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The Beginner's Bible
Don Wise - 1995

Note:  Each pack contained the five cards of a single story plus the related pop-up card.

No.   Text                                      Story                 Back

  1   Adam and Eve were the first people. They  Adam & Eve            Garden maze
  2   God told Adam to name all of the animals  Adam & Eve            Unscramble the words
  3   A snake tole Eve she should taste the fr  Adam & Eve            Crossword
  4   Adam and Eve did taste the forbidden fru  Adam & Eve            Which one is different?
  5   As much as God loved Adam and Eve, he ha  Adam & Eve            How many words?
  6   This is Noah and Mrs. Noah. They both lo  Noah                  Giraffe maze
  7   God told Noah to build an ark.            Noah                  Cloud maze
  8   Noah built the ark. Then he loaded two o  Noah                  Can you find?
  9   Noah took care of all the animals. Bath   Noah                  Which one is different?
 10   God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign t  Noah                  Cat maze
 11   Abraham and Sarah were faithful to God.   Abraham & Sarah       Which one is different?
 12   Abraham's cousin Lot decided to move too  Abraham & Sarah       How many words?
 13   Abraham and Lot's workers started fighti  Abraham & Sarah       Camel maze
 14   Abraham and Sarah were happy in their ne  Abraham & Sarah       Unscramble the words
 15   In their old age, God blessed Abraham an  Abraham & Sarah       Find 5 things different
 16   Joseph's father loved him very much. He   Joseph                Follow the dots
 17   Joseph's brothers were very jealouse. Th  Joseph                Coat maze
 18   Joseph became a ruler in Egypt. He helpe  Joseph                Which one is different?
 19   Joseph's brothers went to Egypt to find   Joseph                Desert maze
 20   Joseph recognized his brothers and he fo  Joseph                How many words?
 21   When Moses was a baby, his mother hid hi  Moses                 Mountain maze
 22   God spoke to Moses through a burning bus  Moses                 Bullrush maze
 23   God helped Moses perform many miracles.   Moses                 Connect the dots
 24   To escape from Pharoah's army, God helpe  Moses                 Which one is different?
 25   God gave Moses ten rules for his people   Moses                 Unscramble the words
 26   Samson was a very strong man. God needed  Samson                Find 5 things different
 27   Samson's enemies used a woman named Deli  Samson                Connect the dots
 28   Samson finally told Delilah that his lon  Samson                Pillars maze
 29   Samson's enemies cut Samson's hair. Then  Samson                How many words?
 30   Even with short hair, God gave Samson en  Samson                Unscramble the words
 31   David was a shepherd boy. He played musi  David                 Armor maze
 32   He used his sling to protect the sheep.   David                 Desert maze
 33   David had to fight a giant named Goliath  David                 How many words?
 34   David trusted God and God helped him def  David                 Which one is different?
 35   King Saul told David he was very brave a  David                 Circle the words
 36   Daniel was a wise ruler.                  Daniel                Find the numbers
 37   The other rulers were jealous of Daniel.  Daniel                Which angel is different?
 38   The other rulers got the king to sign a   Daniel                Den maze
 39   Daniel broke the law because he prayed t  Daniel                How many words?
 40   God protected Daniel from the lions. The  Daniel                Which lion is different?
 41   God told Jonah to go to Ninevah. Jonah d  Jonah                 Which one is different?
 42   Jonah boarded a boat and tried to run aw  Jonah                 Grass maze
 43   Jonah was thrown overboard and was swall  Jonah                 Find 10 things wrong
 44   God told the whale to spit Jonah out.     Jonah                 Unscramble the words
 45   Jonah went to Ninevah and told the peopl  Jonah                 Whale maze
 46   This is Mary and Joseph. they were going  Mary, Joseph & Jesus  Unscramble the words
 47   One night an angel visited Mary. He told  Mary, Joseph & Jesus  Which one is different?
 48   Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. The i  Mary, Joseph & Jesus  Shepherd maze
 49   Angels brought good news to shepherds. T  Mary, Joseph & Jesus  Complete the picture
 50   Wise men from the East followed a bright  Mary, Joseph & Jesus  How many angels?


--    Adam & Eve (Genesis 2)  
--    Noah (Genesis 6-9)
--    Abraham & Sarah (Genesis 12-21)
--    Joseph (Genesis 37-46)
--    Moses (Exodus 19-40)
--    Samson (Judges 13-16)
--    David (1 Samuel 17)
--    Daniel (Daniel 6
--    Jonah (Jonah 1-4)
--    Mary, Joseph & Jesus (Luke 1-2)

©2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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