five           Victor               Seashell collector
six            Candy                Bowling hostess
seven          Chaz                 Retired chef
eight          Ursula               Roller coaster operator (retired)
nine           Hy                   Elevator operator
ten            Dorothy              Cleaning lady
eleven         Larvis, aka "King"   Musician
twelve         Michelle             Manicurist
thirteen       Ed                   Appliance repairman
fourteen       Brenda               Homemaker
fifteen        Nate                 Wax lips sculptor
sixteen        Flo                  cigarette factory worker
seventeen      Tim                  Unemployed
eighteen       Deb                  Receptionist
nineteen       Dong                 Head waiter
twenty         Inez                 Used-shoe store sales lady
twenty-one     Colin                Nurse
twenty-two     Grace                Laundromat cashier
twenty-three   Bob                  Postal worker
twenty-four    Olive                Fortune-teller
twenty-five    Jimmy                Irish tenor
twenty-six     Fannie               Teacher
twenty-seven   Ezra                 Retired barber
twenty-eight   Tessie               Dog groomer
twenty-nine    Benny, aka "Barbo"   Birthday clown
thirty         Edna                 Dog walker
thirty-one     Douglas              Botanist
thirty-two     Mona                 Typing teacher
thirty-three   Jimbo                Retired bank dick
thirty-four    Rod                  CPA
thirty-five    Spencer              Men's clothing salesman
thirty-six     Sophie               Wife

     --        The Ed Wood, Jr. Collector Cards by Drew Friedman

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