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Beer Can Trading Cards
American Limited Edition
   Heritage Trading Cards - 1993

Notes: Distributed as a complete set in collector box. 8000 sets made. Thanks to Chad 
Everhart for the assistance!

 No.    Title                                                            Brewer                                       Date

   1    Dobler Ale                                                       Dobler Brewing CO.                           1953
   2    Schmit's Tiger Head Ale                                          C. Schmidt and Sons                          1978
   3    Old Dutch Brand, the Good Beer                                   Pittsburgh Brewing Co.                       1978
   4    Play Mate Premium Beer                                           Sunshine Brewing Company                     1963
   5    National Bohemian                                                National Brewing Co.                         1940's
   6    Utica Club XX Pilsener Lager Beer                                West End Brewing Co.                         1955
   7    Beverwyck Irish Brand Cream Ale                                  Beverwyck Brewing Co.                        1940's
   8    Du Bois Budweiser                                                Du Bois Brewery                              1968
   9    Famous Narragansett Ale                                          Narragansett Brewing Co.                     1954
  10    Pocono Mountain, fish                                            D.G. Yuengling                               1978
  11    Colt 45 Stout Malt Liquor, Phoenix Suns '75-'76 Schedule         National Brewing Co.                         1975
  12    Labatt's                                                         General Brewing co.                          1963
  13    Pocono Mountain, sailboat                                        D.G. Yuengling                               1978
  14    Primo Hawaiian Beer                                              Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co.                   1974
  15    Fitzgerald's Paler Ale                                           Fitzgerald Brothers Brewing                  1940's
  16    Budweiser Lager Beer                                             Anheuser Busch Brewing Co.                   1936
  17    Pabst                                                            Pabst Brewing Co.                            1939
  18    Robin Hood Cream Ale                                             Pittsburgh Brewing Co.                       1977
  19    Schlitz                                                          Schlitz Brewing Company                      1940's
  20    Ballantine Beer                                                  P. Ballantime & Sons                         1940's
  21    Pocono Mountain, Winter Carnival                                 D.G. Yuengling                               1980
  22    Falstaff                                                         Falstaff Brewing Company                     1940's
  23    Jaguar Malt Liquor                                               Jaguar Brewing Company                       1965
  24    Old Crown Lazy Aged Beer                                         Centlivre Brewery                            1953
  25    Iron City '91 Stanley Cup champions                              Pittsburgh Brewing Company                   1991
  26    Princeton Compliements of Anheuser-Busch                         (commemorative)                              Princeton
  27    Iron City "You can't keem an IRON MAN down"                      Pittsburgh Brewing Co.                       1988
  28    Old Shay Golden Cream Ale                                        Fort Pitt Brewing Company                    1978
  29    Holiday Bock Beer                                                Holiday Brewing Co.                          1972
  30    Iron City, Salutes the 1979 World Champion Pirates               Pittsburgh Brewing Company                   1979
  31    Iron City,  Rooney and Noll                                      Pittsburgh Brewing Co.                       1983
  32    Schmidt Beer, Snowmobiling                                       G. Heileman Brewing Co.                      1975
  33    Genesee Lager Beer                                               Genesee Brewing Co.                          1939
  34    Mike HI Beer                                                     Mountain Brewing co.                         1953
  35    Utica Club Pale Cream Ale                                        West End Brewing Co.                         Early 1940's
  36    Hanley's Extra Pale                                              James Hanley Brewing Company                 1940's
  37    Walter's Bock Beer                                               Walter Brewing Co.                           1970
  38    Golden Crown Draft Beer                                          Maier Brewing Co.                            1969
  39    White Bear Beer                                                  White Bear Brewing Co.                       1960
  40    Old Tap Brand Ale                                                Enterprise Brewing Co.                       1940's
  41    Yankee Premium Beer                                              Yankee Brewing Co.                           1955
  42    Pilser's Pale Ale                                                Pilser Brewing Company                       1940's
  43    Falstaff, George Washington Bicentennial                         Falstaff Brewing Co.                         1977
  44    Red Cap Ale                                                      Carling Brewing Co.                          1950
  45    Edelweiss Light Beer                                             Associated Brewing Co.                       1971
  46    Dawson's Master Ale                                              Dawson Brewing Co.                           1940's
  47    Point Bock Beer                                                  Stevens Point Brewing Co.                    1978
  48    Schmidt's Tiger Brand Cream Ale                                  C. Schmidt & Sons, Inc.                      1940's
  49    Clyde Cream Ale                                                  Enterprise Brewing Co.                       1940's
