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Believe It Or Not!
   Wolverine Gum - 1937

Notes: Cards measure approximately 2-5/16" x 2-3/4" and were distributed 
in two 24-card sub-series. Card fronts have color artwork and backs show 
descriptive text. American Card Catalog reference is R21. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title (Card Back)

  1   The Greatest Swordsman
  2   The Cruise of the Skeletons
  3   A Life Saving Death Sentence
  4   The Trench of Bayonets
  5   The City of Mud-Eaters
  6   The Strangest Accident
  7   The Holy Scorpion Eater
  8   Capt. Manu's Famous Swim
  9   The Marooned Man
 10   Most Amazing Airplane Accident
 11   A Man of Iron
 12   The Greatest Cavalryman
 13   The Ghost Ship
 14   Black Bart the Stage Robber
 15   The Largest Tree In The World
 16   The Richest Man In The World
 17   Captain Kidd Was Not a Pirate
 18   Paul Revere Did Not Make The Famous Ride
 19   A Record In Cannibalism
 20   The Coldest Spot In The World
 21   The Ship That Shot Itself
 22   The Scourge of God
 23   The Man Who Stubbed His Toe On 10 Billion Dollars
 24   Dead Man Wins A Fight

 25   The Most Unbelievable Animal
 26   The French Foreign Legion
 27   Mighty Mites
 28   Unarmed Officers of the Law
 29   A Million Dollar Mistake
 30   A Strange Fishing Accident
 31   The Hanging Hindu
 32   A Most Humble Surrender
 33   Twenty-Nine Horses Shot Under Him
 34   The Great "John L."
 35   Elephant Lights`
 36   The Academy of Poison
 37   The Bloodless Leader
 38   The Tower of Skulls
 39   A Miraculous Escape
 40   Airplanes Pull Harder to Go Slower
 41   The Hamatcha
 42   Greater Love Hath No Man
 43   The Norseman's Jump
 44   The River of Blood
 45   The Royal Freak
 46   The Lone Survivor
 47   They Saw Mecca and Saw No More
 48   Faith Unto Death

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