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La Bella e la Bestia
Beauty and the Beast
La Belle et la Bête
Belle en het Beest
Upper Deck - 1992

Notes:  This set was printed in Italy, in at least two versions: one with Italian and 
English text, and one with French and Dutch text.  The card descriptions below use 
the English text. Thanks much to Greg Jernigan for the update!

Box: 30 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.51 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   English Text/Character                           Type

  1   Belle
  2   Beast
  3   Gaston
  4   Maurice
  5   Lefou
  6   Mrs. Potts
  7   Chip
  8   Lumiere
  9   Cogsworth
 10   In this set there are 198 cards including chara  Exchange Card
 11   In this set there are 198 cards including chara  Exchange Card
 12   In this set there are 198 cards including chara  Exchange Card
 13   As you build your collection you can keep the c  Exchange Card
 14   Once upon a time in a faraway land a young Prin
 15   But then one winter's night, an old beggar woma
 16   Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince
 17   And when he sent her away, the old woman's ugli
 18   And as punishment she transformed him into a hi
 19   The enchantress then held up the rose. "This ro
 20   The only way to break the spell was to earn ano
 21   Far away from where the castle now lay hidden w
 22   She was so lovely that when she walked through
 23   She never noticed their stares, for she was alw
 24   Though others laughed at him, Belle knew he wou
 25   Until she and her father could move away, she w
 26   Gaston was a fine, handsome hunter. Tall and mu
 27   And though he was admired by all of the young w
 28   As Belle walked through the town square one day
 29   "She's the most beautiful girl in town, is she
 30   Gaston grabbed Belle's book out of her hand. "I
 31   "Please, Gaston," she pleaded while struggling
 32   But before she could say anything else she hear
 33   Belle's house! She raced home and yanked open t
 34   "Are you alright Papa?" Belle screamed. "'I'll
 35   Belle helped her father load his invention, now
 36   As Philippe, the family horse, trotted down the
 37   "Uh, we'd better turn around..." Maurice said w
 38   Philippe became scared, and let out a tremendou
 39   "Whoa, Philippe!" Maurice yelled, but he couldn
 40   Maurice turned and ran. In the distance he noti
 41   Slowly the gate creaked open and he saw the lig
 42   "Who said that?" Maurice asked. He felt somethi
 43   The clock seemed to be talking to Maurice. "I a
 44   Suddenly the candelabra spoke with a welcoming
 45   "Come warm yourself by the fire," Lumiere sugge
 46   A tea cart rolled into the room with a teapot n
 47   WHAM! The door flew open. "What are you doing h
 48   Meanwhile in the village, Gaston and Lefou walk
 49   Behind them on the road was a priest, a brass b
 50   "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank yo
 51   "I'd better go in there and propose to the girl
 52   She put down her book, went to the door, and op
 53   "Belle, this is the day your dreams come true!
 54   "Gaston, I'm speechless! I don't know what to s
 55   She found the doorknob and pushed. As the door
 56   "Imagine me, the wife of that brainless fool,"
 57   Suddenly she heard a familiar noise off in the
 58   She ran towards him, crying out, "Philippe! Wha
 59   She leapt on Philippe, and galloped down the ro
 60   "Papa?" she called out as she entered the immen
 61   Cogsworth was frozen with surprise. "She's here
 62   Belle reached the stairs. When she saw Lumiere'
 63   Maurice said, "I don't know how you found me Be
 64   "Who are you?" Belle asked. Softly, the Beast s
 65   "You would take his place?" he asked. "If I did
 66   She looked up at him with tearful eyes. "I'll n
 67   "The castle's your home now, so you can go anyw
 68   "Invite her to dinner!" Lumiere whispered to th
 69   Belle threw herself on the bed and sobbed. If t
 70   Back in the village, in a noisy tavern, Gaston
 71   Suddenly, the tavern door swung open with a lou
 72   Help! he cried out, his face pale with terror.
 73   Gaston pulled Lefou aside. "We'll help you alri
 74   Meanwhile, at the castle there was a sudden kno
 75   The teacup looked up at the teapot and said, "I
 76   "We all think so," Wardrobe agreed. "It'll turn
 77   "Ah, you'll look ravishing in this at dinner,"
 78   The table was set with the finest china. Mrs. P
 79   The Beast growled, "What is taking her so long!
 80   Lumiere added, "Master, have you thought that p
 81   KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Someone was at the door. B
 82   The Beast bellowed as he pounded on Belle's doo
 83   The Beast changed his voice, and asked, "It wou
 84   That was all the Beast could take. "FINE!" he y
 85   Later that night, Belle sneaked out of her room
 86   She walked quietly down the stairs. It wasn't h
 87   Cogsworth was there with Mrs. Potts, and an ang
 88   Belle told them that she was a little hungry. M
 89   Smiling, Lumiere gracefully escorted Belle into
 90   "Out, this is France," Lumiere said. "There's b
 91   He acted like the master of ceremonies at a sho
 92   They sang, "You're a guest, a pretty mademoisel
 93   Belle shouted out, "Bravo! That was wonderful,"
 94   Strutting proudly, he led her on a tour of the
 95   Cogsworth and Lumiere were so involved in descr
 96   Belle spun around and ran back to the West Wing
 97   But when she got to the top, she stopped. Befor
 98   At the end of the corridor was an enormous wood
 99   Inside the room Belle noticed the rose, droopin
100   The petals were so delicate, so beautiful. Bell
101   The Beast roared as he leapt in front of Belle.
102   The Beast yelled, "I told you never to come in
103   Belle wasted no time in getting out, out of the