  50    Benedicting Society Brewery, American Brewers Historical Set     Huber Brewing Company                        1978
  51    BCCA CANvention XXII '92 Toronto, Candad                         (commemorative)                              1992
  52    Big Cat Malt Liquor                                              Pabst Brewing Company                        1972
  53    World's Fair Beer                                                Great Lakes Brewing co.                      1982
  54    Harley Davidson Heavy Beer, Daytona 1989                         Joseph Huber                                 1989
  55    Feigenspan Amber Ale                                             Christian Feigenspan Brewing Company         1946
  56    Grand Prize Beer                                                 Gulf Brewing Company                         1940
  57    Lucky Bock                                                       Lucky Lager Brewing Co.                      1966
  58    Casey Lager, Monte Irvin                                         Valley Forge Brewing Co.                     1980
  59    Casey Lager, Duke Snider                                         Valley Forge Brewing Co.                     1980
  60    Krueger's Cream Ale                                              Krueger Brewing Co.                          1936
  61    Harvard Export Beer                                              Harvard Brewing Co.                          1957
  62    Schmidt Beer Auto Racing                                         G. Heileman                                  1975
  63    Genessee 12 Horse Ale                                            Genesee Brewing Co.                          1971
  64    Hudepohl Beer, Salutes 1975 Cincinnati Reds                      Hudepohl Brewing Co.                         1975
  65    Old German Grand Beer                                            Queen City Brewing                           1940's
  66    Faueerbach CB Centennial Brew                                    Fauerbach Brewing Co.                        early 1940's
  67    Yusay Pilsen Premium Beer                                        Pilsen Brewing Co.                           1953
  68    Iowa Sports Premium Beer                                         Pickett Brewery                              1981
  69    Kaier's Special Beer                                             Charles d. Kaier Brewing Co.                 1940's
  70    Iron City Beer                                                   Pittsburgh Brewing Co.                       1976
  71    Jax                                                              Jackson Brewing Co.                          1955
  72    Ortlieb's Beer "Philadelphia Scene, Pretzel Vendor"              Henry F. Ortlieb Brewing Company             1977
  73    Sterling Beer, Secretariat                                       G. Heileman Brewing Co.                      1977
  74    Brown Derby                                                      Maier Brewing Co.                            1972
  75    Fox head Real Draft Bock Beer                                    George Wiedemann Brewing Company             1971
  76    Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer                                       Jacob Ruppert                                Early 1940's
  77    Mizzou Brew, 85th Anniversary                                    Royal Brewing Co.                            1980
  78    Scmidt Beer Waterskiing                                          G. Heileman                                  1975
  79    Iron City, Winning Tradition, Jack Ham                           Pittsburgh Brewing Co.                       1988
  80    Old Topper Snappy Ale                                            Rochester Brewing Co.                        1940's
  81    Zodiac Malt Liquor                                               Peter Hand Brewing Company                   1977
  82    Olde Frothingslosh                                               Pittsburgh Brewing Co.                       1969
  83    Chief Oshkosh Beer                                               Oshkosh Brewing Co.                          1960
  84    Hu-Dey                                                           Hudepohl Brewing Co.                         1982
  85    Hog Brew                                                         Jones Brewery                                1991
  86    Old Bohemian Light Beer                                          Eastern Beverage Corporation                 1951
  87    Bull Dog Ale                                                     Maier Brewing Co.                            1966
  88    Xmas Brew Beer                                                   August Schell Brewing Co.                    1977
  89    Rainier Old Stock Ale                                            Sicks' Seattle Brewing and Malting Company   1957
  90    Blatz                                                            Blatz Brewing Company                        1950
  91    Gackle Beer                                                      August Schell Brewing Company                1979
  92    colorado Gold Label Beer                                         Walter Brewing Co.                           1973
  93    Hanley's Extra Pale Ale                                          James Hanley Brewing Company                 1940's
  94    Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer                                        Stegmaier Brewing Co.                        1953
  95    Cardinal Premium Beer                                            Standard Brewing Co.                         1940's
  96    Paul Bunyan                                                      Wisconsin Brewing Company                    1959
  97    Schlitz                                                          Schlits Brewing Company                      1951
  98    Black Horse Ale                                                  Black Horse Brewing Company                  1972
  99    Maier Select Beer                                                Maier Brewing Co.                            1954
 100    Burgermeister Ale                                                San Francisco Brewing Corporation            1939

  --    (box)

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