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Julie Bell
Cardz - 1994

Note:  Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the album update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 tekchrome.
Common sets (46): approx. 5.48 per box if collation were perfect.
Tekchrome sets (10): approximately 3.60 per box.

No.  Title

 1   Dangerous Journey
 2   Ecstasy
 3   Robovampire
 4   Kat's Pet
 5   Looking
 6   Young Wizard
 7   Robobird
 8   Rescue
 9   To Become a Man
10   Battle at Stonehenge
11   Tainted Claws
12   Doctor Flash
13   Battle Cry
14   Fireballs
15   Golden Lover
16   The Sorceress Flower
17   Space Cowgirl
18   First Touch
19   Haunted House
20   Invincible Team
21   Evil Idol
22   Enchanted Charge
23   Sabre-Toothed Snake
24   Cave of Darkness
25   Beaty and the Steel Beast
26   Demon in the Palace
27   Feast
28   Battle of the Mer
29   Savage Land
30   Wind Rider
31   Night of the Killer Mechs
32   Creatures of the Woods
33   War Hero
34   Darryl and the Iguana
35   Prehistoric Metal
36   Child's Play
37   Marble Master
38   Champions of the City
39   Goldfish
40   Wrestlers
41   Prophetic Bird
42   Enchanted Charge (Prelim. Sketch)
43   To Fly Again
44   Nightmare Swamp (Prelim. Sketch)
45   Julie Bell
C1   Checklist


Tekchrome Cards

T1   Robovampire
T2   Looking
T3   Young Wizard
T4   Doctor Flash
T5   Golden Lover
T6   First Touch
T7   Darryl and the Iguana
T8   Marble Master
T9   Champions of the City
T10  Goldfish

Autograph Card (no authentication markings show, but found in packs)

---  Julie Bell

Card Album

---  (binder)


P1   Demon in the Palace
P2   Beauty and the Steel Beast

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