104   Belle felt a rush of happiness as she plunged i
105   With angry growls, the wolves attacked Philippe
106   She scrambled away, grabbing a thick branch, sw
107   Belle was startled when she saw that it was the
108   Belle realized that she couldn't leave the Beas
109   In the castle's grand hall, Belle nursed the Be
110   Belle replied quickly, "If you hadn't frightene
111   "By the way, thank you for saving my life," sai
112   At that same time, Gaston and Lefou walked towa
113   But5 Gaston didn't know that Maurice had gone t
114   Snow had fallen during the night. The blanket o
115   Her recent kindness and attention had brought o
116   Belle opened her eyes, and they sparkled with d
117   Belle stared in awe. "I can't believe it. I've
118   Soon, things began to change between Belle and
119   The Beast was actually learning how to have fun
120   But how? Not just any old way. He had to create
121   Later that day the Beast began to prepare for h
122   The transformation was incredible! When the Bea
123   Majestically, Belle appeared at the top of the
124   In a bright blue tuxedo which matched his eyes,
125   The Beast was stunned by Belle's extraordinary
126   Swirling Belle into a waltz, the Beast lifted h
127   Mrs. Potts and Chip looked on happily as Belle
128   The Beast knew that this was the moment of trut
129   She answered "Yes!" But the Beast could sense s
130   Without a word he led her up to his room in the
131   Belle held up the mirror. "I'd like to see my f
132   When the being looked up, Belle saw her father.
133   The Beast swallowed hard as he saw Belle's tear
134   The Beast thought to himself, "Her father needs
135   Soon the last petals would fall off. If he let
136   The Beast said the words he knew would seal his
137   Belle thanked him as she ran out the door, but
138   Belle clutched the mirror to her chest. "Thank
139   Belle was relieved her father was still alive w
140   When they got to their cottage, Belle instantly
141   He gave Belle a blank stare. Then, slowly, he s
142   As Belle joyfully hugged her father, she notice
143   Meanwhile, outside, a wooden wagon with the wor
144   The man said, "I am Monsieur d'Arque, and I've
145   Suddenly Gaston stepped out of the shadows, and
146   Gaston shrugged his shoulders at Belle's refusa
147   Standing on the front steps Belle shouted out,
148   Belle spoke to the mirror. "Show me the Beast!"
149   Jealously Gaston said to Belle, "If I didn't kn
150   He ordered the men to lock both Belle and her f
151   Before the door slammed shut the last thing Bel
152   Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts were mopping
153   But soon their happy expressions were turned to
154   All of the castle's objects began running into
155   Mrs. Potts sprinted to the Beast's lair, where
156   Gaston and the townspeople were ramming the doo
157   BOOM!! The sound of another battering-ram. "Kil
158   The attackers suddenly felt uneasy in the silen
159   As his men fought against the castle objects, G
160   Back at the cottage, Maurice's invention stood
161   Maurice looked out the window in the cellar doo
162   Maurice called out to Philippe, "Take us to the
163   He inched closer to the closed door, and pulled
164   It sliced through the air and landed in the Bea
165   Gaston shouted at the Beast to get up as he gra
166   He hit the Beast repeatedly. A few more inches
167   A scream rang out from below, "NOOOO!" The voic
168   Gaston glared at the Beast's head. "YEEAAHH!" h
169   He backed away as the Beast slowly rose to his
170   With a swipe of his long arm, he whacked the cl
171   The words "Kill him!" raced through the Beast's
172   But whatever the reason, he let go of Gaston, s
173   She was the most beautiful sight the Beast coul
174   It was too late. Gaston was lunging towards him
175   The Beast turned to face Belle. She ran to him
176   Suddenly there was a sound of clattering footst
177   The Beast uttered "Maybe it's better this way,"
178   For a moment, all was quiet. Then something rem
179   The Prince rose to his feet. It all came back t
180   Long, strong fingers remained where a mangled p
181   One look at Belle's face was enough to give him
182   Belle looked at him, startled for a moment.. Sh
183   With a radiant smile, Belle ran into the open a
184   As suddenly as the Beast changed, so did the ca
185   In a swirl of light ande colors, Lumiere became
186   Continuing the transformation that was occurrin
187   The lovable Mrs. Potts turned back into the plu
188   The young Prince saw all of his old friends aro
189   The footstool, now a happy dog, played with Chi
190   Cogsworth and Lumiere stood together. "The spel
191   All over the castle, the Prince could hear soun
192   In one last burst of magic, everyone was whiske
193   As Belle and the Prince swirled around the ball
194   For years Belle had thought that fairy tales co
195   But as Belle looked at the adoring eyes of her
196   Again they embraced. This time their kiss broke
197   And Belle and the Prince lived happily ever aft
198 their majestic castle..


Hologram Cards

---  Foreground: Belle with bucket - Background: Cottage
---  Foreground: Gaston drawing bow - Background: Castle
---  Foreground: Belle and Gaston with book - Background: town center
---  Foreground: Belle with horse Philippe and wagon - Background: Sky
---  Foreground: Belle and Beast (card 53) - Background: Castle and skylines
---  Foreground: Lumiere and friends - Background: Belle and Wardrobe
---  Foreground: Gaston and Belle over fallen Beast - Background: Beast
---  Foreground: Philippe and Belle dance - Background: dance floor
---  Foreground: Philippe and Belle - Background: Dancing ever after (card 75)

Card Album (sold separately)

---  (binder)

©2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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