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Beauty & the Beast (Disney)
Pro Set - 1992

Note:  Also distributed as a factory set.  Color-In and Magic Mirror cards are
usually considered part of the regular set. Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz
for the corrections!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 Color-In card + 1 Magic Mirror Card.
Common sets: approx. 3.84 per box if collation were perfect.
Color-In and Magic Mirror sets: approximately 3.6 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Love's Magic Tale
  2   The Selfish Prince
  3   A Terrible Spell
  4   An Enchanted Rose
  5   A Peculiar Mademoiselle
  6   Books and Big Dreams
  7   A Braggart's Boast
  8   Positively Primevil!
  9   A Fine Invention
 10   A Fond Farewell!
 11   Lost in the Woods
 12   Hunted by Wolves!
 13   A Narrow Escape!
 14   An Odd Welcoming Committee
 15   An Angry Host!
 16   Wedding Bells for Belle?
 17   Gaston Pops the Question
 18   A Spurned Suitor
 19   Belle's Dreams
 20   Belle's Adventure Begins
 21   Papa, Where Are You?
 22   There's a Girl in the Castle!
 23   Belle Finds Her Father
 24   A Brave Bargain
 25   Heartbroken Prisoner
 26   Gaston's Boasts
 27   A Cry for Help!
 28   No Help in Sight
 29   An Evil Plan
 30   No Date for Dinner
 31   Etiquette Lessons for the Beast
 32   A Rough Beginning
 33   A Hopeless Moment
 34   A Midnight Snack
 35   Entertainment a la Carte
 36   The Show Goes On
 37   Happy to Serve Again
 38   The Grand Finale
 39   A Strange Discovery
 40   An Angry Meeting
 41   Danger in the Forest
 42   A Surprise Rescuer
 43   A Moment of Trust
 44   A Vicious Plot
 45   A Precious Gift
 46   A Tender Lesson in Manners
 47   Something Different
 48   New Feelings
 49   Quiet, Happy Hours
 50   A Big Night Ahead
 51   A "Belle Mademoiselle"
 52   A Handsome Beast
 53   An Enchanted Dance
 54   Song as Old as Rhyme
 55   Bad News in the Mirror
 56   A Family Reunion
 57   A Little Stowaway
 58   the Villains Strike!
 59   The Beast is Revealed
 60   Gaston Incites the Mob
 61   Gaston's Prisoners
 62   The Mob Attacks
 63   Cogsworth in Command
 64   Hot Water for the Invaders
 65   Top-Drawer Maneuvers
 66   A Victory Cheer
 67   Gaston's Treachery
 68   Chip Starts Chopping
 69   A Beloved Face
 70   End of a Villain
 71   Words of Love
 72   The Spell is Broken
 73   Human Again!
 74   Another Dance
 75   And of Course ...

Color-In Cards (1 per pack)

 C1   Belle / Beast
 C2   Chip / Mrs. Potts
 C3   Lumiere / Feather Duster
 C4   Cogsworth / Belle
 C5   Belle / Beast
 C6   Lumiere / Feather Duster
 C7   Belle / Beast
 C8   Chip / Mrs. Potts
 C9   Philippe / Cogsworth
 C10  Beast / Maurice

Magic Mirror Cards (1 per pack)



Card Album

--    (Binder)


Cello-Wrapped Set (Insert in Pro Set Gazette)

--   (Beast holding Beauty's hand)
--   (Dancing scene)
--   (Belle and Gaston)
--   (At fireplace)
--   (Belle and Beast dancing)

53   (different back design; mini-portrait shows Belle and Beast)

©1999-2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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