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Beetle Bailey
Authentix - 1995

Notes:  Also produced as a factory set, limited to 1995 copies.  Thanks much
to Tim Lipani and Dave Foster for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets (50): approx. 4.21 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.   Dialog

   1   Well, except for a brisk breeze ...
   2   (Chef hat in wind)
   3   Oh-oh! Now What?
   4   All You Can Eat $5 (with Sarge)
   5   All You Can Eat $5
   6   Out of Business
   7   What are you doing, soldier?
   8   Oh ... Very good. Carry on
   9   He just won't admit he doesn't ...
  10   Sarge, I have a question
  11   How can a little bush have a deep ...
  12   I probably shouldn't have asked
  13   Can I borrow two pencils, Sarge?
  14   (Beetle slingshot)
  15   Oh!
  16   Join us, Lt. Flap. Rocky's band ...
  17   Come on, Otto! Does a little mud ...
  18   I'm really disappointed in modern dogs
  19   The End of the World Is Coming
  20   For further information see the ...
  21   The General has been using my ...
  22   Too well
  23   Get in step ... I'm standing still ...
  24   Maybe that's the trouble! Start ...
  25   Look! Sarge is sleepwalking! ...
  26   (General golfer)
  27   No! I told you, I'm busy now ...
  28   Well, I finally got it through your ...
  29   Beetle, you are going to pay ...
  30   Will you take a check?
  31   It's a beautiful day, why is Sarge ...
  32   Munchies!
  33   Sorry, Beetle, there's no room ...
  34   (misguided mop)
  35   Z (garbage detail)
  36   Z (salute)
  37   Even when Beetle's busy he's ...
  38   I'll have a big piece of pie ...
  39   I'm touched that you're so ...
  40   And so unconcerned about yours!
  41   Beetle better be careful! I'm in a ...
  42   Beetle's in a foul mood, too
  43   Well, I think winter is finally over ...
  44   In fact, there's the first snowflake
  45   Hit me all you want, Bettle, I'm ...
  46   Pow!
  47   Lucky punch
  48   Well, I gave him a sack of stuff ...
  49   (General aviator)
  50   Beetle Bailey Checklist


Silver Foil Signature Cards (1:7 packs)

AX1 S   Beetle Bailey
AX2 S   General Halftrack
AX3 S   Sarge
AX4 S   Otto
AX5 S   Miss Buxley

Gold Foil Signature Cards (1:72 packs, as a set)

AX1 G   Beetle Bailey
AX2 G   General Halftrack
AX3 G   Sarge
AX4 G   Otto
AX5 G   Miss Buxley

Jumbo Card (1:360 packs; 500 made)

---    Mort Walker

Production Certificate (factory set insert; # to 5000)

---    (signed by Bob LePage, Authentix President)


 #1    (Beetle as baseball pitcher; dealer promo)

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